Paragliding/ Coastal Breeze/ Denmark, Ebeltoft Bay/ June 8th., 2015

The country road, Fuglsøvig Strandvej, on southern Djursland, a peninsula in Denmark, the Mols area. There is a site for hang gliding down there – hang gliders. A little while ago I saw some gliders hanging in the air, just as two hours ago, from far away, so they have probably all gone to lunch now, but let’s see if we can be lucky. The wind direction is on to the coastal slopes down here, with the wind from the south east. That is probably pretty ideal for these slopes. Actually there is one out there. In a short while I will change to a telescopic lens. making it possible to see them close up. It’s a small winding road going down, down, down to this not very known public area. At one time there was a campsite down here, due to this super location by the sea, but its not here anymore. One parks the car up in front of the hills, and then one can walk down to the coast. Let’s hope we can get some sunny close-ups of hang gliders hanging in the up-wind over the slopes. That’s the secret. The wind presses towards the slopes and rises. This makes it possible for a glider to hang in the up-wind for a long time. Another secret is that the inclination of the slopes is suitable for taking off, the way I understand things. I don’t know if there actually is a rally here, but it certainly is full of people. One might think this is a rally. Let’s go out and have a look at things. A tough guy – there. Germans – with a car full of gear. One can’t see a thing – now I can. Hello. I had better change to a telescopic lens. It looks pretty incredible – this. I don’t know if they all are Germans. As mentioned it is an international spot, so one should think it might be a German club, Luck is wit them, as the wind is directly on to these slopes. It could be fun to see someone that is taking of – starting.. This must be a technique in itself. Maybe we can follow this guy, if he agrees. He looks a bit adrenaline-driven. The strategy might be to see if I can follow him. Let’s see what happens. I have just gotten an OK from this grey haired guy, with helmet and orange coat, that it’s okay to film him. He will start shortly. I assume that he has forgotten something, and will come down again. Here is a kind of backpack looking thing, which must be what one sits on. It’s nearly impossible to see what it consists of, but it looks like a kind of body suit backpack. There are also some lines up to the actual shute, I suppose it’s called. And of course a helmet – if one does something wrong, there is a risk of getting hurt. Let’s see if he makes it. He seems to be a bit stressed. Let’s see. I don’t hope I will stress him further. I have gotten an Ok to follow him, and get up close. A fresh breeze up the slopes. I suppose he has tried this a few times. Full speed ahead. My guess is that he is more than 60 years old, maybe towards 70. I don’t know. Let’s see if we can keep up. On the other side of the bay here is the town, Ebeltoft. This is down by Ebeltoft Bay. As mentioned there is a safety aspect. If everything goes as planned it’s all good. If one makes a blunder, one is up in the air. Humans aren’t supplied with wings, and meant for flying, so one can get hurt. But I think this is a good place. There aren’t any rocks or things like that, one can get stuck onto. Let’s see how this German intends to deal with things. Now one can see the backpack reasonably well. Well – he needs some peace and quiet to consider this. Some of his club-palls, or whatever they are, are already at it. We will keep a bit of a distance until he has made up his mind, as to how to deal with this. There comes one – free as a bird – one could say. This is a super day for it. One of the first real summer days in 2015. The wind is exactly right. They have really got it under control. Here one can see what the up-wind does. He is 10 – 15 meters from the slope, and seems to have everything completely under control. Let’s try to keep up here. At present he is making sure the gear is lined up correctly. Nice and easy. My guess is that this can take some time, so the question is, if I should turn of the camera or not. He has got some kind of altimeter or GPS-device there. Some kind of electronics. I simply don’t want to disturb him while he is getting ready, by asking him about this and that. Let’s see what happens, simply. As he said: “It was forecast as a god place” They probably have got a homepage, a site, where they can see where it is good, and then they all crop up. My guess was, that this is a club, but this is not the case. He is here as a private person. He has simply caught on to this being a good spot. Maybe it’s the first time he is here. Seemingly there are some lines, which have to be entangled before this can proceed as planned. It’s difficult to figure out, when he is ready. It doesn’t seem like the system of wires is quite as it should be 55 years – a man that has gotten grey haired early but in super condition. He combines gliding with vacation, and has probably rented a summerhouse here in the Ebeltoft area, where there are lots of summer-rentals. Hang gliding, now I think something is happening. It will probably take a bit more time. Of course things have to be 100 pct. in order. Now I think he is about ready. It sure is a big backpack, which is full now. I think there is a parachute in it. It seems as if there is gear in it. A “second chance” parachute. A plan B parachute. As he says, one does not need it here. It’s only if one is flying in the high mountains. As far as I can see, he is filling the chute with air now. He follows it up a bit, it is probably to get it folded out properly. And now, as far as I can see, it is ready. Not very much seems to happen, he goes up, turns round and then he flies, and then bumps onto the ground again now I think he has got it under control. Here one can see how the up-winds work, a completely turbulence free and steady ride outwards. Now he is up in 10 meters height. They stay here hanging locally over the slopes as it is just here that it works. Now I will try to mount a telescopic lens, and see what I get out of that. Now he tries again Off he goes. It’s nice that there aren’t rocks here, if they bump onto the grass turf, it might not be a major problem. I wonder how experienced he is He is crossing right over here. Wow. This is no good, if you have a tendency to air sickness. A place for hang gliding, which has also hosted competitions, Bay of Ebeltoft, the west side, with a south easterly breeze. Their hompage announces that the conditions are ideal, and the hang gliders come pouring in. That’s the way it is. I will just try film a view this way. There is another one on the way up. This direction is north, to the end of Ebeltoft Bay. They simply fly along the slopes here. He came quite close. Now I have mounted a wide angle lens, so one can’t really see how close he is, but he is close, and is going fast. An enjoyable sport for people who like speed Playing birds, air birds. And quite close to the ground. Here on must know what one is doing. I don’t know if it is 60 kilometers per hour, but it will hurt if one miscalculates by 1,5 meters with the things he is doing there. So hang gliding in Bay of Ebeltoft, just down from the Fuglsø Center, which is a conference and sports-center on the southern part of the peninsula, Djursland, the Mols area another peninsula, Helgenæs, hilly country, is out there and behind us is National Park, Mols Bjerge, a protected area with a large amount of hills and nature. Down to the water here, Ebeltoft Bay, They can hang more or less stationary over the slope, if that’s what they want to do. There he just hangs. Today is the 100-year anniversary for Womens Right to Vote in Denmark, so they are probably all at a meeting today, since I didn’t seem to see any female hang gliders…

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  1. Paragliding, hedder det, og jooh, jeg er forholdsvis rutineret, har paraglidet siden 2005 – 13:30–16:40 🙂

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