100 thoughts on “[Our Baseball 사회인 OST] Jung Hwa (정화(EXID)) – Home

  1. 忙內啊~我們想你了😢想念EXID那段時間,五個人未來都要加油💪我永遠的本命—正花💓

  2. Her new agency acts really fast! Now that's what a responsible and resourceful agent should do for their artists!

  3. I’ve honestly never liked her voice although I’ve only listened to title tracks but daymn now I know she can sing. This is so calming to listen to.

  4. Jung hwa fighting!!! I will always support you… Love you jung hwa.. Love you EXID from Indonesia…❤😘😘🎶🎧

  5. I've always loved her voice, sweet and soft. I'm so happy she's been given the chance to cover this song, she's always worked hard and you can tell how much she's improved I'm so proud of her 💕💕 Much love to her webdrama and her future songs 💕💕💕

  6. just please never stop to sing okay jeonghwa.. whatever you do as exid member or what else.. just please keep singing for me and leggos. <3

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