Paragliding in Bir Billing (with English/Hindi Subtitles) | How to reach Bir ? | Safety tips

Hi friends, I am Ritesh Abhishek and in this video, I am gonna share with you some of the tips which could help you having a safe and Amazing paragliding in Bir Billing So… Stay tuned..!! First… try to book your paragliding event as early in the day as possible… just to get this Amazing view of the DHAULADHAR range and the sight of the Bir village which you could see right below. Now, As far as reaching Bir is concerned… I was coming with three of my friends from Manali so… we booked a cab which cost us 2500 rupees But for solo & budget travellers I would suggest to taka a bus in the Manali to Dharamshala route and get down at Bir chowk from where… local transports are available for Bir village. Well… coming back to the second point try to have a spare day in hand just in case the weather goes bad and the event is called off..!! which happened with us the previous day… Coming back to the third point which is the most important as far as your safety is concerned try not to fold your knees or stop running just before take off you could end up hurting yourself..!!

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