Paragliding in Egypt Hurghada

After about 20 ground handling attempts to come up, it finally worked out in the air. And now I am flying along this wonderful ridge. Down here are my companions and it´s so nice flying here in Egypt, Hurghada, El Gouna. Hello Everybody, here in Hurghada, they have very nice (laminar) wind coming from the desert. So it´s even easy for beginners to fly here along this ridge. Over there you see in the east the ocean far away on the horizon. And we drove all this valley with our nice Landrover over there. The guys take good care of me. We have a beautiful winter right now, home in germany it´s raining. what can I say it´s so awesome, so nice. yeah [On the horizon] There are much higher mountains but as you can see in the sky there are pretty rough winds. So it´s perfect here for soaring. Wonderful, wonderful, you got it man.

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