Paragliding in Goa at Anjuna Beach – 2016 | Touring Travellers

We are gonna do Paragliding I got an amazing guy Bryan who has come all the way from America to do this in Goa Of course he is gonna charge some money but there are doing an amazing thing There he is setting up the gear So we are gonna jump from here with Bryan Bryan I going to launch my YouTube channel very soon Oh wow I am going to be a travelling vlogger So most probably by next month this video would be up on YouTube including few other videos We are gonna run Full Power Ok Should I open slippers ? No keep them on So it’s Paragliding guys!! at Anjuna Beach with Bryan Yes…it was like SUICIDAL Now I am gonna give your details to the people who want to come here till march. So guys if you want to do Paragliding..right Paragliding in Goa come to Anjuna Beach and contact Bryan No don’t contact me just come Just come and you will be here Ok..Come to South Anjuna Beach mainly come to Curlie’s So come to culie’s and you can do paragliding and I hope that they will give you some discount some discount Right!!! No F*$%#@ Way Next Time it would be Rs 2500 amd this a real thing we are doing let’s not talk about discount or I will put you on the roof Don’t put me on the roof

33 thoughts on “Paragliding in Goa at Anjuna Beach – 2016 | Touring Travellers

  1. Your Reactions speaks your experience flying in the Air.

    Looks interesting, will try it once 🙂
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Hi bro, we r planning to go to goa for 6 days trip. Can you suggest us what to do and what to see in goa. we are 6 members group and the budget should be 13k-15k per person. Thanks in advance!!!

  3. Brother I missed doing Paragliding in Goa due to rainy atmostphere, But brother your other video helped me a lot and did all other water adventures in 1800……….. yo !!!!!!!!!! you are awesome…!!

  4. Hi Aditya, thanks for sharing and its going to a guide for our upcoming Goa Visit. Can you please share contacts of Bryan and any other guides for this activity. 2) Do they allow children of age 10-12 ?

  5. Hi, I'm going to Goa this april 2nd week. So how to about booking a session with them. As in, where in Anjuna can we find them? What are they called?

  6. Love your videos. they motivate me to travel. Also did you use a phone camera and selfie stick for documenting this?

  7. i would love to do Paragliding.. was there in Goa in Feb, however didnt see them. planning to go soon.. Thanks for such a nice video.

  8. Hi,I am travelling to Goa on 30th Nov. I am very much interesting in paragliding. In Anjuna Beach how to get in touch with the respective person for paragliding

  9. Hi how to book paragliding in Anjuna? I will be in Goa this end of Feb as female solo and would love to try paragliding. How much did you pay for the paragliding? And what time should I be there in Anjuna beach? Thanks

  10. Hi bro I'm going to Goa next month may 32st guide me the places to visit nd best 2 beaches for partying nd sea sports activities

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