(upbeat music) – Hi! (record scratches) – I’m going to get some pizza. Pah-pah-pah-pizza! Well, hello from Stump
Kitchen, I’m in Vegas and this is my Airbnb. Mm-hm (laughs). I’m here for a conference called ClexaCon. (record scratches)
Hang on, I see stumps. One moment, please. (smooth music) It’s so hot here, it’s
like 25, I don’t even know. There’s an orange tree. What the heck? Anyway, I’m here for a
conference called ClexaCon which celebrates women and
LGBTQ, queer folks in media. I’m speaking on the
disabled plus LGBTQ panel, which is very exciting. I’m speaking with my pal Annie Segarra, who’s an awesome YouTuber. Annie asked me to come be
on this panel and here I am. Folks, I found it. The cactus stump. Does mine look natural
growing amongst the others? (laughs) There’s birds everywhere, beautiful birds making sounds I don’t understand. They’re fresh and new
because they’re Vegas birds. I wonder if they gamble. We’re gonna check in to the
conference, get my badge. I wore a sweater today. I’m not really sure what I was thinking. I’m in the best Uber and it’s
really hot, I’m sweating, can you see the sweat on my face? Do you think I should
wear shorts tomorrow? – [Driver] It’s gonna be a
little bit warmer tomorrow. – Warmer?
– Perhaps. – Okay. I’ll just wear my bathing
suit all the time (laughs). (smooth music) Holy crap. Vegas is really bright. (light music) Gluten free and vegan, I’m so thrilled. (light pop music) Wow! I’m on a unicorn. And it sounded like you farted. (fart sound made by the raft) Oh. Yes! Yes. Oh, I’m gonna run into a duck. Oh, God, oh, God, oh, God. Sorry, I cannot steer. This is so great! So here we are in the pool at ClexaCon. This is what we get to
do after you register and oh my gosh, it’s so amazing. There are so many incredible queer folks and disabled folks, like it’s so amazing. There’s rainbows everywhere. Already having the time of my life and it’s only the first hour. I love this so much. Yes, I have sunscreen on, not to worry. – [All] Hi! (smooth music) – Just doing some vlogging here. – Hi!
(laughs) – We’re going to the conference now. It’s happening, it’s happening. I’m very excited. This is also my first
time in a Lyft, L-Y-F-T. – Oh really?
– Mm-hm. (smooth music) We’re here, we’re here, we’re here! It’s cold, it’s a chilly day. You look so cool. – Thank you.
(laughs) – [Alexis] Oh, hi, friend. Are you okay if you’re in my vlog? Great. – Thank you for asking for my consent. – Hi, Kay. We got up at 8 a.m., like no joke, 8 a.m. (beeps) Oopsie. Yes, we have, of course
we have time to pee. We always have time to pee. (smooth music) (audience claps)
Thanks for being here. So I was assigned to be the moderator. I think that was a good choice
but I’m not really sure, so here we go! Can you talk about any
of the harmful effects and impacts that happen when
accessibility and visibility are not present within,
within queer spaces, but also in larger spaces too. – The first thing that
happens is exclusion, is people don’t feel
welcome and don’t feel safe. – I think I was caught
in this beautiful bubble of what I was doing and realizing that yeah, there’s a chunk of my
followers that are homophobic and they didn’t know I was queer and then they’re like, “Peace!” And I’m like, “Good riddance. “See you later.”
(audience laughs) So that’s interesting and
I think I portray queerness because I am and so I think, I’m like, “Oh, yeah, of course people just know,” but I guess they don’t and I have to go and now I’m like, “Okay,
we’re gonna kiss now for you,” so.
(audience laughs) Bye!
(clapping) [Alexis] Oh, you’re so good looking! I love it, I love it. – Hi. (camera clicking) – Are you the sweetest dog? Hi, hi! Dear Annie, how do you
feel about that being over? – I feel great.
– Me too. That was so amazing.
– Yeah. – Annie, be honest,
how did I do as a host? – You did amazing! – Thank you!
– Yeah. – You made it so much easier
’cause you’re just so rad! – Come, let’s check out the booths. – Okay, let’s get the
booths for the free things. – Yeah!
– Yay! Oh, look at all those
cool shirts and (bleeps). (Alexis burps) [Annie] Look at that little
lounge area with unicorns. [Alexis] Excuse you?! Oh, hello, hello, hello, hello. Hi, sweethearts. Wow! – Hello!
– Hi! – Hello. (beeps) (people chattering) My hair looks okay. Annie’s going to speak
for an interview right now because Annie’s hella famous so I’m just trailing along for fun (laughs). (light music) Oh, hi, good morning. Or, I think it’s noon,
I don’t really know. The sun is so bright in Vegas. Ho. I’m sitting on some stumps which makes me extremely happy. This is in the backyard of my Airbnb. That’s it, that’s my home. Anyway, today’s the day
after my ClexaCon panel and I am feeling wow,
like jittery, apparently. I’m feeling extremely good
and also a little bit tired. I’m still wearing the
shirt from yesterday. As usual. Today I’m gonna hit up
the conference for a bit, go for a swim, and then tonight, I’m going to an animal sanctuary and cook a vegan dinner with a chef. I’m so excited, it’s like a
Stump Kitchen dream come true. I gambled yesterday and it was neat, I put in $5 and I got $18 back. And then I put in $20 and I got $30 back (burps) on the slots. And then I was feeling kind of (burps) cocky, I guess, and I put
in that $30 that I got into another machine and I lost it all. But I still have the $18. I don’t even want to know
what that is in Canadian money ’cause it’s probably like $1,110. Anyway. Yesterday’s panel was
absolutely incredible. The audience was amazing. My co-panelists Annie
and Joe were amazing. I’ll link their handles down below so you can go follow them. The conversations that we
had were so, so wonderful. We really got to talk about some of the important
intersections between queerness and disability. Some of our journeys with
our own content creation and stuff we’ve come across and interesting situations
we’ve come across. Visible versus invis, bleh,
bleh, bleh, invis, okay. Let’s rewind. (tape rewinding)
Visible, vis, okay, wow. Visible and invisible disabilities. (children cheering) Kind of the interplay and stuff like that. It was so good. I’m also getting kind of
burnt to a crisp right now so I’m gonna go back inside the trailer. Maybe I’ll give you a trailer tour. Yeah, let’s go have a trailer tour. (upbeat music) Hi, everyone, welcome to my trailer tour. This is my Airbnb for ClexaCon. As always, we’re gonna
start in the bathroom because that’s the most important room of any house (laughs). Okay, so we have a sink. There’s my toothbrush. Here are all of the soaps and lotions that my lovely host has taken from hotels. This is the toilet that
you push on this to flush. Exciting. Here’s the shower. It’s actually really sweet. It doesn’t look that cool
but it produces hot water and it does the trick. Onto the next room of the
house which is the kitchen and living room area. There’s the microwave, very important. Freezer, fridge, decorative candles. I don’t think they actually work. No, no, those are decorative. Sink, coffee maker, toaster, paper towels. We have these jams. This peanut butter jar. It was full and now it’s
less than half full so I’ve been eating a lot of
peanut butter (laughs). Here’s the living room. Oh, there’s Annie. – That’s me. (both laugh)
– It’s a zebra. (Annie laughs)
– Yeah. Dirty Words Party Edition.
– Ooh! – How do we even play that? That’d be fun. And then the piece de resistance. (swanky music)
The bedroom, ba-na-na-na. These are my clothes, there’s my camera. Another pretty picture of a mountain. And, oh, God, I almost fell again, there’s another TV on the wall,
so there’s two TVs in here. Who needs two TVs in a trailer? I don’t know. – [Annie] You have an outside area too. – Oh, right. We also have an outside area. There’s a little couch. What are these? You know, they block the sun (burps). Pardon me. (bird chirps)
Oh, God! (laughs) That was a bird that, really, holy crap, oh, I don’t think
that the bird knew I was there and I didn’t know the bird was there. (upbeat classical music) Hi. Are you so sweet? Oh, yeah, yeah. That’s my stump, oh, yeah. Yeah. Are you getting a butt scratch? Are you getting a butt
scratch with my stump? Oh, you like that? You like the scratches?
[Troy] He loves them. – Oh, yeah.
– Yep. And Heidi wants to come
steal the spotlight, as always.
(laughs) (rooster crows) – Wow! (rooster crows) You’re so sweet. I love your pupils, how
they’re so rectangular. – ‘Cause he’s got an extra talon there, and they can tell when anything’s off, they’ll start pecking at his toe. So they outcast him so that he wouldn’t mix in with the flock. – You’ve got a limb difference like me. – Hello.
– You’ve got a limb difference just like me. (upbeat classical music) Hello. Hi, sweetheart. Oh, yeah, kick, kick, kick. Okay, folks, I have found the motherlode. It’s a golden stump. I don’t even have the words. This is amazing. This was the most amazing experience ever. The animals and the food and the view and Troy was such an amazing chef and we got to do all the
things and eat all the things and he made the whole
meal vegan and gluten free just for me.
(goat bleats) And that was amazing. Hi. Hi. (goat bleats) I agree, I agree. (smooth music) Well, that concludes my Vegas trip. Holy crap, it was awesome. Goodbye, trailer, you were the best. Just heading to the airport, oh, gosh, and it’s a beautiful evening. So nice. Thanks for watching. I had a blast. I’m definitely gonna come
back to ClexaCon next year and hopefully Annie and I
get to hang out even more ’cause that was such a blast and if you haven’t checked
out Annie’s YouTube channel, definitely do it, it’s down
below in my description. If you haven’t subscribed to
Stump Kitchen, I’d love that. You can also support me on
Patreon, too, that’d be amazing. We’ll see you next time
on Stump Kitchen, bye. Wow. What a neat place

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