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Welcome in another episode of ParaAnalysis. It’s been a while It’s Jarek, and.. Jarek. Hey. In today’s episode we will analyse a film quite old already, but we can see a lot so maybe Jarek, fire up. So I’ll play the film We can see the take off. It’s somewhere in New Zealand From what I found out It was a Pilot from Czech Republic Who flies on recreational glider. It’s a EN-B I think its Anakis or Atis I’m sorry but I don’t know what exactly model is that maybe someone can identify it better than me But for sure it’s a glider of some sort of recreational class and after the take off not much happens there’s more gliders flying around him we can’t really tell much about the conditions is it strong or not definitely here is some thermic air here the pilot is doing some 360s I will fast forward a bit, cause the film is a bit long and at some point the pilot at some point the pilot hits the thermic …hits the thermic and in this thermic he gets a deformation, a tuck after that there’s many interesting things going on and getting worse Yes, as Jarek said – it’s getting worse Unfortunately, He didn’t throw the reserve exactly The whole thing took a short moment he didn’t have much altitude and from what we watched this movie before his attempts to take any decision to fight or to throw the reserve there was none of that But maybe you Jarek can tell us some more bout it after this crash we have some shoots where someone did part of the job for us and slowed down the pace of the film already worth to say that pilot survived nothing happened to thim I don’t know if he had any injuries we don’t have that information, but he lived so it’s not a fatal case I wouldn’t want to comment on one of those we know there was a tuck during thermaling now we have a slowmo, and as you can see here the leading edge starts to tuck inn and it’s a instant tuck the whole glider disappears from what I can see I know we can’t see it but judging by how fast it disappears from the frame here I think its a frontal with a large surface and so you need to know that in that case theres much more leading edge drag and drastic decrease in forward speed of the wing the glider because of the drag falls behind the pilot’s back and the pilot shoots forward because he flies with some speed that he had before and because the glider gets behind the pilot you need to know that newer in such case you should brake the glider because you might stall it it’s very important I’ll play it further This moment when the glider disappeared behind his back takes a short moment and you can see that after a while it shoots forward and in such situation and its slightly asymmetrical at least it looks that way from the position of the glider from what I can see he should brake the glider proportionally to the force with which the wing is going to overshoot him If he would do that, and wouldn’t over react he would carry on flying, and it would all finish with happy end but that’s not what happens, because here we can see by the shape of trailing edge we can tell his pulling in the brakes he over reacts, he has a symptom of heavy hands and he has a light twist in risers nearly 180 degree not exactly 180 degree but the glider didn’t entirely regain forward speed so the airflow separates from the wing ion the entire surface and stall again there’s no forward speed the brakes are on all the time the pilot that’s another mistake he has his legs straight at all the time You need to know that in case of deformation your reaction should be- bend your legs and tuck them underneath cross them as soon as you can under the seat Why? Because you make your momentum slower which affects the tendency to twist and his in twist again, but this time in the other way nearly 180 degree and again he’s braking the wing, he wont let it fly forward and there’s a moment where he let the brakes off we can see his arms up here and here and that’s the point where the glider want’s to fly again and if you would hold that for a bit longer the glider would regain the speed It was his second chance to save himself from this situation now the glider shoots forward because the brakes are off he brakes a bit on the left but it doesn’t matter because the speed of reinflation is so fast that the overshooting will occur anyway and here again it was enough to gently brake to stop the glider and let it fly forward but again that’s not what happened the pilot has still his legs in the leg strap and he’s braking the glider he acts as he’s trying to hold on to something in the air exactly I would like to add the a big mistake here is wrong way of holding controls the pilot has quite thick gloves we can see how he put the controls on right at the beginning when he was taking off we could see how he was putting them on he just put his hand inside and grabbed the line and we often say we should have our way to hold the controls once I saw a very cool film by Grzegorz Olejnik where he explained how to hold your controls right and here’s a big mistake we can see after his legs are going up, he automatically ends up head down so he tries to save himself he wants to hold on to something that is not there he’s keep on moving the controls because he want’s to hold on to them maybe I elaborated a bit to much you meant that if we put our hands trough the handles and we have a thick glove each move of your wrist generate a movement on the steering yes. It’s important and when the wing is not in a deep stall but in parachutal every micro movement and the controls has a affect on the wing listen, when he’s dropping down so automatically he is trying to hold on to something its a impuls it’s difficult to say but we can clearly see he fights for his position in the harness more that for the wing Jarek please continue I see it in a strange way No problem, Listen its important further the hand trough the handle loop the more difficult it can be to get it out in critical situation to use the reserve every split second is important we need to remember about that too I’ll go back a little here we had a moment where the wing is still inflated it would be enough to lift the arms up and the wing would regain speed and it would fly forward, but again that’s not what happened here’s the situation that Jarek mentioned Look Look Look, now, stop a second ago we could see his controls his arm on the right hand side, O o o there it was his arm on the right side – we can see his position in the harness he’s leaning right he just leaned on the control his hand is closed he leaned on this control, his legs went up and left Look, can you see his legs are up, and look how tense is this right side and look on the wing on the right side it’s in total stall on the right side basically he was fighting for position all the time in his harness when he started to get thrown around, he was just trying to regain the position in the harness and here we can clearly see how he leaning on this right control that’s why his legs went left and up that’s my opinion this oscillation of the glider, and this fight of pilot for his position results from his legs are still straight in the leg strap and his momentu is really much larger he’s being thrown about and each time he’s being thrown to one side he leans on the arms here it’s totally dangerous situation now it’s a moment where the wing regains again its I meant it reflates we can see the right side is not being brake there’s a little cravat but it’s not very dangerous situation, in my opinion it will probably quickly reinflate it would be enough to brig his arms up and he would fly forward so the situations where he could have saved himself, was at least three yes there were a few However the major error that I can see here is that the pilot didn’t even think to use the reserve the golden rule is if we don’t have much experience and we don’t know how to handle all that chaos well we louse the battle with the wing we need to asses the altitude we grab the handle and throw the reserve there’s no shame in throwing a reserve if we use it we will live I’m not going to be commenting on that those are the same mistakes and we can’t see much he has larger twist and this is really under a gun situation the pilot is in deep fall he has one time twist in the risers and fall luckily nothing happened I suspect nothing happened because he has fallen on a slope that is pretty steep it that would be a flat land it would be much worst you should pay attantion to keep the controls in a way that allows you release at sny time and use the reserve keeping your legs on the feet strap while having a collapse it’s a high way to hell during a collapse they should be crossed under the seat next rule is in case of big collapse big frontal you experience drastic drop in forward speed the glider stops flying You mustn’t brake at this moment. You should wait for the situation to develop and for the wing shooting forward Overreaction is a mistake and it generates cascades cascades don’t have to occur if we react accordingly but not all at once. It’s obvious that you need to fly a lot and practice a lot and that’s why it’s worth to attend SIV course because there you can learn a lot I think that’s all from us in this episode We would like to wish very Mery Christmas and Happy New Year and of course as many landings as take offs safe ones see you in the next episode on ParaAnalysis Thank you very much I would like to invite you to Jarek’s channel Jarek has his channel link will be in description lots of interesting and helpful stuff there so Goodbye, thank you remember to subscribe like, if you would like to talk to us on the subject of the film drop as a line in cements Thank you, and have a nice day Hey!

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