Paragliding – Greece – River Nestos

We are flying! How much is the height where we’re jumping Peter? 176m? Ah! We are jumping at 876m, this is Peter Good morning! We will not jump, we will fly! He corrected me for a 3rd time… 876m look like that Kiki, how do you feel? Fiiiineee…. Are you anxious? No, not at all! That was it! It was amazing! We’ll do it again!

5 thoughts on “Paragliding – Greece – River Nestos

  1. ωραίο βίντεο παιδιά…. συγχαρητήρια….!!!
    και όπως τόνισε κι ο Πέτρος στο παραπέντε δεν είμαστε μπουρδέλο….. δεν πηδάμε….. πετάμε….!!!

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