Paraglider Control: Grab that brake!

feels like something happening here
light lift there, very very light I’m messing around with the classic half wrap …
and I’ve gotta admit it’s very good. good feeling of course if you need to get
your hand out you can slip out very easily. I’d only use it while I’m thermaling
and then when I’m on glide I’d go back to this tourist position. but it’s very usable,
thanks Kelly, good tip. like that. It feels nice, you get a good contact with the
glider and you can you can feel the line here with the meat of the brake
handle taking the pressure off the line so it’s not cutting into your fingers. very
nice. you’ve got to be careful that you go right up to the top when you’re on
glide if you’re going to keep the warp in because up the top there my glider is engaging on the brakes very very early so then I put my hands
right up to get off the brakes it’s better to glide just like that there you can see the brake take It’s very nice up here, very scenic. I think I
better go and land, my family is waiting for me. don’t want to lose all my brownie points.
so yeah consider this half wrap as a way of holding your brakes I think it’s
very nice it gives you very good contact with the glider, just make sure that your
brakes aren’t set too short, so you’ve got enough freedom to do that. it doesn’t have the disadvantage of trying
to thermal with your hands so low and it doesn’t have the disadvantage of when
you put your hand through, some pilots find it difficult to get their hand out
from this position. now having said that there very few times that I’ll actually
want to get my hand out of the brake because if I’m going to throw my reserve
I would want to put my hands together and grab hold of both brakes to make
this hand free because I’ll be using my brakes to control the pitch on the
glider. so normally if you’re trying to do your reserve deployment if I’m flying
with my hands through the brakes like that when I go for the reserve I want to put
my hands together and grab the reserve handle so I can still control the
pitch. so if you put your hands together, when you put your hands … you roll your
hands in like that you can always take your hand out of the brake and equally
from this position I’ve never found a problem to you get my hand out of the
brake. but some pilots are concerned about that, so if you are concerned that
this locks you to your glider, consider this half wrap it’s a very nice
technique and you can of course slip out very easily.
you’ll see me vary my brake grip through all my productions it depends what I’m
doing. I find this very easy because I’m working with the camera and having the
fiddle of gear and it keeps me in contact with the wing. I also use this
when ground handling so my hands are free for using the risers and I’m not
going to lose the brakes. during flying I’m like this or like this.
sometimes find that more convenient but I think I’m going to be switching over
to the classic half wrap for thermaling and general flying and just going on glide
like that on the back risers So I hope that gives you some food for
thought about different ways to control your glider in the air and stay in
contact. I hope it helps make your flying safer and more enjoyable. as always
thanks to our patrons, we appreciate your support. Pop over to, get
some goodies and I’ll see you in the next video. Thanks for watching! I like to get my legs down early landing … boep boep

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