Orlando’s Real Estate Market with Chris Stump, REALTOR® with ERA Grizzard

the latest numbers for the Orlando real
estate market are out and they should motivate you if you’re a buyer and if
you’re a seller hi I’m Chris stump realtor and vacation home specialist
with ERA Grizzard real estate and I’m here to break down the numbers for you
according to the Orlando Regional realtor Association median home prices
have increased by staggering ten percent compared to this time last year with a
median home price about $228,000 home sales
have increased slightly at about one percent 2497
homes sold in February of this year compared to 2482 sold in February of last year and finally another staggering number we
see is that the inventory of homes has decreased at about nine percent compared
to this time last year so what does this mean for you well if you’re a buyer
you’ll notice that the home prices continue to increase at a steady pace so
now more than ever is the time to purchase to get more bang for your buck
now I know what the inventory decreasing at nine percent compared to this time
last year probably thinking it’s going to be difficult to find a home but with
the right strategy and proper mindset you can find a great home at a great
price consider buying brand-new new
construction communities are being built up all over Orlando and they’re offering
great incentives for purchasing as well as warranties to go with that home and
if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for consider purchasing a home
that’s 20% below your budget that may need a little work and use that 20% with
for the right renovations to make the home your dream home the key is learning
to see what the home could be if not what it is right now now if you’re a
potential seller or if you’ve entertained the idea of selling now is a
perfect time to do it demand is still high but inventory is low with the nine
percent decrease in inventory over this time last year it’s a great time to get
into the market to get more money in your pocket there is a need and you can
meet that need of that’s your February update as always I
am here checking the numbers and staying informs that I can help you make a wise
real-estate decision if you’re ready to make a move your one phone call away
from concierge local service call me today

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