I don’t know, but I have a feeling to put this joke out that… Baku is in Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan is a county’s name It rhymes with Azhar Bhaijan and the uncle standing behind me is known as ‘Azhar’ 😀 He is our very own Azhar Bhaijan! *music* As if cold and coughing wasn’t enough, now motion sickness too has caught me off guard. Normally I am not that weak but I don’t know what’s hit me I’ve become pretty sensitive now. This guy Agha the photographer is making us pose. You have to do a lot to make your Instagram attractive. It is verified by that blue tick for a reason. “A nice broad smile please!” With good smile come a lot of likes 😀 You’ve gotten cute, you’ve gotten cute! *music* *laughs* Good idea that Ok, Irfan bhai I wanted to ask you a question.. Yes? How’s my Urdu? Irfan sarcastically replies: ” You’re Urdu is amazing.” Haah! You heard it from him *music* Ahh! Ladies and gentlemen, I have with me Vivek Oberoi. Heyy! What’s up? *Indian film dialogue* So this place is know as Masderkha! A restaurant between jungles where we are at, with Azhar bhaijan to have food. How do we pronounce Masderkha? “Masderkaah” “Masdarkah”? “Kaaah”! “Kaah”! *Hayee, we’re into an entertainment zone* *types of kebab* Tikkah! I am just having pulao. Chicken and nut. Lots of chicken! Ok! Ok! *taking of order* Yes! Masha Allah! Good job! *claps* We shall place order of your wish but first let’s see what they have to offer! There is no idea of what to eat here. This was the toughest task in the world! So it is our forth day here in Azerbaijan. We’ve come from Quba to here in Shahdagh. Shahdagh is a hilly area where paragliding is possible. I had a paragliding experience in Turkey from a 1000 meters. Here it happens to be from 2250 meters. I have a fever, I am coughing, I am weak and what not.. But if you’ve come this far and you didn’t try paragliding, then why did you even come? This a form which states that if you die, or whatever happens, organisation will not be held responsible. Basically this means that, I am responsible for.. *laughs* Give! Give! I won’t take camera with me. You bringing? No, I am not bringing. Did you put your bag in the car? Get the GoPro mount, for my chest. Make him understand! I’m responsible, for all my actions and all the reactions caused by those actions. Now a person doesn’t come here everyday so I thought to give a message.. Hello jee! How’re you? Wish you were here. Bhai has asked to keep running after take-off. Ready? Yes! *music* *music* *music* *music* Very bad, very bad! Don’t worry. No problem? Yeah, no problem. Scnz kuch aisay hain! And here ends our journey. From here, Peeru Saeen shall walk his ways, where? I am going to a settlement that is one of the highest in Europe. He likes going to these sort of place. While we are heading back to Baku because we have a flight tomorrow. He doesn’t want to go at all! But this MBA keeps interfering in my life! Thank you Peeru for everything! I really enjoyed it all. Sometimes it happens and it really happens sometimes, that you don’t have a bit to worry about the minutest of details about your trip. Where to go, which hotel to prefer, how to find a car, how to travel, what is the food, where to find it. Everything sorted, you just have to enjoy your trip making videos, flying drones. Alpas! Alpas! Alpas! Alpas! Alpas! Alpas! Sell, sell sell! *music* On a serious note, do like Alpas! *music* In 2-3 hours we’re checking out. My condition is way out of order. You can be reminded of Amrish Puri by my voice. *imitating his voice* Hello my name is Bilal, and my name is Sukayna, and we’re here in Indonesia bromo where “scnz kuch aisay hain.”

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  1. Irfan bhaiya Assalam-0-Alaikum. Bhaiya jaldi sy video upload kro koi bhi. sari videos deekh li hy start sy. phly youtube py ata tha apki videos dekhny ur ab koi video he ni rhe baki dekhny ky lye

  2. Bhaiii Jaldi Koi Vlog Banao 2 Weeks Ho Gai Hai itna Wait Ab Or Wait Nahi Ho Sakta Please Yaar Apke Vlogs Dekh Kuch Sekhne Ko Milta Hai Bhot obsver Karta Hoon apko im waiting for new vlog

  3. I am unable to find the music track where Peeru slips, like "You were Shown…."
    can someone plz tell me is it self composed or some other track ?

  4. Bhai seenss kuch aisy hain k you are best eiditer in the world 🌍🌍🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰😘😘❤️❤️👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  5. Waah mere bhai .😱 agar vivek obroy ki pic thum nail mai lagate to siruously 1m cross kr chuki hoti video .
    But bhai aapne thum nail mai pic nahi lagai.. sare paisy issi baat k hai 👱‍♂️❤🇵🇰❤

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