32 thoughts on “Paraglider Control: How to launch in a crosswind

  1. Many thanks Greg – still new to the sport and found these videos to be a great source of information. Hope you had a good trip to SA?

  2. @passem91: Tu veux la traduction complète ?
    En gros le message est : l'erreur commune est de vouloir descendre la pente avec le vent de travers.
    La solution est de privilégier l'alignement avec le vent.
    Donc tu étale ton chiffon, puis tu fais un pas (tu te déplace) dans le sens du vent, puis tu lève.
    Voilà, pas plus compliqué que ca.

  3. Great set of videos Greg, thanks for taking the time to put them together. But small point, you're not wearing gloves?  Line burns hurt like hell and it's not usually for low airtimers to lose control and end up grabbing a handful of lines. I'd recommend always helmet and gloves while practising ground handling!

  4. The hill I practice on has crosswinds all the time and has given me a lot of problems will be trying this from now on. great video's thanks for posting.

  5. isn't there a far greater possibility of dangerous turbulence in this scenario (caused by changes in the ground elevation in the direction the wind is coming from)? I know you allude to it being unsafe, just want to make sure I understand why.

  6. Thank you once again for your wonderful insight, another simple tip I have learnt from you during my early stages on flying ☺️

  7. That was great, fabulous tutorial, very easy to follow, can't wait to try this out. Thanks again to all in the Flybubble team.

  8. Seems to me the launch is still into the wind (the crosswind is relative to hill, not the launch). My instructor is telling me to run down hill rather than into the wind which just seems dangerous to me??

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