29 thoughts on “Paraglider Control: How To Improve Your Active Flying

  1. Great video! Thanks!
    I'm curious: How do you get your audio so clean? That's not a Gopro's mic right?
    Do you have a lavalier mic inside you're helmet?
    Thanks again for the instrucional video!

  2. Very nice video thanks! Having flown coastal for some time I am now looking into inland/thermal flying – you got another subscriber 🙂

  3. I really love this camera angle for your instruction. I have had people try to explain when to counteract pitch with the brakes and rolling with lean, and it was never as intuitive as this because the camera was mounted to the helmet. But this is much easier to see. Thank you!

  4. As always Greg, beautifully explained in a way that's simple to digest… These video's are so well produced. Thanks to all the flybubble team.

  5. Very educative videos, thanks for posting. When it comes to roll control, would make any difference if the rising riser side of the glider is controlled by a little brake input instead of leaning?

  6. Question, I don't think has been asked yet. Some thermals throw my wing back and also kill my airspeed. With this, if I check it when it first comes overhead, the wing struggles with internal pressure. Its thus better to wait for until after the first dive (regain airspeed) before checking it?

  7. Awesome instructionals, really appreciate all the useful info on all your videos Greg! Any chance you would consider making a video on the right way to pull on the rear risers while on bar? Thanks!

  8. The piano in the background makes it seem like a tribute video after passing away lmao. Great instructional video nevertheless.

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