we are going to set up the one man hide and go seek ed is going to be sacrificed to….an entity rip out the stuffing out of this doll and then were going to place in it rice bag of rice…. i got a big bag of rice sew it back back up but it calls for nails but can be anything i am using my hair put the doll in water this is truly one and hide and seek from one of the most haunted locations in the
world you guys doing this ritual here (ghost device) “circle” are talking about the pentagram
downstairs (ghost device) “Sallie” what the fu*** it’s just said Sally pull holly shit it just said Sally do you see that Tim is the first IT Tim is the first IT – Tim is the first IT ok she’s in there one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten yeah ok I found you add you are the next it
ed what do you want to kill you want to fuck me up you be ok why why yeah yeah yeah yeah what do you say I feel my arms you all then good yeah I feel like something was like in my arm
did weird it feels like weird a sensation like right here we’re like something with what are you are you touching me if so can you make a
noise add at head sorry spirit in the head right now look sick and need a little bit about the right now really really doubt and souls like something burning in here
to look at AE sulfur swill why did this what the fuck there’s bugs now on the
screen of the TV like flies you guys see that was that easy they for like bugs on the team you know there’s
one of the demons your ball yes or no something better what you place your hand on the CD got it do it again I don’t see it we hi it’s hard why is it our your demon you
should be able to do it good yeah certain entity your spirit and EDD right
now ok yes or no neck yeah okay you want me to end the ritual No are you getting a thing so as it was room it shit mother fuck you actually ok ok you know what it with the butt and the diver Dave head like it right when I thought this
wasn’t working I’m hearing shit i just heard like the
ground the ground did you get your growling at me that you ground me it’s in the morning now your threat . so
yourself do it but it let’s work show yourself it I was put the lock on the roads out for
des vers here besides of demon what do you want to besides the killing what do you want my soul you all my soul eat just said eat what the fuck it just said eat who put the fuck with all those just
said eat ok so you want to eat my soul yeah are you shit I’m tripping out you I thought I just saw fucking like an
animal or something are you assuming the shape of an animal
of Abby’s yes you are ok and it smells really gross in here you yes not to you yeah yeah crazy yes you can you want me to do I read you a prayer
you like prayer you like to print you like prayer you like roses yes why do you burn them yes why do you burn roses market will be
more about it why you mark rosas why why yeah yeah I feel really really good out and then why yeah you wanted to give you a road ok of course of lose the shirt worship the one yeah yeah yeah how fun you want to have fun how do you want to have fun right now I’m game let’s have fun yeah starboard I want to talk to the one who is that
the one who runs this house yeah I want to talk to the one involved in
softball team yeah see here I will come to you where you want to go
award go off oh fuck and just to go off it’s an award of the novelist oh fuck so you want to go upstairs to
get my award you’re going to go students to get my
award okay i’m going to go here that’ll wait that’s it all right to have a cigarette first are you all ready to go up or down all
right all right we go ok how far up do you want me to go he said does the weights where are you please why yeah get up is all where are you ok come in Sally’s room ok Holly’s room ok where are you it’s really really weird up hearing is
really cold that normally cold here right now it’s like I can almost feel my
breath you guys see my breath holy shit it’s really cold here I can see my breath in here right now shit was out of the demon human that was a human you been ok so that was a human where is the demon I want to see the demon couple time sign up keep on thinking I sing like
shadow figures and friendship and creeping me out like roses and shit all
over the floor we got for the rest of the solar on it I
way I win I win ok that’s it yeah community that and that and that


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