PARAGLIDING GONE WRONG Compilation 2019 | Parasailing | Hang gliding | Survivors

Para-glider is going to collapse Now. They are going straight into tree…. Boat started to pull them back home. Rope broke and now they are no longer Connected to boat. Parachute is now pulling them towards deep sea. Parachute is not stable and is going to collapse. Deploying 2nd/backup parachute. His emergency dragchute got opened on its own. He is not aware of opened dragchute that is creating drag. (Please see viewers comments) He fell directly into parachute causing it to fail. Deploying backup/2nd parachute. Deploying backup 2/3rd parachute. He really eager to land on top of the mountain. Please SUBSCRIBE!

51 thoughts on “PARAGLIDING GONE WRONG Compilation 2019 | Parasailing | Hang gliding | Survivors

  1. 8:30, oh heck, that is why you have 5 parashoots, 3 deployed and 1 worked! Bad technique imo as he didn't pull main shute… still darn…

  2. You gotta wonder … tandem pilot taking off straight into a bloody big cactus …..choose your pilot carefully folks !

  3. If this vid had been created by someone involved in the sports then it may have have had some validity, instead it is clearly clickbait because the creator has no idea about paragliding/hang gliding/paramotoring etc. Quote 'He fell directly into parachute' when there wasn't a parachute in sight ! Kamran, post vids about things you know a little about and stop doing disservice to free flyers

  4. Well done to the Johnny On The Spot lifeguards or employees on the jet skis, going after the kid and the woman who broke loose from the tow boat. That could have been a serious disaster.

  5. You know what goes must come down & that's the best. You just might stack that sucker but you can't have fun unless you stack up that stacker up once in a while

  6. LOL, errrr sorry, but that guy with all those parachutes, boy he wasn't taking any chances fair play, and he took forever to hit the lake. For a second I thought he was even going back up at one point lol. I bet he couldn't swim.

  7. That Tandem pilot is Roland De Vries. that was in Cape Town and it's not a cactus guys, it's local shrubs. Sorry for his Pax.

  8. That hangglider pilot could have made a normal landing. Plenty of time and flat areas for that. No need to whack like that…

  9. 6:18 the guy looks like he's wearing a Velociraptor costume or something or he's a superhero called "The Human Slug"…

  10. 6:28, me to hang glider pilot, "I don't think your emergency parachute is anywhere quite big enough" 8:20, lucky paraglider has two reserves and gift wraps his paraglider and 1st reserve. Never seen two reserves before, now I have.

  11. Me: I want to start paragliding, looks like fun.
    Watches this video
    Also me: Googles paragliding simulators for Oculus Rift

  12. that hang glider pilot with the dragshute proves my point CARRY A EMERGENCY KNIFE also the other point CHECK YOUR GEAR BEFORE FLIGHT

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