Our Miss Brooks: The Auction / Baseball Uniforms / Free TV from Sherry’s

colgate battle creek between your prior
why’d you clean your teeth and help opt implicate and mustard cream trample glamorous the wrath of o’hare renewal
are netbook starring steve martin d it’s time once again for another
comedy episode of almost broke written by al knows with buying up on its bigger and better
playgrounds for children are the owner of the day madison high school where are the throat
because english promptly volunteered to help with local chamber of commerce
collect funds for this worthy cause that’s why our beloved friend department
promptly and promising with often fairly friday morning are convicted of this combine them i
felt that faculty advisor rather than here that would ban with
paper and harriet compliment dugan who runs
wild abandon an interview out the admit the problem is that uh… we are headed the filter project which
is near and dear to my about children’s playground in this community i’m sure i cannot over him but i a few
portents of the little ones in our present data migration we cannot let alone what the chamber of commerce like this
in big playground that was intended as a witness to the
benton it mess everything the who helped save money for that with
the project they’re holding a charity afternoon argument four o’clock this
afternoon however due to a very poor publicity
campaign handled by then not very many people
know about it the problem is that he was not wonderful
nollie martin at the convent she had talked about the beauty of yesterday’s
been managing the bet twelve people one thing to get him it’s ask if you want to get ending right mister kathleen myself about that publicity campaign mr
tackling while about the time and miller delivered do while i want them you are not
suggestions to stimulate public interest in our oxen and bring out a big crowd a
bitter old perhaps we could take some spot announcement on the radio yet that
would make a lot of people the probes have you any idea what a thirty second
spot not print cost we don’t have to buy thirty second we
could take about five and becoming quite like today documentum high school cookbook arabic rocklin optical at that but i mean if the object the object to
that our people over any and double their him vehemently denied of uh… the but
hardware id and you think of anything i think we can you grab land deal impact not directly or indirectly a lot of people take different
neighborhoods and really flap in the past excellent barrier made account admin
flag didn’t hear what hardly the wars let thank you maybe we could get very wet blood
difficulty bio will be killed tranquil exactly available in all in the big kathleen you need that small compact that the
length of the before homer off it thanh thornton you’re suppose you could inject a note
of sanity into this discussion well i i i have political other
fascinating schemes their ecad quite humorous through uh… retirement but well i’ve got about it but doesn’t
product in the laboratory now i can’t let the preparatory know what they’re
they’re part of the brain and i just had breakfast the my idea to take a moment to the heart of
it down and equipment pickup is that the cockpit
baby bagging and right behind them the go on well beside the price would be dragging
with faith cocoa powder dictate competent medicines given did they
brings work your big copying dot and appointment you have my permission to take your idea
and hop out of the group but many people and although the payt photo i had it that broke you there frequently or did at something now that we all
think of over there and a far-off you pick that relax one an
important and uh… but they’re something doctrinal deliberate co
developed further however the members of the student body
work to bring their parent donations school this morning and leave them just
outside the classroom unit growth will be in charge of
augmenting the donate needy amendment if i’m not that i think
now we go entertainment move through is there anything as important as
raising money for food playground yet day raising children for the
playground but do u like it bothers and i want to help in that
that man i’m going to how we might be able to get more merchandise deduction predictor jacket in pretty good friend i get what you
mean j_p_ jessica big real estate man yester innovative placard definite
phytoplankton continued everything in anything even excel more insect repellent five
delinquent father and you get infected with a factor again but now providing you with the threat that
they are compared with the fed up in the pit yet youmint broke for the assistance of my
brother when in fact the merchandise out by the classrooms and drop down the
approximate value api object prior to the off let the common i’ll have to go through
all that because in addition to obtaining more material for the fifth
there honorable decided with regard to are turning it off meeting the journal but i’d like that
beatings adjourned today lol allied uh… at i cannot again conferred on u your docking certainly but not with me
and i’d like to auction off berg and the one program went pretty beat up coffee hot that and now that somebody dropped in a new mix
master not much bol raha like that and dot it all back anyway what there about the print rearmament timeline uh… wind mom-and-pop about harmonica and here’s one night fee everything that i will get the one rock
but out in the night and that could bring in
randy arrest feeder or not dude nair lauren will unplug if harriet one blue jay carney brett their
delectable now with the one back to me i put ollie gotten better than that donated something out perfect we traded our alternative to the fact
that going to when you have procure moving field actor under late this afternoon i’m sure that invite you over and
universe adam your mother like that not today he’d been angry with me all week marian
at one piling all this extra work for me to get even even for a while right active in civic pride in his
office on monday he asked me to cut the price tag off and
you i’m bellini bar i think that they’ve hit my method unfortunately my hand let the nikon and
making the material of the umbrella how big game juilliard do and and and and i think that it that way britney sharp umbrellas i’ve got to get into my neck at area
without the continued to pick up during study period ocm we don’t white weapon hearing nothing and ukbhat much working fine even more appropriate logan would be let leaping dog live park on are inherited with act i wouldn’t remember like you to think
that i think that your father me a a here is part of it no other data prabhakaran group of but result broke but colgate double cream helps
stop who d_k_b_ points dot to your reportedly university using
aldape evergreen hundreds of cases trade make that the
most concludes the proof in all of that effort history onto decayed conclusive proof that when people are
brought with colgate right after eating colgate dental cream help stop thru thursday before it are their the
template you used to clean your bread while you clean your feet now offered
the same ruefully to reduce teen became modern science field acadia park by
mouth acted with repair work right after eating brushing teeth with colgate that
directed help remove answers before they’re firemen emal colgate double cream has been rule contain all the necessary ingredient including an exclusive patented
ingredient all effective daily dental care get colgate double cream today they’d economy five only fifty nine
cents alway hw colgate total grade to clean your bread while you clean your teeth and help to pick a date for its stock the number no other benefits offer of proof of but
result and what and a half invention of the
election the carotid are doing a little kiki come inside i had
quite a bit in the morning went period rolled around i was dilemma
collecting movement so i decided to have lunch with mister biden a collector’s
item if i ever fall on this here to make that when i went on record
combat now we can probably the way without any
problem argued that it was better supplies i
think the foods picked up i know that i want you to step in and
but developed at the new york consecutive and that you reminded me that brian you know the donations are in pretty
good shape there may be female bargained on the block this afternoon do you think
so absolutely it’s not anyone the defendant your level
of net friend fifty could probably do it next to nothing corporate credit that left there anybody with married on at nine p_m_
favorite pretty penny today battery ok department added if i run into anybody contemplating such
a step closer to tell them about but and i’ve tried and corporate greed utica refrigerate
problem with that when respected mr up this morning you
did what was a pair of entire institute as a matter of fact i did i don’t know who donated them but they
look almost brand new significantly cooperation with the
auction right way we can go look at the right after lunch
if you’d like to have a one-man option and i’ll be did you get them for a fair
price over his prototype instead of the
general public haven’t you heard they’ve got a and iron for the producing stretch not revenue rather
road all that done the government relevant intimidated that really talk about matt happened media star athlete but it is brain
beneath the exercise uh… calm down outgoing and acting not happy with
peeping are before i go daddy i kept looking not
on the farm and he told me although they do you think has been delivered to the
new house he picking technology going to run looking at the two wonderful p don’t you think loggers solution eritrean do for one more thing going on victorian eight in deliver are and ran to the
school year instead of the new house that by dropping name what a lifeboat to do with them bring them home with you after school dropping pretty gloomy com take a look at nothing better to do well in waiting for
that but under we’re going on i’d be pretty nor i too mother paid twelve dollars for them very very uprooted but
doing tried it again in the cafeteria opt without finding and there are at our development i don’t have to have more aquino rather than that i thought that
morning harvey graham yet that the van even though it down and and i had the
like them perfect just what i have in mind that god and
you know what i’m going to do general talking about one of my upper body idly and i and
about fifty cents the dr margaret and i thought the eighty
one-year mark not from me wire-guided seventy-five
tend to be my fellow won’t make it eighty now you talk about that anything eighty
ac dot don’t want that eighty nine right baby of bidding right the that that i got it back how you are not in that that the car unknown non-fat the combined need beat and i a m well i
think that you can’t bear private loan learners considering that either paid
twelve dollars bolton down restarted we didn’t know that we ordered
at our apartment but comfortably on the preferred update them i’d better get back to the world one
brookstone mantra but technique mark brendor department reference alot about times my
best government packed mine are no remember that merger copy when whichever criminal
check before you like it intern except that i ordered team of lemon ass prime corporate training online repair
it breaking into made on her way wasn’t it
wasn’t worth it and i suppose that when problem group
and department promoted a confused reported better with on it but before you leave i have another and
for you interested member of a problem
confronting the environment to maneuver you’d prefer tick tick and anderson
avenue that there romeo take things out rather good and i a m or only want to take these and lines
open in a row setup was that a president pic being and haven’t you department recruitment and and and and
internet user id you want to take the battered syndrome
and that and there are no put it in your pocket and overruled
relocated to confirm ordered by the way combat mississauga may be out shopping
for just bbn died on the front or yes sir conjecture let let you know i just mentioned that
you’re getting what you’re even atlanta pic he owned real estate all over this town
andy just told me that one of the project is being torn down a few days to
make room for the new freeway worked for brad nor did it effect on the furniture in it to a
second-hand store mister jackson delhi need to do our
charity bazaar he said he could help ourselves anything you want or that good
ugandan dictator stretch i’d have to get some lunch now they want you to play
miss brooks disconnect arrangements to have it furniture picked up dejected two eleven ironside avenue a malevolent site avenue yap paper here output you’re practically don’t
lose rubberized dent on the part of the bed warmer was delivered mixed up mister clinton’s regressions for
proposal what mister clinton said again associate and our terms plans tonight rector and i thought it was in a landslide
avenue reproductive particular six-page
interest in the independent and i didn’t get that and
that i have friend here through it inevitably went weapon david boren but i’ll bring near
the blanket three-fifty many after the first dot it for died i’ve ordered the moving then the
three thirty what or a couple of blocks also reflected in numbers plots drive up the members of mister clinton’s
move-out i don’t know him well roma abandonment divine deployed expecting anderson and at the rather pretty girl displaying their blacktown make room for
the freeway my macbook but what about the
breakthrough whatever the auction alright that you gotta clean the place warren’s previn promptly robertson alright artistic and window thank you can’t do that recipients were done really well i know what his name is broke i would bet making time to pay do when it comes to market weeks before wafers of french window over here refund
on the dot french meal time won’t let me help you you know i i think that one market and freeway conducted earlier
without moving and and and and knowing my borrowing height uh… gentleman in the very dollar evan
deepok an outlook that i have a briefing to me ninety one f_m_ what don’t i don’t want to protect you dot
you not i’m dot darling bother i’m hoping for a bigger and gave a copy and
i think it’s a shame to have a beautiful about backpacker happened over a valid
and at medium data and i think that bell atlantic can open
nineteen fifty do get pyruvate and the remaining items wrote yet mystifying what what i have to offer
you on that brett pushed luxury after little encouragement but the do it the i’d right i haven’t atlanta with rodeo grandma in and she’ll yet i think that would permit
drug addicted and have a good bit of their what one
entitlement bit bringing condition allegiance to family
the phrase occupy again for the response to me recounted candidate the people there well i cant regret car with everybody and i trust the money is
pouring into the two banking at the time and then jeff
dribbling in bradybaehring handbills gel with a
better about and eight making top homework you of expertise in the throat i’d look at this particular about me i
humans requirement or now lamp for example almost an exact duplicate of what my wife bought last
week also voted on about at that point gautam seven-and-a-half rather that is about it but rabbit inasmuch as the project is so close to
my heart i think i could participate uh… take that way love the for example perfect match when i have a boom though i was born uh… without proper right now the
wanted internet just on those of the theme park larger anyway
had vowed to be a public auction at the top road where the public out of the
david then want them how much money do you have been do that uh… the about behind forty five dollars somebody got but well that again wrote put up the lucky i’ll start the bidding ibid readout already and challenging do record at my on that are up for five dollars dono that big dot flat they require fortified border state wait a minute how can you pick forty seven dollar i’d
like to backtrack a minute any like do vivid sitting right now i a
dead picked it up uh… their red black that knowing what selling identified where did that come review or of well if you could fifty-five i guess the
fat that time eighty-five harry i’d plot calling
tonight let’s have another detective and get
brady five lining like remember folks in addition to the beautiful at the time
growing inactivity free about the fact is that i did a hundred dollars but my final off i didn’t play one
hundred and ten dollars dying dying sometime i’ll have to sell it and if
they don’t know if i get a higher bid knowing dorling untruthful e but did impacted it repair abducting can get this email had flop high demand we revert back to my lap
there of one hundred dollars act uh… they were felt that we hear at quite a
bit of that bank to get together interactivity army practically out that happened
expecting any met him well dressed up as the through american
spirit fitted of benevolent uh… throughout this laureate they from the rock found proof of me for the funny shored up expect the d card i have your patriotic but i’ve never
senior face turned red white and blue book the wrote how did you get into that i want to be that not that night dot keep in you
inherit me did you know but with a private backward carton i got a popular women’s will come from
the great that time i had a baby at the moment like his primary cochran problem in a little right that was not prepared to talk with the
proprietor auto bible with saritha it down at your house right now in my mind about out information but not ass and man and yet tonight program from what partners
your recovered after about their creamed gamble monster cream world fight shampoo no other temple in the world if you can
do with magic blend of secret ingredient gentlemen owen better than i thought better than a liquid it’d be the greens and food lead carefree leave mother fragrant lee clean three of them bender listening with team manageable even in private water mustard green while others instantly no special rent needed after a lobster
cream jambu laughter cream is wonderful even for
children pair at tonight trial about their green
sample leanne road me nan road one or during the and i want to get the areas our best
wrote and franklin elite during the depression
a two part and another larry of activity and our
corner of the game one hundred eighty one hundred eighty-five one hundred nine brick by nineteen
ninety five within five well yet im taking your father blood pressure and colgate evergreen the cleaner brett
like you clean your teeth and help stopped implicate on this book buying in partners produced by american
rectifier outlook within your wilbur had under the direction of maurice pop mister clinton is played by jeff
chandler mister cochran by gail book others in tonight catherine jane logan
decline not via mcmillan and management vat a rodent bring grammar from bro and moon goldenthal bauman mood movement at correcting in medium whole-body
growing frontline making mountain and all of them with back long tommorrow in with on have ourselves dot definite leap-frogged over your body created lauren one that need to do it for the most luxurious uh… you’ve ever
had baptized on them declining on packwood bankers other amader detective and it’s
beautiful life union county evening although most of these saintly and they wanted to get back nigger
playing time one other comment that went on about the wrote baba bhot a colgate that’ll bring the clean your
breath while you clean your teeth and help stop to think it and luster cream shampoo foresaw bland
restaurants little hair renewal on this brought starring steve martin another comedy episode of our miss
brooks written by al lewis well the baseball season is rapidly
getting underway an honest broker teaches english at madison high school
is full of enthusiasm for our national pastime yes i am enthusiastic about the national
pastime largely i must admit because of the
enthusiasm for the game felt by one billabong my national pastime pay morning it rectus my landlady asked
me how come how can be a sudden interest in baseball connie seems to me you never
cared about the game very much now we are on missus davis i’d always had a
deep rooted love the game it just took someone to bring it out you’re going to end wasn’t high cobb no way i look at it baseball will
eventually for there are a man’s how do you mean tiny but i figured he spend
enough time looking at kurds and watching fellows trying get to first
base that might give him an idea step backwards so i dont lie not about
baseball tomorrow as the opening day missus davis with clay city high an
already mister clinton’s invited me to go with him now of course my troubles just begin
i’ve got to have a nice ford outfit to wear to the game what’s wrong with the
antique you’ve got mister bite you see me wearing it three times already to be channeled yes to the opening games
of nineteen forty nine forty eighteen forty seven i made up my mind that this year when
they throw out the first of all i’m throwing out that dress coming i wasn’t so broke what do you think a minute if there was somebody who could then be
turned out to plan danielle feel-good now i guess borrowing
isn’t the answer bleeding economy i was talking to mister feature
yesterday keeping nights and who runs the pawn shop on four th street arnaud
we’ve met several times we’re i’ll get happened adopting
yesterday to see that my brother victor siegel cases polished and mister fisher showed me that night
systolic brandy new he had just picking up the sheriff’s department store at
their springfield this fortress what he wanted for waiting on trade not for
himself and he was ready to document and fortunately on maybe fortunately you
he didn’t think it anne concluded that the sherry because on seems much final so so maybe he’d be willing to make you
happy on this month but what could i spoke to
him for it now i mean these feelings as i get older i’d be delighted if you take a vacuum
cleaner can well that’s very generous of you has a
date listed wouldn’t it make it terribly
inconvenient when you wanted to clean the rug alone not dark i’m calling the
rags next week summit coming and all its much cooler in
the house without drugs besides i need the money for other things now you just
take the hoover and stop off at least efficient on your way to school i certainly appreciate your time this is
the davis that sort of hate the idea of having to get anything like this as a
pawn shop i mean in i don’t see why you should feel that
we can meet it’s just like any other business and i’m not going to get
involved christopher columbus for instance
without up on chap clearly t_v_ today same place yeah rightly dated um… if equation and
that i hadn’t read the money and ideals columbus couldn’t have discovered
america exactly then the family you’d be that t_v_ i’d be teaching indian kids
for very little one form good morning mister fisher we’re gomez so i haven’t seen you said you
reviewed your market correction you haven’t seen is in fact rendezvous again
act of the holidays remember i won’t call elicit was on a monday january i recall
it because i took in six pairs of an up hill is that uh… limited to see my
lock it with my dear but what i hear about this morning is
inside business deal conceded today it is suggested that you might be
interested in this vacuum cleaner of missus davis is an old friend uh…
frankly we don’t have too much of a cold front vacuum cleaner though i don’t want
any money on it i just want to stop you’ll find when you use to the vacuum
cleaner to because missus davis is about to prepare arrived in your protective
custody for the summer again and then i guess i could use the vacuum
effect and that she now what can i give you a
need to all here’s something that might come in
handy it’s for dressing in undressing a genuine chinese treatment well actually we have very few chinese
getting dressed at our place had in mind mister fisher was this blue
and gold sport dress over a year those happen to be our school colored in well i’m going to our opening baseball
game to my understand my video politically welcome to the dress all
that’s very nice of you mister fisher uh… just one thing though mister are you sure that this will fit you even if it does not look better in it
and i would in a vacuum cleaner a morning mist broke merit out of the beloved daughter of medicines
beloved principle this morning mindful are you going to have date office as
fast as possible denying korean would you mind dropping
his letter on yes he’s just wrong cried out again and thanks all and i almost forgot which it is just
loving count justin delivering allowed thought something that is in one last
year daddy asked me to pick it up after with politics gotta run now old before invite anyone
up for the opening day tomorrow right now the feeling delay and bowman economist about i’ve got
something for you that in some of the pin k although the trophy of as will put it on
my displays bsn bear anything else from the f_a_a_ harriet
gave me a letter for you nowhere in the world that i put it let me look in my day how it must be in here somewhere funny i can’t seem to find it miss brokers each day the post office department
handles hundreds of tons of mail they carry it on planes and boats and
planes over thousands of miles of bidding today cable religiously
disability darkness of night and you look at the first to do what did
you know with one lal one left i may have dropped it in the hall latin
oregon amendment meanwhile i wish you’d cheer up a bit football game tomorrow and how we’re
going to whip place city high you picked a perfect subject to elevate my students
miss groups for your information that will be no
gaiden tomorrow what feel that innocent babies vacuum
cleaners i hardly got a brand new use for
transfer this game i’ve been looking forward to it for
months so time is booked nothing would please me more than two soundly drug jason brill’s place it inside but the sad fact remains that we can’t
play them lineone because tourism appalling
mismanagement of the athletic from our team has no uniform who’s been handling athletic fan but that is beside the point do it overboard on that basketball
appropriation all this is all for this to prompt
baseball in the most popular sport of madison lower line of that’s why i’ve taken my glasses off the
strips they steam up when ideas at this statue
near my desk the bust of the man for whom we’ve named
our athletic stadium the one person responsible for inaugurated baseball with medicine of the law of founder you a dog christian nine million feel badly planned on comes
into my throat but i think of how he would take this
catastrophe and when i hold this moment open mic to
hand that mister cochran u_s_ disprove would
you mind letting go of my ears ass for the provide less is better let me two prominent there something we
can do to make the game possible i’m afraid not miss books on this week well wait a minute using java lawyers could play good ball
without uniforms i don’t know how good they played that
they’d send me broaden my style pardon will continue in just a moment
but first here is very smooth no other data for a solvers proof of
such results broke but colgate double cream help stop to pick a date for it
starts to here’s research at leading universities using colgate double cream
hundreds of case histories makes this the most conclusive proof in fall
benefits history onto decays conclusive proof the twenty th or brush
with colgate two right after eating colgate double cream helps stop to pick
a date for it starts since the toothpaste you used to clean your brett
while you clean your teeth now offers a safe proved wager reduced
to decayed modern science shows decay is caused by
mouth assets which are at their worst right after eating brushing teeth with colgate as directed
helps remove answers before their farm enamel colgate double cream has been
full to contain all the necessary ingredients including an exclusive
patented ingredient for effective daily the dental care get colgate dental cream
today big economy sized only fifty nine cents always use colgate dental green
between your breath while you clean your teeth and help stop those decayed report
starts remember no other data perot’s offer as proof of such results well mister conklin refused to let our
team play without the proper equipment especially against medicines traditional
rival play sitting high i was pretty mu about the whole thing
selwyn lunch period arrived i haven for mister barnes biology
laboratory my customary destination when i feel confused around half a year contended boom cheerful anything mr vinayak this divine on delivering these cases just doing repair work he learned about
the gaming called off tomorrow yes i’m just sick about it i had my heart set on
going that game tomorrow sounded i and don’t be too depressed we can still do
something else to gather together all that’s right do you are going along
to the game with a word to you obviously i was indispensable to you and i know what might be fun we could go
to the movies right after school by four o’clock we could be sitting in the
balcony at the state fair goldberg the state doesn’t open until six thirty
that’s when i say it might be fun i don’t understand how could we have fun
sitting in a movie for two-and-a-half hours of hurt this tonight and please do me a favor
for next time you’re in the balcony borrow the ashes flashlight and tell you
how your fellow americans are leading i guess i may seem pretty leave on
occasion misfits alive and now sometimes you’re quite a man of the
world food another world of course guidelines i’ve got to finish early and
dropping the domestic science room this wistful promise to check my new sport
dress and see what alterations that needs to or is that what you got my box address
yes not promised by next go well i’ll have to join your but later on this
proves i’ve got to finish preparing the locks on his rabbit cages the brand new to catalyst and holly’s
are largely broken must have some pretty tough rabbits in
manhattan look at them with your current they’d
cute i keep the female rabbits in one case in the males in another you would find it to work and as soon as possible
haha i will miss brooks i’d go with you right now but it’s rather important you
know how rabbit cages are and garcetti wouldn’t want to come back to nineteen
find six pages where they were to before books acting out where can i say it uh… there’s water in them mind if i join you walter call welcome aboard thank you all there surprise here i’m sure your apple cheek
jerry lived clinton’s dislike me injuring jim ideally starved senses thanks again now get your teeth out of my arm and
back in here friesen feelings in my greetings you is not a true barometer of my
feelings miss brooks no you know where formally to mourn and
live is still wants the ritz there now sits inside the lump sum unbearable climb to the bulletin walls and then going larne now five may be permitted an observation in
your native tongue what pray is the cause of this and
seeming plundering police you know you can’t win we had an argument and now she’s not
talking to me uh… well with the argument about all it started when i
heard that mister clinton was calling off to mars ball game nine-cent i couldn’t understand how r
athletic fund that in the surgeon that she we couldn’t afford uniforms for the team
man now that i mentioned mister clinton’s administration of the funds in
a kuwait that harry consumer news derogatory when did you say who said he was the mongolian indian
lives de could be construed as derogatory do left i know how you feel like i’m
disappointed too but afterlife feelings transcend
disappoint miss brooks they can only be described as and gently
abysmal cataclysmic lee morbid and horrendously depressing when did you have for lunch today at the while there may be all hope is involves
martin amis was with mister cochran wants to talk to us about the ballgame
or yet wrote all hope is not blocks now you see wild ride tell us citizen and there was any classical
sense just so happens that parent s mister clinton would need them and then
delete he s and in every school again bows to
the principal lou new even when he’s made a few prior
mistakes of the athletic fun gin pouncing right air quiet dot listed on the due for a moment miss
prove thank mister what’s this about the game tomorrow do
you really think we can hold it that my dear depends upon the cooperation with
it suffice it to say i’ve contacted the
sporting goods store in town while for the rentals all the necessary uniforms
and equipment for a paltry twenty five dollar isn’t that wonderful great have you got the party twenty five years
to come to at new no i havent telecheck doesn’t come through until next week
however that is not going to stop i feel now that i’m doing a bond
computer team against listed duty-bound u_s_ district only minutes ago as i sat forming on the
brink of symbol of medicines baseball
championship will but i don’t seasons and looked up with the statue of our
founder you dog trick usa i seem to hear his voice saying it was a
few minutes i started baseball medicine was good keep it going then i heard myself saying nouvelle where can i get twenty five dollars per
hoon fall and ten tested as it may sound euro dusted go and get the money from me unwillingness booms you lost me when you
know and i said the allies goodman uses the word because ms brooks if i had
the money i handed over to lift someone if you have the money i’m headed for that matter but my check doesn’t come through until
next week either but surely you must have a little something salted away n death all mister conklin patricia kaplan i wish i could be
helpful but i just can’t for you room uh… do forty dollars for those
rabbit cages or get it back from of wardrobe romano and i just bought this
sport grass with my last vacuum cleaner demanded i got to do the very expensive
place tonight feel as if i’ve been run through then doing a little money
somewhere with just a few days i’m sure we demand that the company just a borrow
related for just a few days that’s right sir you give me an idea yes i’m almost positive of the word now
does this tell everyone i’ve got a couple of stops to make genius racks you
look like you’re on your wedding went well your plans to go around and i waited
three of them and again this decision i’m at the root
canal in israel feels that there is word thank named i know you’re a busy man mister fisher’s
i’ll i’ll be brief what when you give me for this bust of
yellow dark rich well now i don’t like to see callousness
brooks but you’d be surprised help you calls i get the boss of your dog treats miss i’m just want the money for shortened my
mind money for these elapse holiness books
that would be out of the question however i’ve still got that logs chinese
screening here you can have that image change it which gives me i think you know the
customers coming and i’ll get back to you in a minute another customer if you
don’t mind it to be sure i’d rather not be seen in here with this tack to i’m just back from industry picked up the incident with the man who for you i’d like to borrow some money on what i
have in this box and what might that be it’s a blue and
gold sport chris palin bonus for good forty years to the belongs to with the my wife you know all of the little woman all around the world well i don’t usually take in dresses
unless they’re in the family that is but did but would you mind if we discuss this in
a moment and other customers coming it for the customer but i must be seen here
with this dress i’m gonna hide behind a screen until it’s done don’t let yourself including a few
minutes to open the door generally the fuel into the window
outside the quite a while before slightly i don’t take any chances are ceiling or one eight two billion dollars and is
brought dot and their habitats the little woman and doses most interesting this broadside what are you doing with that statue of
your dark rich well i nevermind that his divine what are you
doing with my dress while i have never mind that this was what are you
doing with extensive widens the morning another customer does it mean and it
level again i help you yasser i like the hockey team and the cages the dot it looks like hands rabbits in all is an interesting day just isn’t going to i see another
customers about two and a another customer hopefully seemed somewhere else mobile one more down time texas next on just br don’t understand what the
institutionalized into a single i want to find out the body the but what are you doing with my ravages
test this pox what do you think that statue
leo dark rich never mind that what i what are you doing this in mind rabbit
cages nevermind my rabbit cages response what are you doing with that statue what
are you doing with my best mystifying do local utility meyer advocate do times
that we are and again dot you’re absolutely quiet martin moment estimated king high concedes to a
crack in the screams coming all the way back to the last counter and what they
lied to wouldn’t uh… is the third like negotiate alone
on the silver mother and cup you mean you wanna hop in the old people the twenty five dollars would relieve my
temper recommends windows to the top of the
redeeming a very forthright nowhere losing with him so much from him like at the scene of the solvents that
was with are just hide behind the screen alleyoop
book fulcrum saw it on yesterday mister clinton and well bankable nama throats if you move over a bit so
that i can stand between mr borden yourself i’m sure we’ll all be this broadcast thinkpad deadpan called paul you’ve left
out beyond our courage d do do so i had whose votes what are you doing
with that statue of your dog rich well i walter what are you doing the mister
borges radically externally you watch the instruction s was the one what are you doing with my grandma at
that i’ve thought about passing will never
take my mind off that spectrum is brought to you all guidance on one side with the congress what are you doing his pond shop for the
madison baseball groping all the the pretty good daa the a wrong at the same purpose to raise the
money for the baseball uniform sure not mister fisher up an account milos
customer just let money is needed a little stumping for
you both bill and that’s going on here than ever lengthening this decision this is a very strange
situation that we are all the rest of the same twenty five dollars now you’ve seen are collateral take any
or all of it and please give us the money no of course by the end of course
i’ll give you twenty five dollars on his loving couple wonderful mister now i don’t have to cancel the game
tomorrow involved some huge more modification has not been in the l_a_
pardon me sir the seems to be a letter in the surrounding that eleven all that must be wondering if
they’d need for you this morning probly dropped in the park while i was talking
about the node off the streets or with my glasses at the office when
you read the letter to move in hint that clients and jason bruno intended to conklin built early shortage in our athletic
bond i’m forced to cancel tomorrow baseball game because might seem to have
no uniform hot columnist returns in just a moment
but first remover maneuver denied yes tonight show him how much
lovelier your american looked after allosteric cream shampoo mustard cream world’s finest shampoo no other shampoo on the world if you
can’t do much magic blend of secret ingredient lost gentle m_-eleven better the muscle better than the liquid monster cream is
a dingy cream leaves here three ways lovelier frequently clean free of most andrew listening with chain manageable even in the hardest water luster cream
leathers instantly notes but the wind speed and through
monster clean gentle so gentle luster cream is wonderful even
for children’s hair yes tonight brian luster cream temple bring move the move religion warned me this and now once again the area’s our miss
brooks well we were all very disappointed by the postponement of the
opening baseball being replaced city admonishing wren was sharply i’d be glad
that night i had a date with mister barnes and nine million fans come a little post which books alright marvin like this little plumes please mister barringer we can any
closer to that movie screening will be in the picture player flighty piano stop began on this growth
starting a barton is produced by larry burns directed by al gore’s with the
music of will run out under the direction of mores carlton mister
blanton is played by jeff chandler mister cochran by gail norton others in tonight’s cast would gain more
than that plan on going mcmillan and frighten elson disprove pummel insult and renewal of
the complexion in fourteen days yes thirty six leaving skin specialist
who in tests on twelve hundred eighty five
different women the palm of soap facials using nothing
but palmolive brought new complexion beauty two women
out of three just wash your face three times daily
with palmolive soap each time for sixty seconds massaging
pummel it’s beauty lather onto your skin then rents so stark your pummel officials today doctors pru palmolive soap company
lovely complexion in fourteen days on this remember miss frank labs listen
to mister and missus walked into the evening while most of these things
leading and being with us again next week at the same time or another comedy
antlers on obama’s roads problem on speed passion colgate dental green to clean your
breath why’d you clean your teeth and help stop to pick a and laughter cream campbell or saw glamorous correctable hair radio
artist brought starring steve martin damned another comedy apus on obama’s
brooks under the direction of our lives well it usually takes a few days but saturday and have a doubly arrives
and when it does on this brooks who teaches english at madison high school
that suggest the sleep late yesterday she didn’t join her land lady
in the breakfast not until ten o’clock good morning good morning connie how did you see
that’s right not do well and i have a little called
in that categorized bounced into my room just as i was dozing off mineduc but she was really playing with their
bolt-on i don’t mind her playing ball but i can’t handle each night games that
going that extra innings made an experiment and it keeps me up
until recently how can you see here you and you know how she did u c erin c_a_a_ destination in a heated helmet right your attributing an intelligence to her
that she doesn’t actually presents all but she does and she wants to make it will continue now that’s ridiculous nighttime higher than aaron he on week hitch i laid nice chatting manera outings betty uh… blackmailed ever that need to know whether she’s a
boy or girl species only two years old and there are certain things hike justice
dual key summer intensities over there so and let’s start with my nightline’s
www do about that is one pair left for my date with mister buying this
afternoon i’ll have you have a date that mister going to be now that i’m going to
suggest that the things we can get away from jerry department store scary yes he’s been cheating press
mailadmin friend of the israel as a dental appointment the county i teach us that needed to do we need to
get of cars missus davis especially if there’s no money in it getting excited that i’m going to go
down to their attorney i have to go through and the ebay intiki any print
both out of the house steeled on dale or will be all alone you know and hiking eat heidi amy crazy magic and fail it may be gone for a few hours i’m sure
she’ll be perfectly alright no connie she hasn’t been as calculating i get
wouldn’t feel right to back to normal seen crying a lot we can do three concrete has always been very
fundamental event if you could drop her off at their place
tanya we twenty she had written by justice david found out there about
korea too i know a sure-fire way to find out preceded unfair power of the faculty and powerful ken and i’ve had my share i’d like to be on the honor of this
vivid i’d just have to be driving by manufacturer to make it may have to give
you leave someplace after i help you finish breakfast at his
dimension that you can and i’m going to have a sheriff to pick up with
department no had just a minute pani i was about to suggest that you viral not talking today menu because mister darden brand nice
died in the country wet country davis what about you we debate meeting you had any contact
you well today dot megan i can always get
your bridal we think that you make yourself the b_l_m_ thanks very much united all indians
ickies around the people in the hall right next year wilco i’m on my way were
you excuse me a lot of yesterday may ten thousand sons chinatown this
meeting which our beloved thank you our lead i lay out i’ll give you our camelot
shipyard pani aren’t you could be doing something usaid u dot com you know who accounting outside data and i’m you know evil bought scene t-bone bag genetic ali bagmane dino let’s go clyde uh… test carrying on to that to teach in the upcoming advantages
depicted use being the first advantage rather an
important see you’re right yes april first april fool postini gotta get busy i have even populate a plague our
beloved principal you read every mister conklin alone well done it’s but senior he’s crazy about television but so far he’s going to take the spring
process what’s coming it’s coming real-life bussiness his you know the as
soon as i get my husband antibody i’ll be ready to go i’ll take your time
missus davis that phone call to make any way and here we are for stop at this particular animal
please there day every lesson one question correct me
mister cochran we will present to you owe are fabulous television set bag bilateral television certainly crystal
clear sixteen inch screen octagon it however mister clinton today is saturday
and there are no deliveries united about the sheriff’s department store and pick
it up all questions appearance ready in the
popular sog com landings did you become part of the first line cherished do you what mister cochran no all right cars have never met your mother take the
top of that ladies aid meeting harriet now i’m stranded immutable television set waiting for me
it’s a reason i’m unable to beginner gold you can pick it up but there’s a program
on today that i’m particularly interested in maybe someone else to pick it up on them
wonder i’ll get a dog but the program where levi pearson miss ropes coming in tonight d but leave your program i guess vitaly dot now for the afternoon are you brought nirvana the instant in the kitchen area miss brooks and i have something to talk
about i think you would not and i will come right to the point have you any means of transportation yet that didn’t make it on the back row dude if you know matter of fact i can stop by here on my
way to share it departments are who you are still ride going on but the important winner of the with conder at this very moment a brand new
television set is waiting for me at jerry’s department store and who do you think is going to pick it
up uh… resting union wells fargo people don’t and uh… though the person i had in
mind is the one member of my faculty who my most admired and cherish how you’re going you’re from no my cosmodrome uh… moreover on display here for a
call from mister stone president of our border to case month to consult me about
this p yes he’s addressing the conduct of the
dedication of the new library at the county jail it’s being televised this afternoon the
growth of my most eager to have my said reinstall i mean it’s not that i mean come on the
cherry wired delighted when you so graciously volunteered to pick it up
online and i wouldn’t be here corporate community problem but i didn’t
hear a word i said duo when you said and i quote i’ll be most happy to pick it up for you
mister conklin but measure spoke you looked great early into the eyes of your
beloved excelled same principle we’re incoming data company interest pleasure or displeasure determines whether your life in the
hollowed halls of madison high job available i repeat i’ll be most happy to pick it up for you
but stuff dying eve arden will continue in
just a moment but first the areas where instead no other democrats offer as proof of
such results broke but colgate double cream help stop to it became deport star stu years research at leading
universities using colgate dental cream hundreds of case histories makes this
the most conclusive proof all that it was history on through the day conclusive proof that when people
browsed with colgate right after eating colgate double cream help stop to pick a
before it starts yes the toothpaste you used to clean
your bread while you clean your teeth now offers a safe proved way to reduce
tooth decay modern science shows decay is caused by
mouth acids which are at their worst right after eating brushing teeth with colgate two directed
helps remove acids before they harm enamel colgate double cream has been
through will contain all the necessary
ingredients including an exclusive patented ingredient or affected dental care dept colgate dental cream today big
economy signs only fifty nine cents always use colgate dental green clean
your breath while you clean your teeth and help stop to pick a date for its
stock no other democrats offer as proof of
such results and that at the department had done that
sharon department store to find out about it but i demanded the radio and television
department had promised him warrington standing by a cash register immediately acrobatic to conkland prize
in concentrated on mine that i have been mr bohren right yes madam is there something i can do
for you plenty but not in front of all these
people do we get maybe recognizing it disorders little out of my live id what are you doing here guess shopping but if you’re only filling in for your
friend by half a day you will be free all afternoon muncy over yes i will i get out of the land to attend newman
and i’ll be free to what are you going to do no i don’t know i thought i’d i’d ran
out of the property market watch them plotkin foot actively naked bike and i borrowed
motivated and part of the day and uh… i thought maybe we could take a ride out
in the country together right but while we’re waiting on show your
honor some wonderful new television sets in well i’m glad you reminded me at the
convent asked me to pick up instead and bring it home to him don’t tell me they finally broke down
and broadway now he wanted in the radio created they
called in this morning you ted what a breakthrough him which is that
supposed to be right here and you’ve been notified about not yet
maybe there’s a memo on my desk outlook as soon as i put these tubes upon the
geopolitical i’ll put the duke the way for you we better find out about the problems
that right away misprint or have you got something to carry the
jobs in there quite a few of them i’ll just put them in my bag now you’re
on uh… on the desk is just way out of any customers come by just a money back
in a minute i will be at the time that lord owen ball vacuum clean the excuse me mister
it checking the merchandise again food store that they could then be too
careful almost automatic with me by not
intelligently a walking inventory well that had many missing from my
department related is there any kind of person okay affordable review landrigan lubricant you’ll want to be a
today packet without them the bad that baggage and why did you get
a better way do yet the big bag buchanan mandeep anytime
that day and i’m sure they do but that doesn’t introduce max admired
david don’t effectively one day you doing with those them landscape of the way i met him
management or overly available i can do you know
this woman certainly kikwit brooks badly hit saturday night but what i thought the station is my business to mind the day wilkes character work in this project
management and made a statistical net needed ned congratulations with the company but the special effect you wouldn’t want
to have to be picked up the cherries downtown warehouse continued good luck nine while if they
can quiz master warehouse that’s quite a ways from u_s_
ports that you couldn’t handle the set by yourself well i promised to come tonight get it
for you know wait a minute one of the kids in school
is working in the stock released four straight snodgrass all of the brain had indicated diameter plowed into my
brain gets back i want to help you deliver this to cut the television set great mystifying even if they really
done that we can have the rest of the data life and right now let’s walk over
to the stockroom get stretch are you reading his books with the right and i was born with a bit not planning a warehouse team united open the door is locked ward st so if you watch this is an old sticking
out note it says dear as good company please forgive this oversight with the
warehouses closed on saturdays if you’ll return to sherry’s replied
your television set their assigned wallace bacon i’ll go ahead and faith
will never get out of the country what we do not drive back to the store now let’s be different let’s walking
carry the car on our show a withdrawal over to their television
whispers maybe stress snodgrass know something about this maybe so he must know something about
something wonderful climbers have one well you know not very much i’m afraid
reader your death knotted pick up a television set here that
mister cochran wanted this morning and tormented you mentioned a few stretch
moment my roots in a manager or morning nitin
received no metal more and on a new they’ll watch memo more and up well we’ll take a look in this document
every shop that while i was under and then another and it didn’t show up maybe
carmen miranda draft do things straightened out which makes
you going to stop receiving or anything about it in their yasir on tobacco
jackie detection carryout carryout mystifying which can keep mister cochran
waiting any longer why don’t we just take one of the storm
i’d love to and between as we can handle it easily as a freight elevator right
over there as fruit we have no authorization it’s time to come through
sooner or later admits a convent and get that set today
there be no living with him to the rest of the semester maybe right now i’m right now let me which one should be k we only
have five models on display here is nice will be here right let’s relevant the
elevator three speed queen washing machine one by television sets one that’s funny i didn’t see any customers
and hit it off and the report business domenica right
away eliminating ended about and anything
that happened almost brought up was that one like mister crichton we brought it up
don’t get that saudi one open one of these four miles over to we
felt it was brought out of a gem i’ll back and make sure dixit jordan dot the four of twenty eight all right mister store manager here go our television sets one cool k three and along then we’ve got to get better than
ever uh… reported mister clinton any i think this
is not reached you check implants to miss brooks i have very
little time left which she disappeared on never know mature it’s one thing is a mistake you can just take a television set off
the floor of a star without asking somebody who has no one last time i was
told to pick it up here that’s just what i’m going to do here it’ll make you feel any better
outside the sales with only been on the counter the the problem them signed are good company how could somebody steal a television
said he says waiting in the building okay so contradictory it and he said basil outcrop into archived by by six received their share a department store
television sets and others but cut allegedly greatly and it’s a receipt really need one problem can’t handle it
for you refused to blink dot gif television set i’m sure everything will be our own how
long have they been gone harriet we should be back in maybe that’s just common now habitat
i’ve got the best apology i think comp ryan was brought live from the television set mister
cochran one problem now is with gravy watch your language design especially well i bought it extended to other staff at the top and
then use them for a book and differently mr gore or not but i think
that we want no right to take that one from store
that’ll be reporters stolen walletpop or more prudent to high-skill visual art nikon they’ve got
sterile villain here listserv is must put we’re gonna do with
these two sides let’s trade on maybe hotline can’t be a ride one of
them back to share it overstated but all hello everybody well i had to get it myself but here’s
the television set i one uh… the record gravy livejournal angry can tell you i hope to you later miss brooks right now i want to buy the likely spot
to spring the aerial come onto the porch with megan kaplan how did you got to stop cabaret on second thought you’d rather stay in
here you come with me bargain yes you do harriet and we may need your mom mom stretch who
could have mister cochran customer if we’re going to look it up in
time to see mister stone dedicate that library at the county jail you know and i think about this water
but we’re in a terrible janet we’ve already brought to light the
television set over from cherries in this department only entitled to one that’s and depressing news for you miss
brooks is ninety nine d that quiz program the call came up with
justin april fool joke april flew would play such a monstrous joe shake hands with the headmaster didn’t wanted to send a check on
collapsed first chase now i’ve got news for you
all there shaking hands with a while ago right called now taxi will replace the senate uh… the about right between these are
the two higher may not be an interior decorator
but i do have a night of symmetry when i see a nice brown does not dot is that going in my living escaping to watch the television dot his service crooks and i brought
what all of a poor when i brought over right after that mister cochran because i did not the problem really
more than you know that that problem or a large fast i’d like to understand but to what these
television sets have been stolen at least then what’s the story going to do when
they find out that i have taken a third one camp was a police car stopping for the house
special event this is because we are deeper over the body instead little lady with the the my story you look at me start saying calendar dot here asked the meaning of this are greater
than the people in based on a bipartisan or you must be the brains of them are don’t right i mean this is not hot television fact there are very few of
the few is set to all the evidence ivy and is this your problem you know the
only one elected government bigger the county jail general hit budget cutbacks commitment this proves
to be something system on but i don’t want to go down there are
low was the one who has worked you can’t let
me go alone you’ve got to come with me to the county jail how that will be
necessary that department not necessarily now we can watch it on
television in fifteen minutes are as on the sprouts returns in just a
moment but first green remi mister yet tonight kill him how much lovelier
your hair and what after allister cream jambu monster cream world’s finest shampoo no other sample in the world gives you
paid too much magic blend of secret ingredients plus gentle man alone better than a soap better than a liquid monster cream is a dingy leaves hair three ways lovelier frequently clean free of loose dandruff listening which
xin manageable even in harvest water mustard cream
ladders instantly no special rents needed after a lester
cream shampoo so gentle mustard cream is wonderful even for
children’s hair yes tonight dry mustard greens amble brendon once or laurin there and now once again here is are missed
wrote well harriet tubman corroborated their
province tari that he didn’t tell me why the radionuclide cabinet mister okay then took the three sets
back to sherry electorally but aggravated with the problem fitting in the living room but if it
wasn’t what was based on the phone i was the victim of an operator’s hoax it will work out with the contract or in war role played it on the missed approach that i really can’t fit tennis court of course not block where
we ate profile will have to stick together dollars with dot well unless they’re
white and the music of will bring that under
the direction of maurice carlton mister blindness played by jeff chandler
mister cochran by gale gordon others in the knights test which i a
modern-day product lori mcmillan leonard smith and wanted waterman uh… doctors crew problem so can bring you a mother
complexion in fourteen days yes thirty six leaving skin specialists
pru in tests on twelve hundred eighty five
different women that palmolive soap facials using
nothing but palmolive brought new complexion beauty two women out of three just wash your face three times daily
with palmolive soap each time for sixty seconds massaging
pamela’s beauty rather onto you then rinse so start your pummel officials today
remember doctors broom palmolive soap can bring
you a lot here complexion in fourteen days join the american cancer society’s
nineteen fifty cancer crusade twenty-two million americans now living will died
of cancer unless the present cancer death rate is reduced send your contribution up to the
american cancer society care of your local post office let’s keep the fight
going on the screen liberally sprinkled with
miles listen to mister and missus knowledge the exciting on private
bankers of an amateur detective and his beautiful wife june and tuesday evening over most of
these same stations and be with us again next week at the same time one other
comedy antlers on obama’s rose problem on speaking

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  1. As a very young child I remember "Our Miss Brooks" TV show vividly. Not so much the radio program, and didn't realised they ran at the same time. Good info and good post! I loved Eve Arden!

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