Paragliding Blue mountains to Taralga

alright here we are at the North launch at Blackheath… Mossy I had a knot in my left brake line that
I tragically didn’t notice after bombing out and waving down a couple
who brought me up to launch again I flew for another five and a half hours
with the same knot I nipped around the corner to the sunny side
thinking it would be a bit better… but it’s not I’ve just relaunched
and thankfully this time I’ve gone straight up you can see the hangy launch back there
Mossy has taken off [just] before me but he’s been on this north side but
I was lucky enough to get a thermal
straight off the launch I haven’t seen the other guys
Mossy is still below me I think they might have taken off
unfortunately my radio died this morning even though I charged
it last night but the charger wasn’t working I guess it looks pretty awesome, that’s where I think Andy flew the other week the first time after a long many
years of thinking about it just a bit more footage Katoomba dead ahead and Mt Solitary in there, The Neck you can see the road going along it, that really long bloody
road that I walked last month (or whenever it was) and yeah just over 2,000 meters yeah this is good to get onto this
not a lot of clouds this way though… looks like the convergence is over no man’s land, Kanangra Boyd pretty slow flying around here now I’ve got a call from Michelle to say that Andy has crossed the Coxs river that was a while ago I’m going the wrong way here, I’ve pushed back into the wind to get over this pass I’ve been scratching around really low, don’t know how much longer it can go on it’s really just not coming easily today things are picking up, I’ve gotten up a bit
I was low down there ooh, nice cloud there
there’s a couple of big main sealed roads Michelle just called me before,
she said they can see me so her and Moss are on the road,
Andy is up towards Oberon
[he actually flew closer to the Blue mts] over the plateau not a lot of room to move
I’m at 1500 metres but I feel pretty low Michelle and Moss have pulled over and they’re watching me, just down there well this is Oberon here and getting a
bit higher now close to two and a half [2500 metres] before, 2200m still yeah the Kananga
Boyd Valley down there Andy is off to the west of that
so I’m going to try and follow him it’s quite nice. You can see the
cooling towers of the coal power station I’ve cruised through 3000 metres highest point of the flight and the highest I’ve been in a while.. since Europe I guess it’s a pretty decent view from up here I was trying to take some photos before there’s hundreds of little spider webs
hanging off the lines without really meaning to I’ve cracked 10,000 feet I was just taking some photos, I knew I was close I think maybe this flight isn’t allowed I
don’t know these aussies they’re pretty.. they like their rules
there’s a wind farm there oh yeah it’s awesome looking at wind farms instead of coal stations I’ll just give you a bit of a look the toes are a bit cold
the fingers are a bit cold I was going to say something, can’t remember what now riding the seabreeze convergence
the whole flight has been.. well at the start I was pretty low and then
after that up I’ve been pretty high but the whole flight has been really dribbly little
weak little climbs, quite relaxing I guess Andy’s been ahead the whole time
and I’ve been thinking of you know what the whole time anyway in a good way
[personal reference] the guys were on the phone and they’re right below me and uh
I’m just doing wingovers to get down and I’ve got a lot of getting down to do
it’s funny halfway down I just thought probably, I just thought of doing a full stall
and I definitely don’t want to do it I’m kind of glad you thought of it when I’d
already lost half my height so I can say I’m down too low now but yeah this is just
quite pretty here a lot greener in this high country Taralga is just behind me yeah I see [the car on the road] barbed wire fence! oh I’m so good at that so predictable..
well done man

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