P.E. Games – The Layup Wheel

This game is called ‘The Layup Wheel’. This is a great game to practice lay-ups after
you’ve gone over the progression. Use all six basketball nets in your gym. Create six teams inside the center circle.
Each team will face one of the hoops. The first person in each line will get a
ball. On the signal, the first person each line will run to their net and perform a layup. Whether or not it goes in they will bring the ball back for the next person in line. That first player will go to the back of the line, and the round continues on and on. Teams do this for a minute or two and after they finished the 2 minutes, then teams will rotate. All teams will move one spot over to the next
hoop. Repeat the same thing. Do this for all six hoops. That’s it!

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