63 thoughts on “Paragliding and Crashing in Colombia!

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    Fellow pilots are welcome to share their constructive feedback. Here's what I learned so far…. First ask more questions. The site adviser from the hostile was a good pilot, but he put you down and made you feel stupid if you asked basic stuff, which led to me not asking as much as I should. Second is a reminder that we're always responsible for our own safety. Have a plan especially for bailout locations. In the end, I just lacked the experience to turn in hard enough, but had I been more confident in my decision making I would have done better.

  2. So cool. The scenery, of course but more so captured the true kindness and humanity of the people. Smiles all around, in including ME!! THANKS

  3. I am happy to see you and your family enjoying life and grateful that you willingly share your excursions with us. To all a hug and please be our ambassador to Latin America as common people. You do have a beautiful family and all the best to you.

  4. Beautiful trip Gavin! Thank You for sharing. Wait, was that Captain Jack Sparrow at the end? Nice!

  5. You staying out of the USA for the foreseeable future? We spent time near Merida last year for about 6 months, Mexico is wonderful. Columbia looks nice too

  6. Gavin as soon as you get good in spanish, you should make videos in spanish warning them not to become like america.

  7. Hey mate, love your vids and glad to see that u are all embracing a much more laid back and easygoing old school life. Good luck with it all and peace and blessings to you all, cheers

  8. L♡ve your family & what you stand for! Where's all of your healthy herbs? Loved your old collection! Much l♡ve & light!!!

  9. I'm 54. I remember a time when things weren't so over regulated/governed. So I have to agree with your statement on a what feels like a Police state. Also, as I hobbyist photographer, I feel as if the landscape is slowly being white-washed. Buildings being replaced by light earth tones or silver and glass. The only thing of color anymore or the company logos and billboards.

  10. I appreciate seeing Mexico and Columbia for what they really are, rather than the way they are presented by the U.S. media and the government. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us!

  11. Okay, that opening, Gavin.. wow! It did bring tears to my eyes. Why? This is how the US used to be.., even as short time ago as 12 years… (Obama did a huge number on the parks services..) Now, in the US, we can go nowhere (even to the doctor's office) without encountering gaggles of goons.
    It is so disheartening, Gavin.
    And I have worked it out. This is why our cops are armed to the teeth and why cops are trained by IDF/IOF (israeli occupation forces, who operate not only in Palestine, but in the US, too.. look it up…), to treat ALL Americans as the enemy. People are waking up to the truth of what is running the show. People are angry that all of our tax dollars are supporting a genocidal lunatic force, which has destroyed Palestine, and much of the Mideast, and is now doing this to our country, too.
    This is why we can go nowhere. It gets us used to being corralled. It gets the cops used to treating us like enemies. No joke.

  12. Having personal experience in Central and South America , honestly , the quality of life down there beats the pants off the N American scene ! However, you would have to separate rural and urban to make a thorough assessment. Urban life any where is where rights are violated ; rural life quality is a sweet dream any where in the world . Want freedom and civil rights ? Go rural ! Get the hell out of the shit holes ( urban areas ). !!

  13. I fly Paramotors and free fly as well. Look you got to play “pick your tree” on that landing. Lol (subbed) if you get a sec check my channel for some cool quad paragliding. J

  14. Bhut bhut Colombia and Mexico are so bad!!! The cartel is killing everybody!!!!! 😁 Lol stupid sheep.

  15. I watched your vid on corrupt prison guards which applies to county jail guards otherwise known as correctional officers…(correctional…officers)..and somebody ought to suit the US government and the DOC..for background checks..it insurmountably allows for systematically and legally discriminate against those that have paid their debt toward society..especially sex offenders..ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS…if you did time for what you did you paid your debt..you lost your job..your home..possibly and likely your wife and kids..and have to register for life that is total BS..and somebody ought to do something about it…you pay your debt to the state..and then pay a lifetime to the people..never getting a decent paying job..always being discriminated and hated…why oh why would anybody need to know anything not pertinent to the job…ok sex offender..no daycare or schools etc…fraud…no banks or credit card or wallstreet etc…you get what i'm saying…an employer should have to register what business they do and ONLY BE ABLE TO SEE WHAT NEEDS SEEING….OTHERWISER ONLY JUDGES CAN SEE…ELIMINATING JUDGEMENTAL BUSY BODIES…FROM JUST GOOGLING YOUR NAME AND RUINING YOUR LIFE FOR NOTHING…THAT IS THE REAL SICKNESS IN AMERICA…A BUNCH OF SO CALLED CHRISTIANS AND SELF PROCLAIMED LAW ABIDING CITIZENS THAT HAVE SINNED SINCE THE BEGINNING BUT HAVE'NT BEEN CAUGHT… MAKING THE CALLS ON PEOPLES LIVES….SAD !!!!

  16. Keep living free Gavin. Keep the hope of Liberty alive for those of us still here fighting the losing fight.

  17. FYI Gavin – YOUTUBE IS HIDING YOUR VIDEOS FROM US. We check your Channel for new Videos 1-5 times daily (save Saturday), and this didn't show up for us until 5/17/2019 @ 10:03pm CST. Youtube banned our main channel that had over 16,000,000 views in 2009(?) that covered many of the same issues you do, so we're kind of sensitive to this sort of thing.

    Just thought you might want to know.

  18. The British government wants to copy America, soon we will have no free health care and many other things.

  19. Y'all are having such an awesome time!!! What fun Gavin…..your doing what most of us could only imagine doing!!! Crammed in a car? I remember doing things like that and everyone jumping in the back of a truck with coolers (food/drink), your towels (rolled up with a change of clothes in it) and all headed to the beach for the day!!!!

    What freedom…..and most of this current generation hasn't any clue what that is! They are as frogs being slowly boiled.

  20. Where are your kids? Praying for your safety. Btw, your editing on this was great 🙂 amazing life your family is living!

  21. My family and myself are convalescent in Mexico Tijuana B.C. (3 weeks now) due to my health and can't afford to live in the states. Any advice for a fellow expat? Love your videos and passion…

  22. Thanks for coming to my country. One day I will b back for good..you have a beautiful family god bless thanks again ….lovely video

  23. everyone has a right to liberty and life but they shouldnt touch our women, DNA seed mixxin, polluting wombs, how are babys born?? ur seed has special DNA only 2 YOUR life , commonly over looked and just pokin inside even with condom mixes dna, origins of males to just act tough and breed but sad day when they confronted about it

  24. Thank you for giving me hope.
    I am old and a women. These American thugs are harassing and using sonic weapons on people and even torture our pets. They even attack children with teachers allowing it.
    The stores are full of people stalking and telling lies to security people in store. Then use these lies to build false profiles on innocent shoppers.
    They even "pretend" to doctor people. But really do not cure anything.
    The food in stores is worse to.
    Everyone is sick. Young and old.
    Central Arkansas. USA 11/2019.
    You did the right thing in my humble opinion. So happy for you.

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