– We spotted lions, we spotted a female. – [Father] There’s a
female coming our way. – [Ronald] Oh no, what are we gonna do? – Be very quiet, just hang there. Alright kid. – Hey guys this is Karina. – Its Ronald, and we are from – [Together] SIS vs BRO – And today we are in South Africa – Whoo. – And we’re gonna take you guys on our journey through South Africa. Today we are in Cape Town and we have an entire day of activities, plans, so we’re just gonna take you guys with us and it’s gonna be super awesome. I think we’re gonna go like board, something to do with water first. – Yeah. – And then we’re gonna go biking and I have no idea what we’re gonna do. But we’re (laughter) what we’re gonna do is gonna be so much fun, I’m so excited. And here’s the view from
out hotel basically. It’s that. We have also a view of
the famous mountain, Table Top Mountain. Y’all know why it’s
called Table Top Mountain? Not only because it’s so flat but like it’s that it’s cool,
maybe we still hike up it. (Ronald gasps) That’s really tall so I don’t really want to do that but okay (chuckles). So guys, let’s go to breakfast. (Ronald yelling) So guys we made it breakfast
and we got a few things. I got hash browns and sandwiches with hummus, cucumber, and tomato. Ronald what’d you get? – Okay, so I got three sandwiches. Toasted twice–
– With hummus. – With hummus always. Olives and hash browns. – Oh yeah. We’re gonna have a munch on our breakfast and we’ll see you guys
at the first activity. So we finished up breakfast now we’re gonna go downstairs to the driver, and see if they’ll pick us up. And we’re gonna go somewhere, I don’t know where we’re going but we’re gonna go somewhere. – See ya there.
– Yeah. So you guys we’re about to go paddle boarding on paddles and we’re just gonna go across this lake right here. – Okay.
– Really excited. – Let’s go.
– Ha haaa. (upbeat hip hop music) (upbeat hip hop music) – So you guys we are done with the paddle and now we are here in
front of this beach. And it’s really pretty so we took a few pictures and now we’re gonna go paragliding onto that mountain over there. – Wha hoo! – So we’re really excited. I’m definitely gonna go. Ronald doesn’t know if he’s gonna go yet. – I don’t know. – (chuckles) So we’ll just
see when we get there. You guys we’re in the place where we’re paragliding, Ronald’s really scared. I don’t think he’s gonna do because he’s just gonna chicken out. – Guys, what should I do? Come and take me home. (upbeat hip hop music) – So guys Ronald chickened
out but I’m gonna go. So comment down below if
you think I’m gonna survive. – I don’t think she will. – I will. (high energy music)
(laughter) – Wha hoo! – I bet Karina peeing her pants right now. (high energy music)
(laughter) – So guys we ate lunch, it was delicious. Now we’re gonna go up Table
Top Mountain over there. – Which is right here.
– Yes. (spring breaking) – Okay sure (laughter). And we’re gonna just walk up there. We’re gonna have some snacks, some water, I don’t know but we’re gonna do it. We probably won’t last five
minutes but let’s do it. (upbeat hip hop music) This is so cool. Hey guys, we’re at the top of Table Mountain and this is the view. It’s pretty nice. – [Tour Guide] They lapse the whole pennant and squeeze themselves into the tiniest, tiniest
gaps, and disappear. – So guys we are at another view. You get to see the line where we came from and it’s very steep. Oh wow, and that is Cape Town. – Okay guys we’re about to go biking on some orange bikes. So, awesomeness. (upbeat hip hop music) Hola. (upbeat hip hop music)
(wind blowing) – [Ronald] Hi there. – [Male] Bruh! – So guys we just came back from bicycling which was a lot of fun. We got to see so many cool
things` like cool building. It’s getting late and we’re
starving from all that. So we’re gonna go eat. Ronald what was your favorite
activity that we did today? – Paddling. – My favorite was paragliding,
it was so much fun. Ronald missed out.
– Awww. – I bet he’s a bit jealous. Are you jealous? – I’m gonna do it some other day. – Oh, you’re right, you can do it another day but that was awesome. And now we’re gonna eat ’cause we’re gonna die from hunger. So you guys our dinner just arrived and we went straight for it. Forgot why we had to record. But basically we got some vegetables, we got cucumber, avocado,
that’s all you have. But we got a bunch of vegetables,
it’s actually delicious. Sushi, I love it. Ron got the same thing. But with a gallon of soy sauce, I only need this much. Like Ronald, how much
soy sauce do you need? – Just enough. – Oh okay. So guys this day two of our vacation. It’s 7 o’clock, we woke up at six, and we’re still exhausted. – Blah, bluh, blahh. – (chuckles) We just had breakfast and we are not looking forward
to a two-hour drive. – Oh no. – To the shark diving place, ’cause we’re going shark diving now. – Yay. – Yay, so let’s go. So guys we are on the
boat but it’s 10 degrees. It’s cold so we’re not gonna go inside the cage to see the sharks. We didn’t get to see any sharks but I ate some chips, that’s good.
(record scratching) But now we’re sea sick and we’re cold. (soft sad piano music) – Pleasseee. – One crazy person went. I don’t know why he went but he went. (laughter) (dramatic terror music) – [Male] Yeah!
(dramatic terror music) So you guys today is day three and we don’t have anything planned today. We just think we’re gonna like go walk around a little bit. There’s some Ferris wheels,
so we’re going on that, and I think we’re also gonna go hiking again ’cause that was really fun. And yesterday the weather
was really terrible, so we didn’t do anything
except the shark boat thing. But today we’re gonna do like lots, like walking around lots (laughter). So guys, change of plans. We’re actually gonna go on a helicopter for 30 minutes around Cape Town. I’m so excited. I mean, like going paragliding
so, not, but like still. – Guys, I found a free peep show, ’cause who doesn’t love peep shows. (sneaky music) Look at this, “Look inside. ‘Free peep show.” (sneaky music) (cheerful circus music) (door shutting) Yeah, No. Okay guys, so we’re about to board the helicopter and I’m really excited. Why are you in here (chuckles)? (somber music) We just saw the safety video
and the inside looks amazing. It looks like a car. I’m so excited. (laughter) Looks like you’re excited too. So let’s begin our
Ceremony Of Helicopterness. Excited. (screaming excitedly) (hip hop music)
(helicopter rotors spinning) – Ronald can you hear me? – Yes. We are ready for action, now. Let’s go, yes! Oh, stop. Ah. (screaming) This is amazing. (hip hop music) (screaming) (hip hop music) (helicopter rotors spinning) We have exited the helicopter. That was amazing, I
really liked that flight. That was awesome. – So guys we just finished
with the helicopter. It was a lot of fun, it was awesome. The view was amazing and now we’re gonna go on the Ferris Wheel. It’s so much to littler than London Nigh except it’s a lot faster, not slow. – And it’s way smaller. – And yeah it is smaller
but still, it’s still good. So we’re gonna go on it. So guys we’re inside our crate, our cart, our Ferris wheel cart thingy and we’re about to go up. The lady said we were gonna go around four times ’cause it’s a
really fast Ferris wheel. It was like whoop, whoop, whoop. It isn’t like whoooo (chuckles). Oh we’re already moving. Oh, we’re already are moving.
– Oh wow, oh yes. – It’s already faster than the Little Not, I can feel it moving in my bones, whoo. Wait, this is so cool. Hey I love this. The cart feels so smooth and I like it, and we’re just going up. – [Father] And there’s
Table Mountain right there. – Wha hoo.
– Nice. – We are at the very top,
oh no, we just passed it. – Ohhh, we are going down currently. – Down, down, down down. – Okay. Yeah. Dunnn, da, da, dunnn, da da. (upbeat hip hop music) – So guys, today is day four of our vacation in South Africa and today we’re gonna do lots of things. I don’t really know what
we’re gonna be doing, but all I know is that we’re
gonna be seeing penguins. Beach penguins.
– Oh yeah, oh yeah, I’m in. – And I think we’re gonna go see them, like, I think they’re on a island I think. And we have to go on a paddleboard
or a kayak to get there. Which I think is really cool. So we’re gonna do that
and that’s all I know. (laughter) I don’t know what else we’re gonna be doing, it’s gonna be a surprise. But we’re gonna do it, so– – We’re ready for action guys. – We’re gonna see you at the first thing that we’re gonna be doing. So guys we have arrived at our first destination and we’re gonna be doing these bike,
motorcycle, scooter thingys. I don’t know but we’re just gonna be going straight down a
hill with these things. I don’t know what they are, they’re a mixture of a scooter,
bike, and a motorcycle. – A the exact same time, dun da dunn. – So we’re just gonna
go straight down a hill, I don’t know what’s gonna happen, but that’s what we’re gonna do. So guys we’re moving on the motor bikes. We’re gonna be going straight down though, so it’s gonna be super duper fast. So we’re gonna have to break all the time. And so we might crack our heads open. (laughter) So, yeah, hopefully we don’t do that. – Yes. I’m Santa. Now you can’t look at me guys (chuckles). (tribal drum music) – [Father] Very cool head gear. – Ga bo tee, ga bo at (laughter). So we are ready for action. I’m just trying to put on my helmet here. (tribal drum music) – I think I gotta turn this. – Da da, da da. Help me, please.
– Right now? – Wee.
– Yeah. – Bo de cha, boo dahh gu cha. Gah boo dee, gab bu da. (tribal drum music) (rocks crushing) – So guys we went on the first time, I didn’t really like it. So I’m not gonna go the second
one but Ronald’s gonna go. – Yeah. – And we’re gonna end up going down a different way and right over there is where we were before, where all of that fog is. – Whoo, let’s go. (tribal drum music) (rocks crushing)
(tribal drum music) As we finish our bike
thingy we stopped by this fish place and they have hanging fish. Ahh, that’s so creepy. – [Father] Now, we must see
if we can see the seals. – No fishes over here. Oh, they salt right here. I’ll wait until he steps
on one of the eyes. Ughhh ha ha huuu. It’s okay.
Those are huge! (gasps) I thought they were gonna be small seals those are huge!
(laughter) – If I touch it will it bite me? – Look how this ones lying with it’s flippers up like
he’s like a bird flying. – [Karina] I’d have to disagree. – Guys did you see those seals? They were huge, I
thought seals were small, but these ones were ginormous. (singing in foreign language) – So we just had lunch, we
had some fish and fries. It was good and now we are
going to go paddle boarding. Well Ronald’s gonna go paddle boarding, too see sone penguins.
– Oh yes. – And I’m gonna walk. – Dun da dunn. – ‘Cause I don’t feel like getting wet. Guys, look how this penguin
walks, it’s so funny. It’s like cute. It’s penguins everywhere. (upbeat hip hop music) – Okay guys, let’s do this. Okay guys, I just came
back from paddling and actually fell in and I’m
really cold right now. So hopefully I get the change of clothes and gonna dry myself, so yeah. (grunting) – So you guys for dinner we have come to this sushi bar place where basically, there’s this conveyor belt with different sushi things on there. And we just grab whatever we want. That’s pretty awesome. So I’m just gonna grab what I want, I’m not gonna grab anything at the moment ’cause there’s nothing there, obviously. So, when someone comes around, I’ll be like, we’re just gonna grab it. – There they are, those
precious green things. – [Karina] Okay. (glass banging table) – [Ronald] Whoo, okay. – It’s good, extra
salty, tasty, I like it. So you guys it is day five of our vacation and it’s now 3 a.m. but
we are leaving Cape Town. It’s kind of sad because
we love Cape Town so much. We had an amazing time here`but now– – But now we’re going on a safari. – And we’re gonna see
animals like lions, giraffes. – Elephants. – I don’t know but we’re
gonna see some animals. I’m really excited. (chuckles) And but first before we do, you know, we have to get on the
smallest airplane possible. – Like 10 seats. – Yeah, we don’t know
how it’s gonna be like. We’re just told it’s
gonna be very very small. So guys we have arrived at the airport, we’re just chilling here
at this lounge here. We got some cookies,
some food, some snacks. – Ahhh. – Which is awesome and also check out this airplane, it’s so tiny. There’s only eight windows. (gasps) Oh wow. So this is gonna be really small. We have some other people
joining us as well, they’re inside, and I guess we’re just gonna wait until we’re boarding. – [Ronald] So guys I’m
having an awesome cookie ’cause who doesn’t love awesome cookies. And what are you having? – Watermelon and an
awesome cookie (laughter). – [Ronald] Awesome cookies. – So guys we’re about to
board=and that’s our gate. – The boarding gates. – The boarding gates even
labeled the boarding gate. – Ahh. – I guess we’re just waiting for that. (Ronald gasping) (fast paced pop music) (laughter) (fast paced pop music) – Yes. This is the coolest airplane ever. – Okay, I’m sitting by myself. – Yeah, yeah, right. (laughter) Oh my goodness, we’re actually
going in the air with this? – Oh my gosh (laughter). – I’m scared. – So you guys we are sitting inside our plane and it’s so small the roof is pretty much touching my head. And we have a mini snack bar here. (coughing) And drinks. – ‘Cause we nothing. – And look how many seats are on here. – [Ronald] We’re going. – We’re going, we’re going. (soft ambient music) – Ahh, I’m scared. Guys, we are above the clouds and it’s really loud right now, but who cares because
we are above the clouds. (trip hop music)
(screaming) – So guys we just landed and a few people got off but this is not our stop. So we’re gonna go for another
10 minutes to our hotel. Our, I don’t know, our building where we’re gonna be staying. We might be sleeping
in tents, I don’t know. We’ll see you guys when we’re there. (trip hop music) – So guys right now we’re in
the buggy/car front seats, and we are gonna drive to our hotel. – Not a hotel, it’s like a
cabin, a tent, a cottage. – Yes. – So guys, we are at our
hotel place, sort of, we’re about to eat lunch,
and there’s this monkey. He’s looking at us, he
wants to take our food. Look at him, he just waiting for the hungry mother to take our food. (high pitched piano tone) Oh, he’s gone.
(quirky drum music) So guys we just got our room and it’s so big, it’s so amazing. So, this is the front door right here, and then when you walk
in this is what you see. You got a kitchen. Well I don’t know what we’re cooking here ’cause well we are gon’ probably going to be going to a restaurant to eat. But like, you know, if we want to cook something we can (chuckles). And this is the living room, has no TV, but like we don’t need a TV. I don’t watch TV anyways. I’m gonna show you the room
I’m gonna be sleeping in. Yes, we got separate rooms. Wow!
(party horn blowing) This is the room I’m gonna be sleeping in. Has this bed, well two beds actually. Two beds, ceiling fan, ya know? We got a view of the outside. It’s not exactly windows, it’s a tent, it’s like a house tent. Half of it is house, like
this (knocking on wood), and half of it is tent. (screaming) It’s a bug, it’s a bug. (long beep) And then toilet. Oh, I don’t like that. And now we’re gonna show you outside here, before we go upstairs. So basically here it is, we
have a eating table here. We have a pool, our own pool. It’s heated yes. We have some chairs, you know, to watch the elephants
drinking water here. There aren’t any elephants at the moment but sometimes elephants come here. We got some more chairs and
we got this big sofa thing. (upbeat electronic music) Look at it, it’s so cool. It’s comfy. And that’s my room and now
we are gonna go back inside. – [Ronald] My room is upstairs. – Ronald’s got the upstairs room. It doesn’t have a bath so that’s why I got the downstairs one, but
it’s still pretty cool. So, we’re up here. Has a gate here, a gate. – Haha, you can’t come up here. – [Karina] (laughter) Okay. And Ronald has two beds, he could be like, “I want to sleep in this bed today “and tomorrow I want to sleep on that bed. “And then that bed, and then that bed.” – You can’t come up here, how do you feel? (laughter) – [Karina] Okay you have
two bean bags and two beds. – Oh yeah. – [Karina] Which bed do
you want to sleep on? – Both at the exact same time. – [Karina] A desk with a singular lamp. We got Ronald’s bathroom here. Just a sink and a toilet,
it’s very spacious. And two ottomans randomly here. (laughter) Yep, you got a golden sink
Ronald, you got a golden sink. – [Ronald] I am rich. Ahh.
– It’s pretty awesome. – I’m really excited. And we have like two
hours just to chill here, until we are gonna go out into the wild for three hours and then
come back to dinner. – Hooo. – And in the morning we have to wake up at 6 a.m. and go for another three hours, and then come back for breakfast. Basically we’re gonna be outside a lot, so we’re not gonna be here for a very long time so this is crazy. – How do you feel? – Hey. (laughter) Hey Ronald. – Dunn dah, da da da. I’m coming. – Okay, Ron you’re coming. – We don’t carry it loaded always, I have to physically load it to shoot it. All right, so you don’t have
to be afraid of the rifle. We guard over it in case
something goes wrong. – So like if a lion goes hi-yah? We spotted the lions,
we spotted the female – [Father] Is the female coming our way? – [Ronald] Oh no, what are we gonna do? – I’ll stop, very important for
you to sit still in the car. Be very quiet. – [Male] It’s important that
you’re quiet, don’t frighten. (suspenseful music) I’m just about to call. Just cross check like the safari does. 101196, we just we call
the guide to meet us. (suspenseful music) – [Mother] Yeah, you see him. – [Safari Guide] Safari guard access. (suspenseful music) – The lion just passed us. – It didn’t even acknowledge us. – It will most likely try
and make a kill tonight. A good nice meal, go
have a drink of water, and then she’ll go give her cubs so more. – So guys we finished and we
came back from the safari. It was crazy, we saw so many animals. And at the very end we saw a giraffe, we thought we were being chased by a lion. I don’t know if it was but maybe, maybe not, no one really knows. And right now we are having dinner. I finished my first course meal, I don’t know what it was. Kind of taste like chicken. It was really salty but it was good. Ronald’s having chicken and fries. (Ronald laughter) We’re just eating dinner now but tomorrow we have to get our at 5:30 in the morning. Not as early as today but it’s
still early to go out again. And maybe we’ll find more lions, elephants, hippos, rhinos, who knows? So we’ll see you then. (tribal drum music) (gasping) – [Ronald] There goes, whoa. (tribal drum music) – [Karina] Oh wow. (tribal drum music) (lion growling)
(tribal drum music) – [Together] Wheww! – So you guys we just came back from our morning safari trip
today and we saw lions. (Ronald gasping) Male lions with big things around their head, big hair. – (chuckles) Big things. – And then he was also growling like crazy and we tried to follow him from the big bushes but then we lost him. (laughter) But it was so cool to see the lions on the very first day we also saw lions, but it was a female lion. But this is a male lion so it was awesome. We got a mixture of the two. But right now we are gonna go to our room. So guys this is our last day on safari. We’ve had so much fun, we wake up everyday 5 a.m. which was really exhausting, but we got to see so
many different animals. It was so much fun and now it’s time to go to Mauritius
for some beach time. Mm-hmm.
– Ahh. – ‘Cause this is what I was needing. I need to go on the beach get a tan, go swimming in the beach. I’m ready.
– Uh huh. – But guys now we are on the terrace balcony thingy of our house, and here there were elephants at night drinking water from this pond. It was so cool because they’re so close by I can touch ’em. But you can’t touch ’em
’cause they’ll eat us. – Yeah. – [Karina] They’re not gonna eat us but like– – [Together] Kick us. – They’ll kick us.
– Hi-yah. – We’re gonna go in the small plane again, and then we’re gonna stay
one night in some hotel. I forgot what it’s called. And then we’re gonna go to Mauritius. I’m all excited, whoo! – Oh yes. – All right, we’ll see
you guys on the plane. (soft music) – So guys we are in Mauritius. This is our third day I think, oh now our second day or third day. I don’t remember anyway but today we are gonna be vlogging
our whole experience. Yesterday, we didn’t really vlog, day before we did not
vlog pretty much at all. But we’re gonna vlog. Show you guys around, show you
guys our room, do whatever. And we just went and ate breakfast, breakfast was pretty boring. I mean, there’s nothing much to eat, so I just ate fruits. But now we’re gonna go to the beach, if you hear that that’s the beach, ’cause it’s like right there. Literally right there. We’re also probably gonna go to the pool and that’s basically what happened. So, yeah. – We tried the beach and
it was like really rocky and my feel really hurt after that. So now we’re gonna go to the
awesome pool ’cause why not? – Okay, we just got our
lunch and it’s pretty cool. We got a bowl of rice and this grilled chicken on bamboo sticks
on top of a grill. (tropical music) That’s pretty cool isn’t it? (tropical music) – Oh yeah. – [Karina] I think we’re just gonna eat this up, I think it’s
gonna taste pretty good. It smells delicious, so yeah. – Okay guys, one of the craziest
things happened yesterday. So basically we were at the bar chilling and one of the waiters
people working there, or whatever, came up
to us and they’re like, “Hey, I’m gonna make a special
drink for this little guy.” And basically my dad said, “No pineapple.” Because I’m allergic to pineapple. #FunFacts. And then he said, “Of course.” And then we just, he came with a drink, and he said if you ever
want this drink again, just order a Ronald Drink. And I’m just like, ‘Really?’ And then I take a sip, it’s so good. I’m like, ‘Heaven is above me.’ (laughter) So basically we’re gonna go to the bar right now and let’s see if they recognize the Ronald Drink. So guys we’re about to go to the bar and let’s order their Ronald Drink. Hello. Can I have the Ronald Drink? – Yes. What would you like for your drink? – A Ronald Drink. (Karina laughs) – He’s the man who made your cocktail. (crickets chirping) – Having a good day, you want drink? – Yes. – All right. – [Karina] You’re getting
your Ronald Drink. – Yeah. – There’s a Ronald one, a special one. – Thank you. Oh my goodness, it actually worked. – [Karina] You got your Ronald Drink. – Okay guys, now let’s try
the ultimate Ronald Drink. Mmmmmmmmm. – Okay you guys, Ronald just went and is making his round with his
Ronald Drink or something. And now we are gonna take this $5 bill and I’m gonna put inside this one, and put it underneath one of these cups. And he’s gonna try to get it. I’m gonna move the cups around, he gonna try to find it. But the other two is gonna be
$100 bills, well euro bills. So this is basically how
the party’s gonna go. Let’s see. Ron are you ready for my other trick I was talking about? – Okay, yeah. – All right, it’s really cool. So, all right I got this $5 bill here. Do you want it? – Yeah. – You have to win it. I’m gonna put it underneath this cup, and I’m gonna move it around. And if you get it, the right one, then you get to keep it.’ – [Ronald] Okay. – Okay. (fast-paced quirky music) All right, are you ready? – Yep. – [Karina] Which one is it? – First, look. I’ve seen this before. Second, I know somethings up. So I pick. Yes! Mmmmmmmm eeeeeh. Boom, get roasted. – So guys, Ronald did
not fall for the trick. – I saw it on Instagram
so really, I pranked you. – Oh no, but he did not
get the 100 Euro bill, so that’s a plus I guess, sort of. You get the 50 though. – Yeah. (tropical music) – [Karina] Ron, watch out,
there’s horsefly in front of you. (Ronald screaming) (screaming slow motion) (Karina laughing) Just kidding.
– Wait, is there actually? – [Karina] No (laughter). – Karina! – [Karina] (laughter) It was nothing. – Ow, Karina. (Karina laughing) (playful music)
(laughter) (Ronald laughing)
(playful music) I’m gonna fall, not today. (playful music) – Okay, okay, I think I’m on. (water splashing) (yelling) Okay guys, we’re gonna stay in Mauritius for two more days. It’s so much fun here,
we’re having a great time. And next time we see you guys, we’re gonna be back at
home, at our slime time. Mm-hmm. We hope you like this video, if you did, smash that like button– – Or else. (laughter) – And we’ll see you guys next time. – [Together] Goodbye. (upbeat pop music)

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