Pakistan Vs West Indies live cricket match 2 world cup pak time 12:30

Now of hitting a 22 now, how do you hit a 22 Yeah, it was too much to ask for it was too much to ask for in 1992 It was the rain roll this time. It was just I Guess a standing order. That went wrong 95 for one. It was a good effort from the MCC but not when you’re chasing 113 Pakistan as you could hear the stadium announcer will go through TV couple MCC in all likelihood going through the plane, but where you’ll be ranked is Still to be determined Terrence Stevens played really well Jordan o’clock didn’t play badly, but the fact is Rickey Clark one delivery That was disappointing from the MCC The two standout Polar’s still haven’t racked up a victory here in the 2017 Hong Kong sixes Pakistan a hundred and twelve four to the third highest scorer in the tournament Good effort from the MCC but not good enough in the end 70 That’s the effort from Darrin Stephens and company he played well good over from something to start with But all the efforts all the big hits from the men in yellow was just not enough they fell 17 run short Yeah, plenty of power and display a little bit too Yep, Sohail Khan. He hasn’t taken the cap off. I think he sleeps with that cap on ever since he’s come to Hong Kong We’ve got Cathy standing by with her post match interview

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