Pakistan Ka Mauka – ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 – Crazy Lazy Guys

Dear Father, for sure we will defeat Australia in quarters & India in semi finals What are you thinking man You will win over Australia & then over India? We already lost 6 times in worldcup against India Listen my son Its better to loose it to Australia in quarter finals & going home than loosing it to India in semis & going back to our country Brother, you are a true Pakistani

16 thoughts on “Pakistan Ka Mauka – ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 – Crazy Lazy Guys

  1. If pak had a good cricket system, no one can stop us, we have so much corruption and terrorism , that the government doesnt give a shir about cricket

  2. u uneducated people cant make window  app  . oh   full of gawar in  dont know basic   its totally show   80 % brainless people  using  i phone and ipad with any  special feature    and rely on boring google service  , google is my peee    , sperm   

  3. Look at these bengolis
    They r nothing more than jokes
    They can,t win by themselves
    And they r talking about pakistan
    First do something by urself then criticise others

  4. Ab bolo bahnchodo😂😂 Mah Chod gaye tm Logo ki gand kholde aur chodwany ka mauqa dey deya naw😂😂😂😂 xD hahahahah

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