‘OMKalen’: Kalen Goes Skydiving

Hey, everybody. Kalen here. Now a couple– I guess
maybe more like last week, I woke up and was like,
Kalen, let’s go skydiving. We are jumping out
of a plane today, and today I am bringing my
friends, Cody and Vincint. Woo! Let met look up the
statistics real quick. For like, death? I looked them up,
and it said that you are more likely to
die in a car accident than you are from skydiving. There were 13 fatal skydiving
accidents last year. Last year. Well it’s a new year, baby. New decade. That makes me nervous. [LAUGHS] I wanted to do it,
because I was like, you know what,
it’s a new decade. We done closed out 2019. It’s over and done, OK. It’s done, period. And so now with this
jumping out of the plane, it’s kind of like I’m
taking a leap of faith. You know, I’m taking a leap into
the new coming of a new age. What are you going to do if
your parachute doesn’t go out? Honey, I’m here for a
good life, not a long one. Hm. And I’m pretty content
with my life so far. I’m here for a long one. [LAUGHS] I want to live. [MUSIC PLAYING] Are you nervous at all? I was a little
nervous last night. Then I watched some
videos, and I was like, OK, that doesn’t look as bad. But I’m cool right now. I think once I get up in
the air and in the plane, then I may be like, oof. Yeah, this is a bad decision. But you can’t do
nothing about it now. Heck yeah, man. And you have some friends
with you here as well? Yes. I brought by friends,
Cody and Vincint. Who’s the most nervous
out of everybody? Vincint. All right. Definitely. [LAUGHS] Are you ready? I’m ready. Let’s do it. Alright, Kalen. We’re in the plane. Uh-huh. Coming up on halfway. So you were saying that
you were going to get more nervous on the plane. Yeah. But I just watched
some people jump out, and I think they’re OK. So I feel all right. Feeling better? Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know we’re still
a little high, so I can’t believe that
we’re going higher than this. [LAUGHS] I think I can see
my house from here. Heck yeah. But I’m trying to keep
my nerves together, because if I start
getting anxious, then it’s bad for everybody. So I got keep my
nerves together. All right, man. Well, just have fun out there,
and take care of Merv, OK? All right. All right, guys. You said I put my
head on the left? Yes, that’s right. OK. Oh, damn. Banana. This ain’t nothing
but the devil. This ain’t nothing
but the devil. OK. Oh, my god. Oh, my god. [MUSIC PLAYING] Woo! [MUSIC PLAYING] Ah. Woo! [LAUGHS] I made it. Yeah! I did. Congratulations! Success. Woo! That was great. That was amazing. So, Kalen, welcome
back to Earth. Hi. Tell me, was it everything
you’d hoped to be out there? Oh, beyond that. That was the best
thing I’ve ever done. Oh, man, that’s what we
like to hear out here. Thank you so much
for jumping with us. Thank you. That was great. I think you’re going to like
your facial expressions leaving the plane. It was awesome. Great. I was definitely smiling. [LAUGHS] Nice job, man. Thank you. Thank you. Anything else you want
to say to the camera? Yes. Thank you, Sky Diving Elsinore,
for getting me back here on the ground,
OK, because that’s what I cared about the most. That was great. Great experience.

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