Only Woman In The Men’s Cricket League

Hi, I’m Diviya. I play for the Singapore National Women’s Team I’ve been playing Cricket for them for the past 13 years. And I’m the only woman to play in the Men’s Cricket League in Singapore as well. All my cousins play Cricket for the national side, under 13, under 12… and most of them are all boys. So whenever we used to have family gatherings, we used to get together and play Cricket so they used to tease me that “Oh Diviya, you’re a girl, you can’t play Cricket and whatnot.” So just to prove a point, I started playing Cricket and I’ve not stopped since. What made me wanna play with the men and against them was I just wanted to to do something different. So I wanted to challenge myself basically and to see whether I’m good enough to do what I set my mind to do. If anything, Cricket is more of a mental game than anything else. Because it’s a sport where you’re only given one chance to go out there and bat. And if you’re out, you’re out. You’re done for the whole game. And so you can be training for 6 months, one year, for that one game. And that game, when given a chance, if you don’t perform, you start questioning… Oh my god, I trained so hard given that one game and I haven’t done well. You start questioning your ability. So in one of the games I was actually in tears and you know I’m like actually why am I playing this sport? It came to a point where I was questioning myself. I’m like it’s mentally draining. I’ve tried everything. But I’m not getting the results. So in the next game, we are in a situation where there was no chance of us winning. Everyone in the pavillion said. “Yup,” “Just get over and done with the game, it’s not gonna happen.” And when I was in there I was like no, I wanna win it. You know I constantly told myself just do it, you have to do it. You don’t have a choice. And something just clicked. I scored 77 runs not out. And Singapore won that game. It was a crazy game. It was close to impossible. Everyone was in shock… how did the game just turnover? So that’s something that I’ll never forget. One of my favourite matches. It’s amazing being able and being given the opportunity to represent Singapore. In the Cricket scene, we’ve never had a chance to play a big tournament like the SEA Games so that was our first. I’ll never forget that that moment you know where you go up there and represent the flag. It was amazing. Nothing can replace that. I would like to go overseas and represent Singapore in a different platform. Go there and show that Singapore Cricketers are also made of something because we are not the top six in the world for now. But I just wanna be able to just go out there when given an opportunity to show that we actually have talent here. That’s what I’m working towards at the moment.

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  1. Do more sports videos! So many athletes especially the youth have sacrificed so much for their sport. Their stories are so worth sharing and inspiring others!

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