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Welcome to another episode of ParaAnalysis Jarek is here with me. Hello We will try to record more often from now on We had a little break So here we go Jarek, let’s get on with it OK so I’ll play I’ll play the film we have prepared We always have played the film from the beginning So everyone can see in normal pace how did it look It’s probably well known and seen movie probably by a lot of people on YouTube you could also see it on various social media So we have a pilot, quite high up It’s cool that we can se his altitude, his speed, G force So quite a few informations. He’s flying on Queen Queen by Triple Seven 777 – I think that’s what it’s called Yes, Yes Queen, It’s a EN C wing, I think. with aspect ratio slightly over 6 The Pilot is trying to get out from this cloud. He’s pulling big ears However he’s not able to keep them in the glider re-inflates and he continue to fly and he will try again in a moment yes and puf and we have a problem This film is interesting because there’s a lot going on, and we can observe a lot Pilot is relatively high, hence long film Exactly We have chosen this film because He has a la lot of height and there’s a lot going on And it’s also cool that the pilot shared all the data from his device, on the right side Which can help in analysing this material. Exactly. I think this data comes from a camera It was downloaded and added later to match with what’s going on here I actually really like those things because I used it myself in some movies especially the G force meter So it’s very helpful information while watching He’s taking long time falling down in this rotation When that fill finish we will go trough it step by step So now comes the resolution of this situation Partial because here comes a spiral dive to the other side yes And It all ends at 2400m with happy end and he can continue his XC OK So that would be it, in a normal pace I’ll try to chop it up and comment a bit I like his height I assume, I only assume because I don’t know if that’s what really happened Me experience tells me that is the case I have to admit I didn’t notice that either but later another Polish pilot told me The A risers are being shortened here which means the pilot is using the speed bar and really when we look into first seconds of this movie we can see A risers being higher And at some point they are going down. Now they went down The height of A raisers is not the same, so I assume that the pilot is on the bar and his pushing forward, following his friend At some point he decides to pull in big ears That will come in a minute, and I’ll pause it We can see the lowering of A riser here Most probably it’s taking place The perspective might affect it If he’s on the bar, it’s not all the way for sure, because it would be much more visible ok I’ll speed it up here Ok, Listen… yes There’s a rule which should never be broken and you should know it from your paragliding course either from beginners training or more advanced If we want to pull big ears with speed bar First we pull the ears in and then we use the bar You should know from your basic training that using a speed bar changes angle of attack and big ears are used to to fold large part of the glider and increase front drag which will result in large descending speed and first you pull the big ears in and then you push on the speed bar never the other way around We pull the big ears in, large part of the wing is folded front drag increases and descending speed increases then we push on speed bar to, accelerate the glider and to get out from the high lift area, asap. This combination, this manoeuvre is ideal for leaving a zone of fast lift and in my opinion that’s the only manoeuvre you should be using I think in this film, the pilot is doing it the other way around which on the wings of higher category is, I think, unacceptable Always the big ears first and then the speed bar So now is the moment where the wind will re-open I’ll speed it up As I said before I think he is using the speed bar and he’s trying to pull big ears and we have a situation where by coincidence He induces right side collapse and I think he uses the speed bar to some extent. I dont know how many percent But I think its on because the wing reopens very dynamic, and shoots forward taking vertical position it shoots forward asymmetrically which is very difficult to handle It would be very hard to brake it at the right moment not to cause stall or not to cause all sorts of different problems but the wings shoots forward very hard and we have a huge frontal collapse Luckily the pilot didn’t fall inside the wing and now we have a situation where the wing takes butterfly shape center is at the back ears at the front they have less resistance in this situation if the pilot pulls the controls down and lift them back up he would reinflate the wing above his head and those ears wouldn’t meet at the front, here and this art of the wing, wouldn’t get tangled in the lines when we have such a situation, after big frontal we gat a butterfly, and we can see it we have to react and not to let the ears meet at the front By pumping up on the controls we can save it but we need to see it, and we need to know what to do So one should practice situations like this one, during SIV Now we have a moment, where everything is packed up very nicely But the pilot is still not twisted in the risers so with this altitude – 3400m he could reset it with full stall we reset when we are not twisted in risers because it’s gonna be easier to deal with but the pilot does nothing like that and there’s a big cravat on the right hand side We get 180 degrees twist and the rotation commences the pilot figured out he has a twist and I assume, he’s trying to weight shift because very quickly he untwists himself but the inertia is so big that he does another 180 degree twist the other way and yet again he reacts to that as he should he wants to untwist and deal with the cravat because he has enough of height so I think his reactions were correct Now we have super situation. The pilot is already untwisted and we can see how big is this cravat regardless of the class of the wing, with such a big cravat there’s no chance of holding straight flight path When you see a situation like this if we dont have much height, we should immediately throw a reserve but if we have a altitude similar to his 3300m we have a lot of time to deal with all that from what I have seen in comments below this film on YT He was focused here on freeing this cravat by pulling on stabilo but you won’t be bale to pull out a cravat of this size by just jerking on stabilo line it’s too big He really concentrated on it for long time He stayed in this position for a large amount of seconds notice how fast the horizon is moving It’s because we are dealing here with shortening of radius of the turn so the turn axis is moving closer towards the pilot and we have a half wing cravat. It looks more like SAT’o rotation otherwise the horizon wouldn’t be spinning so fast Small G force is a confirmation of the fact that he is in SAT’o rotation If he would be in spiral dive, the G force would be much higher So he does nothing with the other side of the wing He should have stop the rotation by pulling on the open side of the wing he should have pull down on the control stop the rotation its always a lottery because we never know how this ear got tangled, with how many lines How long will it take to get it out and get the wing to reopen In his case we can see that at some point he stops fiddling with the stabilo line and the collapsed side and he pulls down on the left brake He brakes the wing and everything comes out Here it won’t get untangled by itself because the wing is in SAT’o rotation to the right The cravat is on the right hand side Exactly, he’s pulling it even more this cravat I think he was to focused on the cravat itself rather then to get out from the rotation Exactly right It’s difficult to judge just by looking at this film experiences of this person. Exactly. Mental experiences. Some pilots were saying, in comments that he should change the wing for something more calm If that was the case – as we were saying – if he stood on the bar and then he pulled the ears Those are rather major failures, that one shouldn’t have made. However in such an avent everyone will react differently, and so you know the more you experience such attractions or the more SIV courses you have been trough the better you know how to deal with it Maybe he has never done SIV or maybe he’s done just one But you know in such situations, you forget, and the instinct kicks in. In these moments theres no time for ticking a check list A: do this B:do that It’s just action and reaction. Ah damn I went too far. I’ll rewind Can you see. Notice he’s stopped yyyy he lost what, almost 800m but he stopped attempts to sort out the cravat He just pulled on the left brake, and that was enough to stop all the rotation, and pull the wing and to reinflation of the canopy But for some reason that’s not enough and after this stall he is being left with a tiny cravat on the left side But this cravat is so small that it’s possible to fly straight with it And here, I have no idea why the pilot stays in a spiral dive in opposite direction, so in this case – left maybe I don’t know. Maybe the he’s os high on adrenaline that he lost his orientation, and he has no clue what’s going on To me it’s clear that this situation is more than he can handle And probably that’s why some pilots came to conclusion that in the comments “the pilot sucks ” “He has no idea what he’s doing ” “He shouldn’t be flying on such hot wing” etc. Maybe yes Maybe not. It’s not for me to judge We are not judging competences of pilots here. I’ll rather focus on what I see here And I’m trying to say, what should have been done to get out of it Can you rewind just a bit, to the point where he was going into the other side I’m talking about the moment when the wing went in front of him… Oh exactly here I think he didn’t event brake the wing here can you play it please That’s the moment where he should have pull on the brakes, I think. Hold on. I’ll rewind it again, so I can see it all better Here the wing goes into stall and I think that he this side has some brakes on, don’t you think Yes, but the right side Look at the center… I’m pointing with my finger…;) He did pull on the brakes a bit, but more like, he pumped it as if he wanted to reset it like they teach you on SIV but he did like a short one not all the way He should have, when the spiral dive gains speed and it is a spiral dive he should have brake on the outside in this case – right side then let go off the brakes to slow down the rotation, get back under the wing and just fly straight But again, he doesn’t do that and he is in spiral dive, which we can see because the G force is going up to almost 3G, here it’s more than that So he’s in situation where increasing the G force rises a risk of losing consciousness Ahh nearly 4G yes yes but we can’t see that here maybe he pulled the brake for a moment the right one, and he came back we can tel something is going on with the brakes, because the trailing edge is moving around So no, such small cravat, because this is a tiny one you can even thermal with a thing like that you get rid of it by by just pumping up quickly on the brakes if that doesn’t help we take the outer line most often it’s one of the lines, on a B riser, going to the tip of the wing On wings of lower category, it’s often marked by different colour So it’s easier to locate It’s enough to just pull down on it, and the cravat will come out Yes and so that’s the whole movie Most important that the pilot is fine, unharmed. The altitude ha had was a big bonus. because he was taking a lot of time with concentrating on the left side rather then on the cravat If that would happen to him 200-300m above the ground he wouldn’t have time to play around Maybe he would have react differently. Maybe he would have ignore the cravat. But you know, a pilot when he gets a cravat like that he takes it, as a reason, for what is going on with him and he’s not focused on trying to stop the rotation In my opinion. Yes. if we get a cravat like that, and we are low, we just throw the reserve. And that’s what we should also remember from that film. but if we have 3500m, we can try to do something about it He was probably analysing and considering what to do with all that but I think, he didn’t have enough experience to take a decision and recognising that he should have immediately pull on the left side of the wing which he has done later so he was risking much more, I think more then necessary exactly He could have lessen the risk by focusing just on the left side Easier said then done But it’s different when it happens to us and more so, even if you have the height, but you never done a stall We should take it all into consideration, watching and analysing this film We encourage you to take part in SIV courses I have done my first one last year And I have to say it works. So you see, you’re happy with it. Yes really You know, last year… we spoke about it, I took part in in not really cool event and that really blocked me for flying I had weird thoughts in my head and after the SIV, I felt much more confident, I can handle the wing to some extent. You know it was the very first SIV to be fair it should be done every year in my opinion SIV is a great experience that I can recommend to every pilot. Ok so that would be all on my part, and see you soon. Thank you very muc, to all of you If we find a spare moment you will see us again Thank you all. Have a nice day or evening. Ciao

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