Origami “Hungry Bat” by Anita Barbour

We’re going to start with the white side up and fold the paper in half diagonally. Then we’re going to turn the paper and fold it in half again, and this time just pinch it here in the center. So when you unfold again, you can see you’ve got a small crease here. Now what we’re going to do is we’re going to take this point up here, which has two layers of paper, and fold it down so that the tip overlaps this edge. And then you’re going to fold this tip back up and you might want to try to get this overlapping area to be just about as high as the area that you will have down here. And then what you do is you take this point and fold it down so that the edge you’re creating here lies along the edge you had before. And this is going to be the head of the bat. Now we’re going to start a crease in this point that reaches up to that point. So you can see there’s a center triangle here and we go up to that one end point of the triangle. And you’re going to fold the paper back, like so. Now, next you’re going to fold this flap back again so that this point you can see here meets up with that point. And the crease will again start in that point down there. So you just fold it like so. So you can see this point is matching up with that point. Next we’re going to work on this area of the wing. I want you to start a crease in this point right here so that you get a right angle, and you get a right angle just by lining up the paper so that this edge you’re folding down lies along the edge you’ve got lying on the table, like so. And then you take this edge and you fold it to that edge you just created. So you can see you’ve got a new crease here. Now I want you to fold back this paper just so that you get a new crease which runs along the same line as this crease that’s lying here. So you just fold this back, like so. And finally, I want you to make a crease that runs along this line. So you take this flap and you fold it to the side as far as it can easily go. And then you’ve got your first wing done. If you unfold it again you can see it’s got a nice wing shape. And you do the same steps on the other side. First, mountain fold back, then mountain fold to the front again, then fold the wing in a right angle, fold back, fold back again, fold to the front, and unfold again. Now let’s work on the face. For the face, we’re going to take the top layer of paper only, and we’re going to fold it back a bit. So you can see a small white triangle. Now we’re going to take the lower tip and fold it up a bit. And like that, you can see two fangs. Now finally, let’s shape this a bit. We’re going to put a finger underneath both layers of paper and just push a bit by pinching to make a nice face. Just basically aligning this edge with that edge by pinching the paper. So you get something like this.

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