45 thoughts on “Paraglider Control: Finding Your Stall Point

  1. Thanks for all your videos Greg, you are making our dear sport safer for many people, myself included.

    Please keep them coming my friend,


  2. Hi, Can you do a video on launch site assessment? What type of sites to be avoided. To avoid taking off at wrong time or wrong place. It will be greatly appreciated. Thanks. 🙂

  3. I have never had much love for parragliders as thought they were a doddle to fly. But,, watching your video was good, looks like I have been wrong thanks for showing.. but mind you I will stick with the HG as thay are a doddle to fly, for me anyway. I have been flying then for a long time now. Cheers mate will watch more of this stuff from now on. Cheer,Pete

  4. Well done Greg….great concept whereby us mere mortals can fully appreciate what all the theory is about by seeing it in put into practical use.

  5. Hi could you please help me? I want to buy a wing which is good for paramotor gliding and paragliding, is it possible? I mean you could attach a motor to your self couldnt you!?
    Because here where we live there are nohills at all 🙁 and the country is so small and …
    The only thing which we have going for us is Wind near the shoores, but motor is something else isnt it?


  6. I have firebird first (DHV 1). And it is very hard wing to stall any advice. I have tried to make wraps but you can't release them quickly. Another exurcise baybe?

  7. Hi, Greg!
    I've made russian version of your video with russian titles: http://youtu.be/N5XqODgFSDQ

    if you dont mind

  8. Another excellent video from an awesome channel. Thanks again guys, will go to my local hill and try this as soon as I can 🙂

  9. This would be useful if you showed how you were using the control's not just a video of you doing it. As one cannot see the wing when flying.

  10. So Question how is the bread applied??? what do you pull or push?? how do you turn a lot of question and by the way finding a 20km steady wind where do WE find that and a shallow slope..

  11. Where is this place? what is the name of city? I have been in seven sister park, is possible to fly in this park?

  12. Hey Greg, firstly, thank you for your videos and Flybubble website. You have really helped me become a better pilot. I live in Joburg, and my questions is: Where did you spend most of your time practising ground handling in South Africa? If I could find a place that had a consistent draft, where I wasn't getting in the way of other pilots trying to take off, I would spend a lot more time there practising. Thanks!

  13. EXCELLENT way to really get to KNOW your wing. As a precursor to this I would also add to be in a reverse position on the ground and pulling brakes to the stall point while you are both one the ground AND LOOKING at your wing. In fact move the wing between the stall point and the COLLAPSE point carefully noting the angles and behavior of the wing and watch everything and establish YOUR control and THEN doing everything suggested in this video.This way you get to SEE how the wing THAT YOU ARE UNDER actually responds to both a COLLAPSE and a STALL and you will know what the wing will do immediately AFTER a collapse AND AFTER a STALL. WHAT A GREAT VIDEO. I LOVE most of all your high wind videos on launch CHECK THEM OUT.

  14. Next time dont leave out the wind speed / air pocket advice. If there are pockets of air it can make your wing stall. If above ground flying, full frontal can take alot of altitude to recover. flying heavy on the breaks can lead to disaster. so always perform right above the ground at first. thanks for reading.

  15. Hi Greg, greetings from Aus 👍🏻
    I’d love to a video of all of the ‘mistakes’ made from doing all manoeuvres incorrectly!…
    As a novice I take all of your years of experience very concisely and as a crucial part of my ground learning as I take my early stages of learning very serious at the moment and am watching countless hours of your tutorials and other videos to help take my early stages of flying into a safe and well armed place in the sky!
    Thank you once again Greg for imparting your knowledge, I want you to know how much your videos have taught me and still do 🙏🏼

  16. This is what I was looking for. If I knew this technique life would of be a lot better 🙂 Excellent. Thank you Greg for great online contents!

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