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Hello internet welcome to my channel See the world with Salil We are on the top of Sarangot mountain, Pokhara We are waiting here for the pilot to go for paragliding There are flying stations of different heights, 7000 to 8000 Indian Rupees is the normal rate. Different companies are running this, they have pilots based upon the commissions They are giving money for each flight So they should bring themselves the gears and gliders The cost of a glider is 3.5 lakh Indian Rupees onwards If the climate is bad they won’t get their money that day That is our pilot, Shankar The video is taken in the guide’s mobile, so there’s a little problem with the clarity First of all they tell us all the instructions First keep two steps forward And then two steps backward and run straight forward Then we should not stop without fear just jump and then the pilot will take us forward Then the view is unbelievable Paragliding can be started only when the wind is good The pilot also waited for that The wind came and took up Paragliding in Nepal is possible only in Pokhara it’s here everytime in a year 2 or 3 months there is a season of this in Wagamon The advantage is that when there is more sunlight the blade heats up so we can fly at more height today there is more sunlight so Shankar bro took more higher I cannot show that because my camera was off at that time We feel like a flying bird when we are sitting in this we can get a bird’s eye view from here The feels at that time cannot be expressed through words you can only get that feel by doing it to do paragliding was one of my life’s greatest desire anyways i have achieved that I can put a tick for that looking from above the airport, Phewa lake , the place we went last day World Peace Stupa can all be seen from above Ratheesh’s pilot showed him his acrobatic skills and made him go round he made him go round in 180 degrees my pilot also did the same but the camera was off so i was not able to show you all that experience too cannot be expressed through words 25 to 30 minutes is the normal flight it is landed at the side of a lake that is Ratheesh coming if it is a experienced pilot we get a perfect landing like a flight this is the place after landing from the view, this is Phewa Lake there was short delay for our driver to come so we saw the fishing for sometime and then we walked next we are going to the International Mountain Museum now we can have some mountain talks this is the International Mountain Museum it was opened officially on 5th February 2004 but it opens and functions for 365 days it is from morning 8 to evening 6 for Indians , Nepali rupees 250 that is people from Saarc countries for foreigner’s, Nepali Rupees 500 is the entrance fees the country Nepal is not known to the people of other countries we know because its our neighbouring country but its not like that for people of other regions but everyone in the world knows what is Mt. Everest so if a Mountain Museum is being setup is it better to build in a place like Pokhara which is under Himalayas in the world there is only one Mountain museum, which is this if there is 14 mountains above 9000 meters 8 of them is in Nepal that is one of Nepal’s wonder These are Sherpa who are of Buddhist religion the mountain trekking is possible with the help of Sherpa men the information about them is written in these women usually do the cultivation of potatoes now it has been stopped the place where they are living and the settlements have been converted and changed to home stay the home stays are provided to the tourists and the ladies have started shops of different items for them now that is their main income these are Porters they are people who deliver items to the base camps the bags, baskets and all used by them are displayed here next is the Mt. Everest till 1856 this mountain was known as Peak 15 the Surveyor General of India, Sir George Everest did the survey of this mountain after that the name Everest was given which was in 1950 the people of Nepal call it as Sagar Matha the height is 8,848 meter in this video the Indian plate which was near Africa after many years it moved and hit the Eurasian plate and it is said that the Himalayan mountains then was formed Now a GPS system is kept above the Everest year after year, the height of this is increasing in mili meters as the findings of the scientists This is Speed Kaji Sherpa he conquered Mt. Everest without using oxygen cylinder he took 20 hours 24 seconds His name is written in Guinness Book of World Records Normally going from sea level to above there will be only 1 in 3 percent of oxygen people carry 5 or 6 cylinders extra with them while going but this great man, ran and climbed Mt. Everest easily like climbing Malayatoor and Sabarimala Those watching this video will have a desire in you to conquer the Mt. Everest in Nepal really, it’s not a easy task Most importantly we need sportsman spirit we need months of practice first we should climb and practice mountains of small heights the time suitable is from March to June for Everest trekking First the Sherpas goes to the top of the mountain and finds the correct route at the region of height ropes are put for crossing two mountains ladders are established these are the primary jobs only after that the tourists are allowed to go huge amount of money is spent to go for this The royalty fee for Nepal Govt is 11,000 US dollars that is 8 lakhs Indian Rupees then the Sherpa or called as ice doctor who accompanies with us must be given 2 or 3 lakhs rupees the fees of 3 lakhs rupees for government’s Liason Officer must be payed then the waste which we bring and dispose for collecting that a trash fee of about 1 lakh Indian Rupees is payed the things we use such gears, tent, oxygen cylinder, food, insurance, medical kit and if there is any emergency situation, helicopter will come and rescue us so expenses for that all together the package starts from 33 lakhs onwards there are packages costing up to 1 crore rupees also so enough luxuries will be done for that price as the price increase only the luxury will be there Everest is climbed through 2 ways, South and North cold route South route through Nepal and North through China’s Tibet the most hardest route is the Tibet people mostly prefer the Nepal route Everest is in the border of China and Nepal because of that the Everest scenic flights which goes from Kathmandu shows only one part of the Everest from Kathmandu in 1990’s the amount of people increased in conquering the Everest till that the number of deaths were high if 100 people climbed 14 of them dies now it has decreased if 100 people climbs , 1.2 is the death rate Another fascinating thing about Himalayas is the Yeti it is a Himalayan Bear a few days ago, there was a news about a Indian Army Officer who saw a Yeti a lot of stories are being heard related to this books are there A amazon link is given in the description if interested you can buy and read this himalayan bear is said to be 2 or 3 time taller than a human the imprints of this bear’s hand and feet is seen in some places and the photos are shown here the truth of this is not still able to prove we have learned in school that Tenzing Hilary has conquered Everest Tenzing is Tenzing Norga Sherpey, a Nepalian and Hilary is Edmund Hilary from New Zealand they conquered Everest on 29th May, 1953 as the number of tourists increased here in the 90’s, the amount of waste also increased shown here is the waste collected from there the waste collected is by different people from different countries at different times some people face death while going there this a photograph of a person lying dead and covered up in snow The Mountain Museum is a full one day visit place for the people who are interested in trekking Because of limited time, next we are going to Phewa Lake It is the 2nd largest river in Nepal, it is a freshwater lake It is famous and lot of tourists visit this lake the water here is used to generate electricity There are lot of boats here By this boat we are going to Tal Barahi Temple which is situated in the middle of the lake The view from here during sunset is unbelievable It is a very beautiful sight did you see in the board Nepal SBI Bank, National Insurance Company its also there in our place It usually rains in Pokhara in the evenings anyways there is …… so they are saying we need to visit the temple and get back soon they are giving chances for the tourists to row the boat Because I am a Alappuzhakaran and I live near Vembanad Lake I did not have much interest Here you can see the Golden Shower Tree has bloomed There are 2 level of pagoda for this temple Saturdays are usually busy The story goes like this There was a king named Kulmandhan Shah He saw a dream in which the temple was above this lake so its said that, he built this temple in the middle of this lake when we reached back the Aarthi has started Anyways the visit to Pokhara has come to an end we have been in Pokhara for 2 days tomorrow we are back to Kathmandu tomorrow onwards in our next vlog we are going to show you the sights in Kathmandu So now we are thinking about heading back to the hotel and have a dip in the swimming pool anyways today’s video is winding up Bye

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