Paraglider Control: Strong Wind Launch Tips (Promo)

Morning guys! so today I’m gonna talk
about strong wind launch control just gonna keep the camera rolling and
I’ll talk through getting the wing out, keeping yourself safe,
I’ll show you various tips and tricks that I’ve picked up over the years of
flying, just to keep things safe on the launch site. I’m expecting the wind
to pick up, that’s the first thing: I’m aware of it on the forecast I’m
gonna be flying in strong wind I know it’s predicted to be strong. It isn’t
strong yet which already tells me I can expect there to be quite turbulent air
as the wind increases. if you imagine you’ve got some stagnant air sitting
here. overnight it’s cooled down and you’ve got a layer of cool air it’s like a
slug and now you’re gonna get strong wind pushing against that it’s either
gonna run over the top which will give you a shear layer so as you go up you’re
gonna expect turbulence or it’s going to come pushing through and trying
bulldozer this air away in which case you’re going to have patches as the air
advances in certain places you’re gonna get gusts and you can expect turbulence.
so I can expect it to be a bit rough. I’m up for it, I’m ready for it and one of
the reasons why I’m comfortable to fly in this sort of stuff — have a look at the
site. it’s probably the safest site that we’ve got in the UK I think. This is Bo-peep. The only hazard you’ve got is one of these barbed wire fences at the back.
this is the big hazard on a windy launch the wind’s coming from that side and
it’s blowing you against this fence. the top strand can really shred you. so look
out for things downwind of you in strong wind. if I was approaching this fence and
my glider was dragging me I would either try and pull in on the back risers or
try and take the brakeline: wrap like that. Wrap wrap wrap
and just keep wrapping until you’ve got the glider in control or if the glider is
up above your head or somewhere near the top you aim to try and get your boot up
high if you can or your boot against something solid, against that and try and
jump so you are stepping up and jumping over.
that’s risky I would rather kill the glider beforehand and if you see
somebody going towards a fence try and grab their wingtip. not the lines, not the
harness, the wingtip on the glider, try and get the pilot to put the
glider over onto one side. if you grab the wingtip you should be able to kill it.
You can land two miles that way on grassy fields and you’ve got
a very gentle slope so you’re not gonna get rotor from the top of the hill so I
mean there’s really hardly any hazards here apart from other paragliders. okay
so I’m gonna just get myself ready and I’m gonna keep the camera rolling and
talk you through some of the aspects. you’ll see I have set up right near the
fence. when the wind is strong when I’m expecting strong wind I usually position
myself close to the obstacles the reason being is as you pull the wing up you’re
gonna get yanked back in the wind, uphill, away from the obstacles, so you’re
actually creating yourself some space by being right up against the obstacle
you’re gonna get pulled that way which means you’ve got room and you’re not using up
space at the back of the launch before an obstacle downwind of you. so that’s
why I’m right up here against the fence. It’s also just to give the other guys a bit
of space while they’re launching but don’t be worried about being close to
things when it’s windy if you’re on the downwind side of them not on the upwind
side. Helmet on, that is the first thing and this is my habit before I get into the harness and stuff, I get the lid on!
I’ve got this GoPro on which I hate I don’t like having a helmet mounted GoPro
I recommend handheld or body mounted riser mounted or pole mounted or 360
camera or anything else. you can check out my Filming In Flight video
for more about that. The reason I’ve got it on is I want to show you my hands
while I’m doing ground handling so it’s just for you guys, I’ll take it off
afterwards. okay assuming that it’s windy I always get my gear ready across the
wind, you see that in some of my videos. Put the glider down here, get your lines out that way and I’ll open just a little bit of the wing, so I pop it like that then pull this side down slope up a little bit and give it a bit of an angle. Do a normal pre-flight: I check my speed bar is running
smoothly, the leg straps, the chest strap, carabiners locked, maillons
connected, brakes running free, helmet strap, helmet is on. I get my back
risers. There are many techniques for launching in strong wind. we’ve got a lot
of videos, you can check them out. depending on what you’re trying to do
you can do a cobra launch from this position with the wing already in a
nice position for that. you can do A’s and C’s if you want to, you can just use
the back risers, you can launch it from one side, which is usually what I do. so let’s just get a launch going here. this is
normally what I would do — pull it up from the side, let the wing
swing out, bring it up and off we go! okay we are clearly gonna have to wait for
some more wind to do strong wind launch control. we’ll take a break there and we’ll
pick up the lesson once the wind gets stronger

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  1. For the extended version (over 20 minutes long, with valuable launch and landing tips), join us as a Wingnut on

  2. 2:01 Helmet Hair 3.0! Spit my water out* Bahahaah! Great way to start my morning. Cleaning up water from my keyboard. LOL!

  3. I wish I had easy access to a site like that. Strong wind launch gets even trickier when you barely have space to get the lines straight :p

  4. what a beautiful launch site, I'm googling it right now, bo peep, ??. nice video as always, I see you got some new editing tech, didn't learn a lot form the video, I guess the winds were not gusty enough, but I'm an avid supporter yourself and fly bubble. Please make a video about gusts, im desperate for your knowledge on gusts and how to deal with them

  5. After 8 minutes of video I learn that I have to pay if I want the actual strong wind tips? Usually I'm very happy with this channel but this time I feel tricked and betrayed :'( really disappointed

  6. We often launch in 15mph conditions. In those, we never take the glider out of the rosette until we are fully ready to control it- As and Cs in hands, ready to kill it. We then tease it up out of the rosette, never letting the leading edge get more than 3 feet up. After the wall is built and the line look good, up she goes , plenty of force on the Cs and run toward it. Dont let go of the Cs until its stable overhead, and sometimes until its lifted one into the air. Pluckage is often the situation.

  7. Here's a challenge for you Greg. Try & launch/kill a Gin Sprint 3 in 18 mph winds. I did challenge

    Andre Bandarra but he couldn't get hold of one to try.

  8. Doesn't this site have a horse figure carved in the grass on the slopes, or is that a different site? (Seen in this video
    If these are public sites, then I would love to visit. I was trying to locate that site on the map but still no luck. I was planning a visit coming from London either by train or car. Would appreciate some pointers.

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