Paragliding 233km in New Zealand

Five minutes ago I landed after my longest ever flight and I was stopped by the cloud at the edge of the Mackenzie basin, as was Bryan who I’ve been chasing all day, but he managed to keep a good lead on me Just an amazing day. Amazing thermals, pretty cold, hungry and tired now I started the day with Dave “big nuts” in an idyllic vol biv camp site To get established you had to tuck into the cliffs, away from the northerly wind At first, I had in mind a long flight to the south Let’s see how far south we can get You know what? There’s definitely a southwesterly drift Here we are again [Earnslaw]. I was here last night When I was at Alfred I saw the juiciest looking cloud of the day on Lennox but it’s been blue since then, so [Mt Earnslaw Pikirakatahi east and west peaks, 2830m] [Mt Tyndall] Yeah I was way above it but I got totally smashed there, really deep prolonged sink and it’s coming through Shotover saddle as well [lucky not to land here!] I wasn’t sure whether to follow the [Matukituki] or cross here, but it’s a good view from here and some nice clouds ahead. Oh, it’s cold [Mt Aspiring Tititea 3033m] I just crossed Makarora, got in below hill height. The climb was slow to start with So I’m nearly in the Hunter. I turned my radio off because there’s lots of chatter today Pete and Bryan were there recently. This other bloke, I’m not sure, I think .. [it was Cade] So Mt Huxley up there and a sailplane, and I got a pretty rough, weird climb from above bushline above the Hunter. But I’m up now And I guess with the instability of today and these kind of mountains you’d expect there to be a bit of energy around but I’m back up to where it’s cold and… pretty epic There’s some good thermals here above Mt Huxley, bloody hell. Woohoo This may have been what Bryan was saying, the best thermal he’s had in a long time he did mention something on the radio. It’s a cracker! Don’t know if I’m going to go that way, looks too gnarly follow these clouds, I think There’s [Aoraki Mt] Cook, Neumann range on my right and the Hopkins below bit rough around here Ok. Ben Ohau’s, we’ve done it. And yeah, I’m still in a bit of a climb here So there’s cloud pouring into the Mackenzie basin, Tekapo is over there But let’s see if we can cross over onto the Jollie Beautiful colour on [lake] Pukaki This is very nice. Came here quite high after a buoyant glide And it looks like I’ll be getting myself up the Jollie [Aoraki Mt Cook 3724m] The Jollie now. Pretty stark scenery, dry, hot and rocky we’ve got Sefton and Cook, Tasman nice clouds I think I’ll keep on this range and have a look oh, it’s so cold! here’s the Godley. I might get a little higher. Things have started shutting down bit of shade and it’s starting to get late but hell, this has been an awesome flight. My second ever 200km so anything now is a bonus. Should be able to break my old record awesome. Bryan’s up there somewhere. He’s had a sensational day as well So I’ve camped on this little tussock basin after landing on the grass just a couple of minutes walk away and it’s working super early here. It’s only 9:15am Now I think I’m feeling the norwester here actually. Look at that beautiful lake down there yeah I might go back the way I came, I think you can definitely feel it now, look at this, hardly moving some good thermals here, and it doesn’t seem to be affected by the norwester back here just awesome though eh?

14 thoughts on “Paragliding 233km in New Zealand

  1. I've been getting the daily fix of this video every day of the last week! I don't have much of my own in air coverage since we didn't have good helmet cameras for the first 30 years of my x-c career.

  2. Look pretty desolate. What happens if you land and break an ankle. Can you be rescued. Can you make a call and get someone to pick you up.

  3. I absolutely LOVE your videos, but it would be nice if you had a dead cat for your microphone. The wind noise is so hard to listen to.

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