Paragliding Gone WRONG | Pokhara, NEPAL | Vlog 004

I’m not sure if there is someone inside
but obviously nobody’s gonna host us so me and our good are we going to the
hostel now with the French couple we’re looking for their hostel, they booked a hostel “The Moon Valley” I don’t know why there is not existing hostel with this
name on “Maps me” there are a lot of other hostels but not this one Cute Nepalese doggy It’s not that scary, right? We’ll soon have a place to stay… We just don’t know where and when Where are you “Moon Valley”… hostel for
lost souls We found it! “The Moon Valley”! OK, let’s enter in! Namaste! Namaskar After 29 hours of traveling from Delhi
we’re finally here in Pokhara and we had to book a hostel room because our
Couchsurfing host didn’t respond to our knocks on his door… I saw the biggest
spider in my life so yes we’re finally here this is how 1,100 Nepalese rupees
hostel room looks like I gotta admit that the room looks pretty well It’s time to take a shower now… since we’ve been traveling forever We’ll see you guys in the morning. Bye! Good morning! Be more excited! 800 right okay two times Espresso One apple strudel one cinnamon roll one chocolate muffin and one chocoppa People of Nepal, people of Pokhara! Good morning! We’re
gonna do some paragliding today as Pokhara is famous with its paragliding
activities There’s absolutely no clouds today so the weather is perfect So this guy is a little bit… Which guy? This guy is your boyfriend Martin is a little… Be more, you know… lovable Martin is a little worried because when he was jumping with a parachute he got a little sick Yeah, I got a lot of sick OK, so we’ll see what’s gonna happen. We’re
excited and we are ready to fly We are now going over there Down, don’t look back! Where down? Like this? No sitting, no sitting Run So the thing is that I don’t like
spinning. If we spin a lot there is gonna be a problem I can now feel that the spinning makes
me sick a little bit I’m getting sick from the spinning I prefer landing soon… How was it Mishy? You are sick?
– A little bit OK guys, we are both sick I almost vomitted the huy gave me a bag for vomiting isn’t that
amazing she was laughing at me, saying “Noo Martin,
stop crying you’re not gonna be sick and now what she’s even more sick than me. Is that right, baby? – Yes Look at her, she can’t even get up Oh man, this paraglide is not for everybody
not for us for sure OK guys we’re at the third phase of sickness What’s the problem baby? – My tummy Is she alright? According to the poll that we placed on
Instagra, trekking owon with a very high percentage. You obviously don’t care
about our budget, at least not that much just like us. We decided that now
we’re gonna go and pay for trekking and we’re gonna leave on Sunday

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