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palmistry reading of sachin tendulkar rich famous try to show positive as well as negative aspects of the hands good aspect on his palm is that he has a excellent mount of venus. its well padded and bulging prominent mount of venus good venus gives high amount of energy levels vitality stamina good health energy levels vitality stamina good health grace a person who is warm and can easily attract anyone towards them. good positive mount of venus great amount of desires love money love all beautiful things if hands is extremely soft then the person is into sensual pleasures if hand is hard as it appears here it represents hard work. Hard work always gives success as everyone knows about it. he is hardworking nature. he is able to utilize energies positively apart from mount of venus he also he has a good mount of mars. by good we mean no line over it this is inner mars. there are few lines over it. fewer lines over inner mars means targeted aggression there is combination of mars and venus fire and energy, fire and fuel good sign to have the energy aggression is targeted towards a positive goal and therefor e gives results he will not waste his fuel that is venus and file that is mars. generally many people get angry over wrong cause or they tend to waste there energy in unproductive areas of life. no wrong directions energy best possible way. optimum utilization life line is prominent deep clear a person full of energy line should be singular clear line deep line any line that is distinct and clear gives best results no branches on his life line a good indications no branches on life line … good sign to have good high energy levels the head line is not too long. so dont be too happy if you have a super long head line both life and head are joint at the start for a long part / duration this indicates that person is cautious shy hardworking and contemplating

6 thoughts on “Palmistry Money Lines Sachin Tendulkar Money Line Fame Line Business |धन योग करोड़पति #palmreading

  1. That was nice and informative and honest reading. People can manipulate when they know a person but your reading supported what is in the books and also you told about his shortcoming, i.e. communication etc., thanks

  2. Very good palm reading But the interpretation is read only by knowing the person is not advisable It should have been by unknown person not knowing him

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