Paragliding in Dali, China

So we’re in Kunming heading to Dali
got the sleeper carriages lullaby music can’t say they don’t have public toilets getting me to go on a little bush bash
onto the road to avoid going past the house or whatever it is and yeah they were
translating things on their phone they’re afraid of fire (what?)
apparently there was a fire a few days ago Mike said I need a cycle to get off… try again so first ever flight in China got off on
my second attempt just launched down there and
fairly hazy but I’ve seen worse we’ve got a little hitchhiker up here
I saw it on launch but thought I’ll be alright Mike was saying he launched from these
switchbacks above the clear patch site and these mountains even as they get up to
about 4000 meters they are covered in trees well that’s looking north and
I’m over the range now this is the highest part of it here and
no collapses so far it’s been pretty nice I’m on the afternoon side now
doesn’t seem to be much wind I’m pretty lucky pretty cool scenery it feels like
I’m pretty high especially when you look down through that haze real hungry eh I had two bananas
for lunch small bananas half a litre or so of water to drink
during the walk and that’s it well I’m going back onto the morning side
at a rate of knots, look at this look at that beautiful kelvin-helmholtz wave or whatever they called I forget
but looks like there might be a bit of wind up there eh? makes me feel
better about being a little bit scared anyway time to go down
so we stayed last night at the hostel to the right there down there
Evan’s is up there somewhere and
my walk today went up through here there’s the Pagodas and I think I’m going to turn back and land changed my mind again clouds are popping already it’s looking
pretty good, not even 10am just having hassles getting up there
they’re really paranoid about fire yeah so it’s a bit of a bugger but I’m
not really prepared anyway there’s a few things I’ve got to buy in town on the second good day I couldn’t get access to the hill but I spent the evening with my
brother and local ex-pats and explored town

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