Ontario Hockey League: Checking the instant replay with Axis

In a nutshell hockey is Canada. Hockey is culture. Everyone in Canada eats breaths, speaks nothing but hockey. My both boys played. I played a little bit of hockey I refereed in the National Hockey League. It is our life. As a OHL official all you care about is getting the right call on the ice We installed the system to review goals. We needed to upgrade what we had We wanted high definition. We wanted 60 frames per second. We wanted something that we could expand on We wanted a system that we could log in to remotely And the solution we found was exactly what we needed The Ontario Hockey League wanted a feed to go to the broadcast truck as well as one to the video replay That is two different technologies, and it was something that we had to identify a product That would do this in particular. The v59 Camera allows for this where both the broadcast truck as well as the video replay gets the signal that they require We currently have three cameras installed there’s two above each net and there’s one on the clock to assist us with goals scored towards the end of the game. Well, what it does is allows us to get the right calls It allows us to review discipline issues or incidents that happened we’re able to zoom in we’re able to slow it down frame by frame and that helps us a lot. And on the player side, they could review goals and assists and make sure their statistics are proper because that’s big for them. Hockey is our national sport. It’s important in all the communities. Most of our teams are community based teams. So the towns and the cities get around them They follow their team. They love all their players That’s what everyone talks about. It’s what brings everybody together. Hockey is Canada

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