Paraglider Landing Setup For XC Flying

Right, landing setup. We’ve got a landing field down at the bottom
here, I’m going to setup for landing. We’ve got a rule that we’re not allowed to
fly over the houses here, so I’m going to come in from this side. I’m checking out my landing field, I’m sort
of 45 degrees above the windsock, and I can just watch the windsock now while I’m pointing
into wind. I’m picking up an idea of how gusty it is:
I’m just watching the windsock over like a minute, just to try and get an idea of how
much the wind direction is changing, and how much the strength is changing. I can see the wind on the landing field; the
windsock isn’t stiff, it’s kind of hanging down a bit, so I don’t need to approach from
the upwind side, it’s not that windy. I can just use a normal landing approach So i’m looking at the windsock, and I’m just
going to do an ‘S’ landing approach, I’m just going to S off my height at the back of the
landing field. You could, if you wanted to, do an aircraft
landing approach where you come in from the side, do a downwind leg, across wind, and
into wind at the end. I’m just watching that windsock, the wind
direction is changing, it was coming SW, now it’s coming more SSE.
So this is where I prefer to be S-ing and keeping myself somewhere on the downwind side
of the landing field. I’ve got a little bit of brake on and this
helps to slow everything down, not a lot, just down to quarter brakes.
It just helps you with your landing approach. So now I’m coming up slightly upwind of the
windsock. I’m going to do my slight downwind, baseleg and into wind at the end.
Alright, losing a bit of height there, it’s quite sinky, so I’ve got to bear that in mind,
I don’t want to leave my turns too late. There’s my slightly downwind, it’s not completely
downwind. Across the back, I’m starting to put my turn in there already …
whoops! a bit of a bump there. Bring my turn around, pointing into wind,
getting my legs down early … my legs are already down, ready for landing,
and I’m pointing straight into wind now. Now my hands are up, I’ve got my speed, nice
speed, slowing down, and full brakes … and there we go! So the secret there at the end, my hands were
up to get nice speed and a steady glide in, then right at the last minute, I’m coming
down on the brakes, and it gives me that swoop, and then you hold the brakes in for the final
touch-down, nice and soft. There we go! Landing.

35 thoughts on “Paraglider Landing Setup For XC Flying

  1. How often do you have a windsock when going XC?? How about some techniques for figuring out the surface wind when landing out?

  2. Wow, that WAS accurate. If I tried that I'm sure I'd overshoot and end wearing a red and white condom… Do all UK fields come with scratching posts?

    Nicely done.

  3. good approach…is that a super light weight harness as the left carabiner attachment looks like its hanging on by a thread 🙂

  4. hey guys. i was wondering for your next video if you would do a video on UK radios and law. how to use the radio, what common frequencies to note and ways to perhaps mount it on your gear for ease of use, even what radio you reccomend. been looking everywhere and cant find a decent videos anywhere.

  5. when going XC, do you have the luxury of a sock where you're landing??? I thought this video would explain what to look for when you have NO sock luxury. Nice landing though

  6. I love these man! My dad and I are going to take lessons this fall. These are great tips.

  7. Nice job keeping your speed up on Base and Final…especially helps with safely flying through the bumps etc…same principal we use…adding power on final in airplanes.

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