ON N’AVAIT PAS PRÉVU ÇA ! (English subtitles)

it’s is… still haven’t got a watch Let me introduce to you Jens an old friend coming straight from Berlin Hello how are you (in japanese) yes and now we are heading for the Pilatus (mountain), I can’t tell you more because I don’t really know more because this is a completely improvised trip but there is over there the steepest cogwheel railway in the world and we’ll try to spend the night on top of the mountain en route it’s a bit cloudy but I think we’ll be over the clouds let’s hop in the steepest cogwheel railway in the world Hey bro ! they really don’t care about us Ok, nothing is happening as we thought as we got here really late, we don’t have enough time to go upthere to watch the sunset the idea was basically to camp up there we should basically go all the way down and up again but if we do that, we’ll definitely miss the sunset, so we’ll head upthere instead like that we should have the sunset and sunrise with the view on the mountains I didn’t plan this… looks like we gotta climb write me the hashtag #expedition in the comments if you want to see more of these videos or if you want to share one of these adventures with me enough talking, let’s set the camera up and take some pictures Jens is already set the golden hour is almost over we’re going to use the last minutes of light to instal the tent otherwise it’s going to be complicated how was the shooting ? AMAZING ! (in japanese) yes he speaks japanese we found the perfect spot ! look at this palace ! The tent is installed we couldn’t find any better spot that this, we are protected from the wind tomorrow we’ll get the sunrise over there and the view on the sea of clouds, beautiful it’s 8:00 PM and we’re already dead tomorrow we’d like to shoot the sunset… sunrise ! I am really tired at 6 AM let’s try to get some sleep we have been awake for 2 hours now and we cannot stop shooting it’s just beautiful have a look it is already time to pack we have quite a walk because we have to climb down and back up again over there and then we’ll go to Lauterbrünnen, that’s the place where I went paragliding with my scooter here’s the link to watch the video breakfast and then packing of the tent I want to die what a stupid idea to take a bag where 3 BenJs can fit completely ridiculus Welcome to Asia ! Of course I am not make fun of them at all in Switzerland most of the tourists come from China they all come here to see the wonders Switzerland offers I can only understand them Switzerland IS beautiful So they are everywhere, they travel in big buses and they visit Switzerland in just a few days and sometimes they do several spots like this one in one day it’s such a fast schedule, but as they don’t have a lot of holidays in their country, they have to do it fast This instrument you hear is called… watch this ! that bird almost sh*t on me ! So heavy ! Here we are in Lauterbrünnen ! if you don’t know this place, we’ll get to know it now it is one of the most beautiful places in Switzerland yes I know I say that for every swiss spot I visit but this time I mean it ever more turn around and see for yourself I came here before if you’ve watched the video where I ride my scooter while paragliding this is where it’s been filmed behind the waterfall, we see it in the video as well it’s awesome to come back here The adventure is over these 2 amazing days are over we really spent an incredible night shooting yesterday and today were really amazing as well don’t forget to comment with the hashtag #expedition if you would like to share one of these adventures with me or simply if you liked this video thanks to Jens for coming from Berlin – “Thank you BenJ” (in french) ohhh in french ! and in japanese ? ????? for us it’s just “merci” Thank you so much for watching this video, don’t forgot to put a like on it, and I’ll see you next week for another video, take care everyone ! Ciao ! I just had a very stupid idea… it’s going to be the picture of the century if it works but only if it works let’s see if I fit in my bag you probably realized by now, I am really short but for once, it could be a good thing if I fit in the bag, Jens carries me all the way back home noooo I broke it ! And it’s a FAIL

30 thoughts on “ON N’AVAIT PAS PRÉVU ÇA ! (English subtitles)

  1. Incroyable, le timelapse, les plans en drone et ces nuages olala c'était juste magnifique. Tu m'a fais voyager et rêver ! #expedition

  2. benji je vien de t'envoyer un message sur insta tu pourrais y repondre stp c'est a propos du snow scoot de street de Mi

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