Paragliding Freeflight sites in Kansas

Hi guys, I made a list for paragliding free flight sites, you know Today, I’m going to talk about the Kansas the Kansas has a really unique spot so the Kansas all Lake is a man-made lake So the by man-made lake is there always dam and It’s kind of perfect soaring spot. I’ll show you on the map You see this is a dam. So In this side under the dam your ladies perfect soaring spot can see big Open area Very nice, or as well but the problem is pretty much all dam is facing east and East Way is hard to find So this is always tricky But you can take a look of this video that’s about a damn how they look so basically if you launch from the top of the dam right here on the top of them you definitely can get nice air but the thing is Because on the top of the dam, it’s Road So you have to avoid the traffic? surely, you know You probably can already launched on the top so for me, I just you know like to trading play around You know make a nice workout. I also found another very nice spot It’s in the Clinton Lake State Park so this state park is near by Lawrence, Kansas and You can see it is a big huge Lake and Dam So the dam you cancer in here and also they have nice orange range right here Right here Facing south east. This is a really closer range You see this is entry you can entry and you follow the road all the way down to the camping ground and compartir right here and Then this is a soaring range. Very nice Orange. I sure on the another video You’re pretty much conserving when we I mean, you know, the veiny surely is not a perfect Facing the range so you lead to one way is always better than another way So you definitely consulting wine we and then you know walk walk Jump jump walk on come back and do another soaring so I’ll show you another way from the another view from So that’s a total choad come inside and I actually met the Ranger a couple of times and They’re worried. They’re pretty much. Okay, and You can pray they’re in. No problem So you can get in the air Sorry into another side Yeah, this is a perfect, you know just play around and is really close to the city Another thing is about the Kansas City. Kansas is very Flight there’s no much tree and Normally you can even find a soccer field and just play around this is this is a very common a soccer field and There have little slope on there so for me the the ground handling is it’s perfect out it just found a little spot and then you can just play around I understand the vein under Stay body position, you know God’s training So I want to build a really better Play least food in my free flies buzz in the Middle West whenever you you know, some spots and Jen, please just share and let let everybody know and We build a bigger community together

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