Paragliding a Spectacular Remote Cliff in Oman – Fazayah Bay Oman

Hello good morning! Welcome in Salalah,
Oman. I’ve just woken up now, it’s still nice and quiet here.. And I’ve got a mega exciting
trip to go for today so we’re going to drive down 80 kilometers to get to a
remote cliff and then jump off it with a paraglider. The roads there should be
good, but it’s not a highway so it’s gonna take a little while to get there,
should get going soon. Once I get there I also have to work out how the family is gonna pick me up from the bottom, but hopefully we can sort that out and yeah, that’s it! A little nervous but mega excited so let’s go for it! All right, we just left Salalah behind. 40
kilometers more to run and you can start to see some cliffs appear on the left side.
It looks amazing and also the weather looks perfect, a really gentle onshore breeze,
so, should be good! Let’s just try and get there soon! All right we made it to the spot! Were on
top of Fazayah Bay right now, it looks amazing.
The wind is a little switchy but very light, should be fine. I’ll just wait for the right moment. And yea, this is what the spot looks like.. So, let’s fly to one of those beaches down there, and I enjoy it! Cool, come along! Just a moment of reflection.. the family is on their way, I can see they just entered the main road on the way down and yeah we’re all set! Paraglider is there that’s good, and then
I should go and land at the bottom down there.. And yeah there is definitely
onshore wind, it comes in little gusts so maybe a bit thermal as well hopefully, to keep me up paragliding for a while.. So we’ll see, enjoying the scenery, it should be awesome! I’m so excited, I’ve been waiting for ages to do this! What an impressive cliff! Awesome… How cool is this?? Get to the road.. I don’t like prickly bushes.. Awesome!! That is so amazing! That’s Fazayah bay guys.
You should really try it out for yourself! Thank you Oman! Good! The wife is there=) ! Helloo! I was gonna land on the beach! But I wanted that beach, this one was easy but I was hoping for that one into the wind.. Yea that didn’t work.. so I said ok let’s land here on the road.. See if some nice girl wants to pick me up.. Let’s see…..

11 thoughts on “Paragliding a Spectacular Remote Cliff in Oman – Fazayah Bay Oman

  1. Great stuff. Fews questions
    What month was the flight?
    Did you encounter any legal issues or restrictions?
    Do you have any local contact person in case of a legal issue?
    Just east of this place, there are lots of mountains with long ridges along the coast. Do you see possibility of flying there?

  2. More videos are coming paragliding this location and also from other adventures near Salalah Oman, so be sure to subscribe to the channel! Do you have any questions? Just post them down below and I will reply. Thanks and wishing you great Adventures – The Ultimate Freggle!

  3. it s amazing how you still have the energie to do activities with passion as i see in your channel , i mean about age , i hope we drink a cafe one day here in salalah my dear

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