*Hidden Camera* What are you talking about ****?? Hi guys So today is Udil’s Birthday And we already prepare the cake And now we want to Prepare for the suprise light the candle first Ok, let’s we break first, i already tired ARE YOU READY??? Drian : seriously break? i want eat first After that, we play again? Udil : Yes *Stupid Conversation* Happy..Birthday.. *Laughing* …Udil.. Udil : i swear it is not my birthday Udil : i swear to everything i swear it is not my birthday i swear to everything * Birthday Clapping* Udil : I swear it is not my birthday Kity : Udil, blow the candle first Who is birthday?! it’s not me! you just eat the cake Hurry up let’s just say you have a birthday Udil : it is not birthday! Udil : it is not birthday! Udil : it is not birthday! so when are you birthday? Early month Make a wish, Dil! i swear it is not my birthday! How can i make a wish!? Max : it’s ok, just say it Who wants cake? *Another Birthday Songs* (Slice the cake) it is not my birthday ****!! so disgusting i felt so.. so that i have content it’s ok *Laughing* Who’s get the first cake? For Ms.Yuli ofcourse who always take care of you Udil : Ya, for you ma’am Who always take care of stupid kids happily Max : i think it just you Dil the others are normal Ah thank you Happy Birthday It is not my birthday i swear! But your identity card is showing that you are birthday now Max protested When his birthday coming, he didn’t get a cake How can i didn’t get a cake?? *He prostested* Who’s your opponent? Max Then you win or lose? Lose Why? actually i can’t playing badminton i just learned this 1 day so he (Max) is better at playing badminton? if i learn this again, i don’t think so so how long you need to learn badminton? it’s my first time You never played this at all? yes i do, but i dont take it seriously Max so strong ya So you fight Max ya Then he win? ya, he win What’s the score? 11- 11-9 He is so strong meh? No lah, He just lucky I’m too tired lah Who’s the most powerful beside you? just me beside you just me beside you just me among the others who’s better? me who’s the strongest? Drian Beside Drian Max HAHAHA *giving congratulate* *Joking* Uh this one difficult? Teguh : This one more difficult Later there is some question about your private skill Then you all pointing toward Max Max : No, please don’t Now he say ‘no’ but later he did Udil : He suddenly do the acrobatic pose Max : please don’t lah No, i don’t want Ya Max No if someone asked you Where you come from? (BCKZ)(*doing beabox) Jakarta Harvard makes research that girl who likes guys the most who can beatbox Max : Whatever! Teguh : come on, just little bit Max : No Later he ask So, this is Max? (BCKZ)(*doing beatbox) Yes Guys, don’t forget to watch on Vidio.com *beatbox*


  1. Yang pengen belajar lirik lagu dan dengerin musik + liriknya bisa mampir ke chanel saya.. kita saling bantu like dan subscribe.. thx you.. semoga rejekinya semakin lancar amin..

  2. 2.26
    Udil : buat ibu dulu lah yg udh memgurus anak2 bodoh ny dgn senanv hati
    Antimage: kek ny lu doank dil yg lain mah normal🤣🤣

  3. Jago bukan seharus nya menyombogkan diri meskipun diri kita menag dalam suatu permainan kita harus menghormati tim lawan juga agar tidak muncul dendam/benci

  4. Bener kata udil "streaming gk akan bikin Lo jago", tapi latihan yg akan bikin Lo selalu jadi juara.. #SSKKRRTTTTT

  5. Tim e sport ML cba deh suruh pada tanding futsal kali" olahraga jgn maen hp terozzzz wkwkw

    Yg setuju like yahhh

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