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This is Leyla Torres of OrigamiSpirit.com In this video you’ll learn how to make an origami bat. To make this bat we need a square piece of black paper, black on both sides. This was made with a paper 7 x 7 inches or 18 x 18 cm. For the demonstration I’ll use a bigger piece of paper. In this case the color of the back is slightly different. Begin with the light color facing up. Rotate and make one fold at the center. Rotate and make a fold at the center, but only on the right side. From the center out to the corner. Fold along the vertical center. Rotate. This fold is on the back. Bring the right corner up. Make a fold here. Repeat on the left side. Make a horizontal fold along here. Repeat on the left side. We have this pocket here. We insert our finger. Press from here and squash-fold. Repeat on the left side. Make a fold connecting these two corners. Repeat on the left side. Unfold. Rotate. Make a fold from this corner… to this edge. Align this edge with the crease. Rotate and repeat. Focus on the distance from here to this upper corner. Locate the center. Locate 1/4 of the distance. At that point we make a horizontal fold. Bring this corner down also. Bring this corner down also. Overlapping the triangular flap a little bit. Right about there. Turn it over. Focus on this distance at the right. Locate the center. Locate 1/4 of the distance. Our next fold will begin there. And it will end at this edge. We bring the corner at the right to meet the vertical crease. All the layers. Repeat on the left side. We have these thick flaps. We insert our finger and open the upper most layer. As we open, we squash this corner so that this folds aligns with the rest of the edge. Repeat on the left side. Turn it over. This triangular flap goes underneath. We are going to narrow this area… …to create this. Hold it in the air… pull this open… Pinch these two layers together. We will make a mountain fold… beginning at the base of this wing going up to here. This move is easier if we use thin paper. Looking on the back… …this corner will touch the center. Repeat on the left side. Turn it over. Open those flaps for a moment. Bring the top edge down along the edge we have underneath. Hold it in there, making a soft fold. Make a fold… …from the center out –to make the ear. As we make that slanted fold, We are going to refold the left flap already made. We have one ear. We begin the other about here. We raise the edge. When we have raised the paper… we can refold the flap. And flatten. To shape the head we can fold up. Leave a little distance here. Bring the flap down. This corner beyond this edge. Hide the corner underneath. This was made with black and red paper. This was made using only black paper. Use your bat to make a Halloween composition like this. Or make a garland of bats, hanging them upside down. If you like what you find in this channel, please consider supporting us with a donation. It will help us bringing you the best content, and you also get some extra rewards! For more information click on the link appearing on the screen.

8 thoughts on “Origami Bat for Halloween Easy and Fast: : Murciélago

  1. Thank you, Leyla! I like this bat, and it is simple and FUN to fold! I love the card on your board of the Pacific Loons; I have that same card! I actually like the bats with two colors. I only had grey and white paper, so I used that, and it is cute!

  2. En combinación con tus manos, el resultado de estos origamis es una maravilla. Leyla, G
    gracias por deleitarnos con tus videos!

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