100 thoughts on “Ozzy Osbourne Eats A Bat

  1. jogaram um morcego inconsciente no palco e ele pensou que era um morcego de borracha, qualquer que seja ele o pegou e mordeu-lo

    E então sharon vai'' manequim sua real'' e eu vou'' O QUE''

  2. How would you get a bat to be unconscious during the concert? I don't know where this concert was but if you freeze a bat it will die and kill nerves so it wont be able to bite you besides if you have seen and managed bats you would know thats fake as hell.

  3. if that is the footage of where he is saying he really took a bite out of the bat, I have to say personally I think it's fake. I assisted at a wildlife reserve that had a couple of bats being nursed and when not in flight their wings don't sit so stiff like that. Looks like rubber/plastic.

  4. I listen Skrillex more often, not these satanist dumb-asses. (Ozzy Osbourne and Marilyn Manson are suspecteed to work with illuminati :p)

  5. I remember when my older cousin told me about the time he told me that Ozzy accidentally bit the head off a real bat, feels kinda crazy to see the video where he actually did bite off the head of the bat

  6. The bat isn't fake. He thought the bat was a rubber toy so he bit the head off, immediately feeling blood fill his mouth and drip down his chin, along with the head twitching inside his mouth. It was very real.

  7. This is not the real footage this is a reenactment the footage shown here is on the Live and loud Ozzy DVD.The real footage will probably never be seen.

  8. How could he not notice the bat was real it's fuzzy how could he think it's fake. Poor bat and Bat Man must hate him now

  9. We have heroes too, some of them eat bats, Ozzy ROCKS ASS! If you disagree, please die.

    You get a cookie if you know where that's from.

  10. I dont give a fuck who you are,..But it dont take a goddamn genius to figure out thats a fucking FAKE bat !!! He may have bit off a real one but this clip its fake as fuck !

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