On the record: Canes’ Rod Brind’Amour

Well, it’s tough to really
gauge a lot out of this stuff. It’s more again, I think an educational
kind of tutorial for us and for them. And we bring them in, we give them
a lot of stuff to think about. And when they go on back to
wherever they’re come from, whatever teams they’re gonna play on. Think about what they’re gonna
need when they get here. What do they got to work on, what are the
things that we’ve told them through what we’ve seen in the testing and that. And that they’ve got to get through it
to be able to actually play for us. I mean that’s really
the goal of the whole thing.>>You on the ice with them yesterday,
right, you get coaching them up. How important is it for
those guys to get that coaching? And do they take to it for them all?>>Well you hope so. I mean, again, in a short time frame
you’re really not expecting them to learn a lot and
you’re really not teaching a lot. You are kind of giving them just
some little tidbits here and there Maybe just one or two things. If they come away with one or two things
that help their game that is great. But really what we’re hoping to do is just
them to understand what they are gonna to need to do, physically. What do they gotta work on to
actually take that next step. If they don’t get better they
are not going to be here. So that’s kind of the goal.>>You said you want to keep your
team intact as much as possible, Don. What Al said today that Curtis McElhinney
will be going elsewhere, just concerns there with goaltending?>>Well it’s a concern, I mean I get it. I understand these guys. Everybody wants to get paid and they’re gonna go chase the best contract
they can get and I understand that. It’s a little disheartening at times but
that’s the nature of the game. Especially at where he’s at in his career,
I totally understand it. Hopefully, if that’d be the only guy
we lost that’d be real good, but I know that’s the nature of the game. At the end of the day we
are gonna have a real good team. Whenever September rolls around and
we get all the pieces put together and we’ll go from there. [BLANK_AUDIO]>>You said something about trying
to talk to them, Justin Williams, about coming back. Have you talked to Peter Mirazza?>>Yeah I talk to all of the guys and
I get where they are coming from. And I think as long as we are,
in my opinion, the organization is trying to get these
guys sign and offering fair deals. It’s a side we have on everybody, so
I feel really good about it, then, that’s all we can do. Then it’s up to them to make
the decisions they’ve got to make for them and their families. Willie is kind of a different case
because where he’s at in his career. But it really comes down to his decision, I mean it’s a unique kind
of position to be in. Whether you want to play or not,
it’s not whether we want them or not. So that’s gonna be an interesting one. I hope he comes back.>>If Williams doesn’t, I’m sorry, if he doesn’t decide to come, who steps
up and fills his leadership role?>>I’ll figure that out when it gets time. I feel good about that. The culture that Justin helped
to establish here this year, I think a lot of guys have stepped up and understand now little better
what it takes to be a leader. And really what being
a Hurricane’s all about. So accomplished what he needed to do and obviously I still hope he’s
back to keep forging that home.>>Do you feel a little more
comfortable now this off-season that you know what being a head coach is like? And there’s not as much unknown and
wondering what you’re going into now?>>Yes, and no. I mean,
I think sometimes like I said out there, you’re always better not knowing what
you’re getting into than, I know, man. All of the stuff we’ve gotta get done,
and personnel, whatever, you know what you’re missing. Sometimes you don’t know what’s better,
but no, I definitely feel more
comfortable in these shoes. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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