Pak vs Ind 1992 World Cup Full Highlights

Pak vs Ind World Cup Full Highlights 1992 Adding it’s the first over to JJ is facing and The bowler is washing Makram. Just one run on the board. Oh Well bold beautiful delivery beneath the pace really Did the inside edge went flying the way down to the world’s fine leg must have been very close to the off stand Very very quick action sort of lumbers up to the stumps and then all of a sudden the ball goes hurtling away That was lucky so he once was beautifully bowl not only to come back with the armored of bounced as well inside each went over the stumps and Manna finally did a good job to save the extra two runs there So can’t a little bit slow. She said that go over a middle and leg and some fish soup and We’ll cup matches he’s played 19, that’s quite a lot Strike rates eighty four point three, so that’s excellent So when he gets away, it can be a winner, but he’s not getting away at the moment It looked to me as if it just carried its you strike rate fifty at the bottom there Oh That is a big while well for the great bowler that he is He really is struggling to get it straight Yeah, so I think the demon Campbell will be Muffy He just can’t afford to have this thing to happen a sets a standard for the whole team for the rest of the match Even be very annoyed about his main striker wasn’t Mac haven’t been so inaccurate It’s just a slow down and get the ball straight and make the batsman plays plenty of bouncier for him It’s nice placement I’ll tell you what he would have been run out and he hit the stumps And he’s waving and up higher ship it eventually Said yes, you must go. I’d keep jabbered have no doubt that the ball had been taken cleanly northern we found the outside edge, so They’ve had a few guys at Shrikant for every W finally had him caught behind This ball just straightening a little bit and carrying no problems to my own there that we could keep he didn’t get overly excited about I think that’s what probably That could she can’t wait He’s definitely out he’s gone There are now 1 for 25 Mohammad Azharuddin is the new batsman for India the skipper at the side To be quick o Yard or two yards nubian captain would not be here Splendid strength to go to quite square enough. I picked up two – de Janeiro’s hunter 17 CMV over your own karna bola We shot just the most superb time Footwear good Night for swing of the bat And with the tunnel Yes, that’s definitely what timing is all about Too much energy expelled here We’ll face the back Problems getting to the fence one for 30 for your own karna bola That’s Equally as good as straight as the one afraid of the back foot in the last over definitely again and expending a lot of energy but perfect timing on the Indian skipper that ball racing between cover and mid offer for the second time in Ryan Connors over pitched They were pitched the first delivery of his spell it’s the second time and In Desert Inn taking full tile Is the 50 up for India in the 19th over so Pakistan would be Be pleased that they’ve slowed the progress to that point 114 balls for that 50 who was him Haider is coming on now from the round begins Beautifully placed bisected – to our fielders Not a very good delivery from was in Haider this and Imran Khan has taken himself off At the Paddington end and green Woodstock the leg spinner into the attack This time he’s gone a little bit higher and a bit wider Brings up the 50 partnership between these two. Yes, we could fill him a tenth over. It’s now the 23rd over 75 balls just taking them to bring up their 50 partnership and judge age is starting to Take over the senior role has moved along to 34. That was his first boundary The captain decides that he needs a bit of help It’s the one bounce into the side screen That says perfect the placement is refined and as was the case with Jadeja the footwork was quite magnificent It was muhammad’ out for dinner Straight down the ground could hardly have been much straighter Footwork taking him to the pitch of the ball same way. Jadeja was down driving on the on side the previous delivery Footwork is of tremendous importance That’s out, he’s caught behind trying to cut a very fine and very hard Mr. Hamid comes back the best way possible It takes a wicket at the Indian captain mohammad azharuddin That’s the first time I’ve seen Mushtaq Ahmed who really put any work on the ball out there he’s been rolling it out that one he gave a real tweet and If spun a little and jumped as well Top edge at pretty well held by the keeper wasn’t an easy catch because of the extra bounce and That is a vital wicket for Pakistan which tie karma takes it and it’s two for 86 Can’t be the new batsman for India Asia back on strike. This is in the air. There’s a field comeback, but he may not be far enough back. It’s over the top Into the fence from that’s the end of the over in nearer to 494 The last ball of whoosh tach armors over he decided to go over the top with two fields Minh back Was a Matt Graham was the fuels men had mid on he was quite away in Obviously felt the Finch was a lot closer than it really was Can be getting into the act now sure Calibri from Hyder That’s good ground to two runs decant be there Here’s the man Jadeja who’s been there for the 27.5 overs and he’s Largely responsible for the fact that they’ve got the run rate up to three point six two he and Ezra din It’s in the air to half-volley He’s claiming the catch Nobody’s really looked at the umpire. The umpires are conferring David Shepherd Just to the naked eye it looked to me as though it was a straight path Bali But the umpires have confirmed Quite confident with the ball carried Jarred Asia obviously had a different view of it than the Pakistan fielder’s Umpire Peter McConnell who was at square lake Good piece of fielding he’s got forward It could well have been a half-volley if he hadn’t been as agile in coming forward, but the hands under it he’s come up with the catch just So confident there was a catch he didn’t even bother to appeal India three to 101 Sachin tendulkar comes out to join be not cambly This is Aamir Sohail slow left arm Turn this one behind square they’ll look for too and they’re gonna come back for too You’re gonna make it comfortably and low in cardigan He’s not enjoying his day behind the stumps I think it’s safe to say he turns his head away from that one again as the ball comes in on the bounce Difficult one for one can take a stand made I think an obvious decision there To throw the ball low and bounce it to the keeper No war on that was a fine shot attempted Yorker possibly it brought off the meat of the bat It’s coming back for the third it sent back guys partner it up a no ball That was a fine shot it straight through the line butter on the ground its pebbly time So he was coming back for a third there and was probably going to make it Surprisingly Tendulkar was the man who didn’t want the third. He normally runs pretty quickly and well The philtrum was actually making the throw on the turn so it wasn’t a strong throw Warm overcast afternoon the Sydney Sohow pulled away is a beautiful poor session tender pazoozas a fraction short. He walked back onto the back foot That’s why he’s going to be a great fire. He certainly Stoney cuts on the offside the bar before again. That’s a pair of banning brothers young style Chimes alarm the ball by filming the first ball over midwicket this time. It’s wide of our company cuts, beautifully It’s a bit easier facing this left arm bowling than the stuff at the other end There 80 mile an hour difference in pace There’s a chance of running out chill if he hits gets back in Not behind the stumps. It was fair enough in that much time. That was very very close His cambly was charging good piece of work there bicycle to throw on the turn and They had him either way with a direct hit or a fem. Ron had hit them And ron just didn’t have time to get back to the stumps Took me as a man out there. He’s getting into it. Aha. There’s the job good bowling For selecting a shark, but that’s where goodbye though. They experiment kicking the ball out under pressure Very available with it for Pakistan Yes, the the captain has got a lot of faith in his leg spinner Will start coming back. Yeah, we’re into the fortieth over And that’s what happens with lead spinners If you’re in the right to you can get the team into the right position But a few outfielders out when they’re trying to score quickly It can be very difficult as kemberly has found out India for for 147 Sanjiang when breaker comes to the crease of the vital time. He played very well at the Gabba rice were games It’s important for the leg spinner to keep the ball up that’s how he got rid of the left hand handily keeping the ball up and Forcing him to if he wanted to score quickly to hit into the outfield And that’s where the leg spinner can be of real value The ball is turning a bit. It’s not quite so easy to place the ball where you want as Can be found out there or not going where he wanted It’s got him barley in first boom and racket clean behind mistake the fine piece of boring a great In real-time here at the Sydney Cricket Ground Yes, he showed a lot of courage in bringing the leg spinner back on The Pakistan hierarchy thought that the poor would spin here a little bit Just a little bit of turn there got the underneath edge back onto the stumps So two wickets in the one over from Worcester good bowling And Drakkar is out for a duck and in the fortieth over India of five for 148 Kapil Dev the man with the best strike rate in one day internationals over the long period of time of 94.4 comes to the crease Well hit and beautifully price that’s wise one of the old-time greats today, they hit him over cover Sephora By 160 It’s well-struck infected squirrel price to pick up tuned through midweek us a couple did once against going at a runner Bowl when it’s needed and she’ll be looking for the extra one here they are and That’s intelligent cricket by session ten degrees and the eighteen he saw the while it was a quick call So three off that final delivery Mark 168 as Greg Chappell and Tony Gregg take up the commentary Thank You burl. Yes the light song here at the city grave ground That’s it hi this could be ad will it be six it’s a big one over the top four six Kapil Dev opening his shoulders and smashing that one over the top of extra cover Lovely sweet hit that was Not the easiest shot to play over cover Too long boundary up there to the brew angle stand It’s gone five or six rows back and he’s put it down That’s in the air but wider the fields Minh Jax tea very well to stop that Down at long Driving away to his right? Hand oka getting in the act hider makes a valiant attempt here. He actually gets a hand to it Saved a certain for you couldn’t put that down There’s one that should have been taken. He just gets the hand to it before the ball hits the ground Finish up he’s in a bit of trouble out there. He’s Hurt himself as he came down. In fact, he may have even rolled across then slid across the ball having dropped the ball I think you might have done a hamstring it looked as if his left hamstring Mind you he’s trotting away It’s not up a little bit now I think he’s in a little bit of pain there I think it might be a good idea for him to just quite did I get some ice on that? Take it easy on the way off the ground What a great effort though to get his hand to that one in Bilger on 49 now And not strike No bull called and that sees 50 50 of 57 balls Little bet from the lunch Acquire such intend oka three pause Oh master six Pathway that 87.7 and very entertaining cricket The slow one and again it’s pulled away down towards the boundary and this time into the fence So they’ve really latching on to that one and I keep Java just a little frustrated there It’s very very tense in the center at the moment It’s the slower ball. It’s on the fool will give in to the white a left field In the air and out in rad making the catch of midwicket there And it just spooned up team red and there was no way the world he was going to drop that one A little dimmer than in injury from the Kapil Dev 35 rounds from 26 balls a Kid tries to slow a ball again this time just holding it back with the slower arm action Humor is fielding right on the white line of the circle. He’s delighted to take the catch another very good not from Kapil Dev India 6-4 208 Or rather new batsman I’ve been pretty effective for the Indians as well when it comes to situations like this Is there where keeper comes in and throws the bat from the word go? They would have lift in there run right towards the end of their innings the Indians What a good delivery how they’re gonna take a run they’ll have a go yet see well and he set the stance what a Magnificent bit of fielding thereby was he Matt Graham first of all the magnificent delivery More I had to get up Off the ground and run down the other end. He did his best, but that Graham hit the stumps and more. I was just sure Almost the perfect sense shoe crusher to start with More I did all he could do to get his feet out of the way jammed the bat on the ball Took the nosedive Tendulkar took off an Akron brilliant athlete that he is scooped on it aimed and leaned them up For a on his way for for India 7 for 213 As the Indian innings comes to a close for Barca is the new batsman So the clock ticks over to six o’clock Which means that they won’t get the extra ivory in this now becomes Aliya at one stage It looked as though they’d only make just fractionally over the 200 as it was This is the way they can’t finished at the end beginnings 216. So I reckon there’s a bonus there for Mohammed Oz word inside he played very well So to Jadeja and Tendulkar once again with he’s 54 not out in tremendous form and that partnership with Kapil Dev Could be the match winner 7 4 to 16 and the bowling figures to Pakistan Imran did a good job although he is hampered by that shoulder in three eight overs for 25 from him to 428 for r-cube, Jarvan and The leg spinner Mushtaq Ahmed came on and took the vital wickets two of them to finish with three for 59 So it’s quite a big task for Pakistan. They have a strong batting side, but the Indians have a very very good bowling team That’s out Leading Indian bowler has made the breakthrough again and the Indian supporters are delighted Just a little bit of swing there. We saw in the first over Fuck back to the pavilion or Just straightening up slightly said him on the role of the pad, but I’m fired David Shepherd. No doubt whatsoever Certainly no doubt for our ship. It’s mine You feel rather slowly There the lights are on the temple did the one getting the breakthrough on her back to India really need Just on their one freight and third over Here puzzle, right hand batsman 18 years of age. So few youngsters playing here tonight bilko India Let’s out met Tom, he’s got the line the length and everything rots. He’s been searching to the ball and he Lovely let’s hear their from menara baka the Indian fans are very happy about it too. And so they should be We found the line impeccable outswinger Sada dangling in straightened up went away Nice little nick Pakistani now she would say reeling so head out for two and the sixth over there two for 17 and The best batsmen in the world Javed me and Dad striding to the wicket with his side in trouble He’s added to His eight Each other mentor throwing off the years there to complete three runs When he first came into the game a very very quick man in the field between the wickets And taking advantage there as Feel to slip picking out the ball just making it in and Java gari nut will be the baller now from the paddington end the northern all paddington end That’s 234 That’s in reply to India’s good Good innings outside edge by sohail okay for for A great amount of luck attached to what the Indian bowlers have been doing so far though the balls gone past the outside edge several times and Instead of the two wickets that are down they could have been a couple more On this occasion a bit of adjustment there by Aamir Sohail He’s had to go past second slip now he’s had one go over the head of the man in fact that point and Beating the two men racing for Just runs you look down so so here now goes on to 22 This is what all bowlers hated course First to establish superior Joe the batsmen in previous overs there been two edges gone off sir. Howl’s bat Previous ball missed by a mile now. Eventually the ball goes just over the top of the fielder and goes away before It’s nice a glance that could go all the way the original weight glanced beautifully pied Astray under wig stuff requires. Don’t miss those ones their gifts fruit for the sideboard. It’s to 450 for Session 10 bill become Johnny Great shot a magnificent square cover drive On the front court, it was a fraction wide and he gave it the full power through a warrior shot If turned up it wouldn’t be very happy with that one pretty well so far that is a wide delivery and He literally flied that one through the upside field no chance at all of the field of cutting it off Beautiful work. Oh that was close Magnificent work by Karen Moore. I it’s great to see a wicked people standing up. He had those boughs off in a flash Yesin, Javed as we’ve said doesn’t mind having a little wonder keep an eye on ease back foot here. He lifts it now. He doesn’t Beautiful work, but Javed stow down all the time there. There was no question And then being given out they didn’t cross over did he stayed planted? It was beautiful good at work and good thinking boy young sessom tindoga the little inswinger going down the leg side. He swings in nicely For soccer and I have defense but it was on the ground so it’s for Is there’s no doubt that Kapil Dev has got a little bit of a problem with his leg and Greg Chappell picked it when he was batting and he Seems to me have switched to hamstring just a little bit and you’ll see as he moves along the boundary Yeah that he’s limping just a little bit And that for that reason? He had to try and put the boot in there picked it over the boundary The shafts there but the baller followed on cured more AE was one a wind-up But it could easily have been pad 10 dog a followed him up he didn’t go up straightaway And that’s why because quite clearly it came off shall Batman dad’s front pad 54 Suhail and he’s been a good contributor for Pakistan. It’s two for 88 Not a bit of a thumb And just enough to get us the boundary Really clubbed that one as a city might not play shots out of the textbook. So hell That he’s juicing a good innings here for Pakistan Beautifully placed there she’s He’s not what you’d call pretty player, but he’s very very effective His people passed the outside edge Jean know quite a few occasions at the start of the innings didn’t worry him in the slightest These two teams very evenly matched after 30 overs as they have been all the way through and Well taken that’s good catch Chris trick out there coming forward and taking a good catch at midwicket just a few centimeters above the turf That’s good freakin not easy to take those and he was on his way and he pushed forward for the catch even though It was a very well struck ball and a full toss That’s good stuff we’ve triggered And it provides the third we get at 105 Sally Mally yeah comes out to receive a few instructions from Javed Javad just changing gears with a pressure on the bowlers in the cellar Malik He’s quick enough Javed me and dad deciding it’s time for Solomon to get loose Charlie man that of course That’s that’s interesting. If the the wicket keeper there have been looking at the his own stumps And thinking about running out job and me and Dad even had a very good case to answer So the best way to trap is to get aggressive This is probably Malik’s best option, of course he is a natural free-flowing stroke maker and Anything like that plenty of width plenty of length Giving Malecha full chance to let the back go. It’s gone high over as a Rodina point a lot of empty space down there on the boundary clatters into the fence Attacks, he’s taken back here more a little bit of Rick there as well pravakar all steamed up about it. He’s delighted In the background will be very happy Indians recognized that that was an important wicket their supporters in the crowd are delighted Well as ever one free-flowing shot that goes to the boundary One for a free-flowing shot that is nicked the keeper and of course the title of careless will spring straight to mind there And then he scribes watching this game Sally Malik not a very good shot there And now Pakistan for 427 Plenty of experience there for Pakistan there Captain Javed me and dad. Once the Wrath of Khan is to slow off the mark And that really was the foolish piece of trick up. They didn’t need the looser wig at this stage Not quite sure who? The main one to blame Javed men dead one of the run human con wasn’t sure Scott started Imran Khan hasn’t batted. Yes until today in the competition Little bit unfamiliar with the rules of calling here confusion in run hesitated Hasn’t beaten the throw back here Very well taken by Raju Who takes the bales off and David Shepherd in perfect position there to give the decision the Imran Khan the Pakistan captain He’s walking back Accompanied by the duck and Pakistan a5 430 and in some trouble Was the back Ram is the new batsman? Weighted straight back at him and I think he’s dropped that It’s the ball very hard air cram another look at this Still get up well and chin height catch will not you be taken if Didn’t get a lot of hand on it. I think it hit just above the right wrist Fire fields went on the fence Cody’s got any air sacs done. Roger is struck I didn’t enjoy that having dropped him Wake up with the vials and was grammars out stunt This a good piece of bowling it’s the arm ball no.2 in there was a Matt Graham playing for it and Karen Moore a Having very little trouble taking the bars off. Well out of his ground and Kalavati Raju very excited about it was immaculate upset To a bowl and he’s got him off the inside edge Well, that’s it for Pakistan their star player now and he’s way back It looked as if he was trying to steer that one away on the arms on the upside got a little inside edge on dilute number the Stubbs So Javed me end aired out Yes a little in swinging Yorker from Serena he’s very happy about it and so he should be that was the last nail in the coffin for Pakistan He was the man they needed out Javed me and dad for forty over 110 balls Pakistan now 7 for 141 Is Mohan Khan? Was on strike at the moment just 20 years of age We’ve got that on the way beautifully brought off the beat of the bat I Once hit that very well and the line of off stump just the wrist bit of a follow-through and Defense for for one more of those brings pick us down right back into the game. We’ll have to be very careful gear Wise given that one heaps, but he’s going to be caught – what a good shot to get out there He’s hit it right off the meat of the bat. It’s gone flying away down towards the boundary at points and Men Drakkar has taken the catch So dev having been smashed away twice on the on slide he’s sprinkling Dee’s field over on that side and what did he do? He bowled a short one got cut away, but got a wicket Yes, very well struct stroke And Drakkar having no problems with a catch man can’t gone for 12 of 12 deliveries Pakistan, right 161 we’ll stick our made a new bets Minh There’s a chance for running out choi got to be gone he’s gone by yes, sir That’s all happening for india panic in the pakistan camp. Good take by Kapil Dev Good intelligence rate by the skipper We are looking good at the Sydney Cricket Ground It’s by the show This Was the bowling figures for India? They did a terrific job Kapil Dev to 4:30 and pravakar Once again, those two pillars up the top of the bowling order did great work for India 2 for 22 for vodka to the 3rd

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