Our 3 Favourite Cricket Bat Specials for May 2017 – Cricket Bat Reviews

Hi, cricket lovers! It’s Hamish and Stuart coming to you from
the Batcave at Kingsgrove Sports Centre. We’re gonna review some bats, even though
it’s the middle of winter here, we’re gonna talk to you about the fact that we’ve still
got heaps of cricket bats available for sale. And a lot of them, at the moment, are on special. So what Stuart and I have done, we’ve pretty
much picked three of our favourite bats currently on special at Kingsgrove. We’re going to tell you a little bit about
the features, and we’ll go from there. Stuie, what have you got for us? Alright, so we’ll start with one that’s more
midrange-priced. So this is the New Balance DC 680. It’s a Steve Smith model, Steve’s shape, the
shape that he likes. It tends to be a slightly lower middle, the
flatter toe, but obviously you still get a nice big middle. Edges are nice and big. This particular one has got nice grain, nice
and straight. You’ll get a little bit of imperfections on
the side, but that’s okay. That doesn’t affect how the bat plays. Pickup really nice. Comes with a toe guard. These are on special at the moment for $350,
normally around the $400 mark. Also, obviously too, if you buy from Kingsgrove
Sports, we’ve already gone through and knocked it in for you, so this one is ready to go. Right, and I’ve picked the Puma here, as you
can see, beautiful grain which is really nice to have still at this time of the year. Stuie, what are the main features of this
bat? Right, so this one is the Puma evoSPEED Brendon
McCullum 302, so as the name suggests, it’s Brendon’s shape. He’s still hitting them pretty well over in
the IPL, so again a nice big bat, nice and full back, big edges. These will be slightly heavier than others,
because it’s sort of Brendon’s shape. So you’re looking probably at about 2 lbs.
10 oz. But like Hamish said, it’s a nice grain, lots
of grain on that. Again, a little bit of redwood on the side,
but that’s okay. Still performs really well. Picks up well. A good buy now for about $550. Righty-o, so that’s pretty much a top-of-the-range
bat here, and how could we go past this absolute monster of a cricket bat? Stuart, run us through the details of this. Right, so this is the Gray-Nicolls XP80 2000. So this is one of the new ones that Gray-Nicolls
brought out at the start of the season. As it says on there, the finest Grade 1 willow
that Gray-Nicolls could get. So again, it’s a really nice face. Nice and even, plenty of grain on that, really
great middles in this. Now obviously the big thing about this is
their size. They are absolutely massive. Massive in the middle, slightly different
to a few other bats where they sort of have a big edge, these ones have got a smaller
edge, but a really big middle. So it’s got that huge spine, nice and high,
so really good for blokes that like to tend to play probably more on the back foot, play
on bouncier wickets. So yeah, but again, nice long middle. Plenty of willow in that. If you like to hit them big, that is a really
good bat for you. Again, these are a little bit heavier, with
obviously all of that weight in there. You’re looking at about 2 lbs. 13 oz. But they pick up really light. So it’s a really good buy if you’re looking
for a top-end bat. On special at the moment, these are $895,
but normally about $985. They’re really up there, the finest we can
get, right at the top. So, really good option. Alright, let’s give that one a bit of a ping. As you can hear, it’s a nice sound off that
one. Good ping. And obviously that’s in respect to the size,
again like I said the middle up — nice and high, so not too much down low. So if you’re a big front foot driver, probably
not the best bat for you. But if you like to cut, pull, play square
to the wicket. More suited to Australian, bouncier wickets. Yeah, bouncier wickets. Really nice middle in that one. And the Puma. Not bad, not bad down low with the Puma. Extends pretty high. Yeah, that’s a pretty good bat. Obviously Grade 1 willow. It’s what you’d come to expect from Puma. And the New Balance. So, we’re looking at sort of a Grade 3 for
this one. As you can tell by the shape, it’s good low
down. If you do play on lower bouncing wickets,
tend to favour the front foot when you drive a lot more, then obviously this is going to
be a good option for you. Righty-o, and like we said, we have a heap
more of bats, that you’ll probably see on your screen, at great specials. We’ve got plenty of reviews coming up in the
near future of all our new range about to come in, so come back, pay us another visit,
follow us on Facebook and Instagram. We’ve got heaps of stuff always going up,
and we’ll catch you soon.

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