Paragliding Adventure Over Lake Geneva, Switzerland!

hello we are in Swiss lands hey last
time nobody died last time everybody died we came to Lake Geneva spend a little
bit of time with my brother and sister-in-law and my keys what do you
think so finally here before Nancy’s enjoying sweating shooting her
own clips as well over here now sadly afternoon we thought we would do a
paraglides just arrived in place let’s get checked in and ready for our 1 p.m. you’re gonna be strapped to another man
so she’s really looking forward to this because yes yes that to another man we’re in the minibus heading up to the
mountains are you feeling ready over here today
there we go so yeah laughter little windy right up
the mountain we are here on the edge no I should dump AeroGarden cool you know
dump the whole you know parachuting down after the skydiver if you remember the
skydive when we were kind of spinning around but
a parachute I was you know pretty much shitting myself so I don’t think it’s
gonna be as Extreme as that cause it looks like a lot more car but I have
seen some of the guys have spinning around there expire rules in the air
which looks relative becomes the distance the one we’re up there I think
you would be a little bit more adrenaline even man however running off
the edge of the mountain is what’s gonna be particularly interesting let’s have a
look let’s have a look he’s a guy about to go oh my god that is really cool all right
becomes another guy it’s so easy they just couldn’t take a run-up in it it’s
really casual I thought it would be like a really extreme kind of jumping off the
cliff edge or something but it’s a lot more manageable yes hopefully so putting
out the parachute there we go Sport is gear there’s Nancy
Nancy back ok so now I’ve got this thing or not sure what it is and it’s sorting
out the parachute behind me just give me the attached all right they’ve been looking forward
to a good ride yeah nobody died so Carney say anything I didn’t bring an
attachment for my camera so I got too far but we’ve just been flying around
doing some GoPro photos as well this is really really awesome I put it might be
a rock for or scary for the takeoff but it wasn’t really really really having to
do anything of course but I thought it might be a bit scary
I didn’t bring my drone on this trip I will of course Damien
and sister this is awesome thank you though they been really enjoying this I hope we don’t trash oh yeah you know what you can–it maybe a
McDonald maybe a burrito I that was really really awesome I mean
they started off with like a very smooth takeoff and it was gradually got higher
and higher and higher and then we did some crazy robotics oh god I was really
really scared I’ll tell you what it properly reminded me of that bit of the
museum skydive as well how amazing was that and the view up there was just
phenomenal who needs a drone when you can experience it firsthand with your
own eyes it was really really amazing

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