Once Upon a Time – 2×10 – The Cricket Game – Sneak Peek #3 Sub Ita

hi I’m Lana Parrilla check out this sneak peek from an all-new once upon a time so what was it like over there mom let’s see there were augers the Dead Rising people trying to kill me and more overs I’m awesome if we gotta work on your sense of awesome fun stuff for school I’ll walk you to the school bus that’s okay I can go on it I know that you can that doesn’t mean that you should David let me well I’m not David you used to let me well I am NOT me I’m walking you because that’s what mothers do and I’m doing it where’s Archie Emma something’s wrong how do you know oh never mind wolf thing you know what 11 is old enough for our bus stop I’ll pick you up later okay Oh Archie Archie what is it no who would do this I think I know you

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