Run run run run! hey whats going on fam welcome to another adventure with omar Got my friend john here, got my son Max theres my friend dylan we are gonna take this one man hide n seek to the next level we are gonna use a life size mannequin i had several of you guys recommend us using go pro and strapping it to the next doll that we use in our next one man hide n seek challenge well heres the thing, go pros don’t work good at night i do however have an awesome mirrorless sony camera that works really good in low light i’m gonna mount this to our mannequin after she’s had her bath That way if she comes to life we are gonna see it happen ok so we have to try to put rice in this somehow does this thing come apart? i found this when i was dumpster diving one time i think shes in pretty nice shape we just have to find somewhere to put rice uhm maybe we can put in her butt oh hey look we can put some rice right there alright she came apart. oh look! we can put rice right here what about in there woah ok well thats where this has to go to lock her together so lets go ahead and throw some rice in here were gonna cut some more here oh we can spit in it! yeah thats our DNA good idea its better than cutting hair i really wanted to cut johns hair oh thats kinda gross eww spittin in the unit alright max get in there and twirl it around your gonna also need a bath tub for your doll to do the one man hide n seek correctly but heres the thing though were gonna be doing this in my woods i dont have a bathtub outside i do have a pool thoough what if she sinks uhh well theres one way to find out about that so lets see uhp no she floats she is sinkin though look shes startin to sink alright. but shes not in the water anymore we need to just out her in the water you wanna just submerge her? yea she needs to be submerged for this to work right alright we have to take turns now saying that were it using our names max is it omar is it dylan is it john is it this is where my chickens are i do have a little baby chicken bro did you hear that? yea right wen i walked past that thing theres something in here my chickens not in here dude oh its right there ok its sleeping its my baby chicken sorry to bother ya yea hope you have a good night make sure you guys head on over to my son max’s channel hes going to be doing a video as well were gonna do something a little bit different than we did on our first video were gonna split up and see what else we can catch

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