Paragliding in Slovenia. Flight to Triglav / Параглайдинг в Словении. Полет на Триглав.

Hi! This video is about my flight to Triglav Mountain. Triglav is highest point of Slovenia and the Julian Alps. I started from Kobala take off in Tolmin town After main pass from Kobala there is Bohinj Lake. The weather was very fine. The cloud base was more than 2500 meters. I did not plan the route to Triglav before the flight. I got the idea of flying to Triglav when I was already in the air. At the top of Triglav there were about a dozen tourists. Climbing the Triglav is not simple. Climbing with the descent can take two days. I took my photo camera with me and shot nice series of pictures there. On my way back thermals became weaker And I had to fight for the height in Trenta valley and Bovec town Working in the same thermal with two gliders. More information about paragliding in Slovenia and my flight. The most popular paragliding sites of Slovenia are on the north-west of the country. Here Slovenia borders with Italy from west and Austria from north. Every year near Tolmin there are held about five to seven international paragliding competitions. So this place is very popular. This is the track of my flight. I started from Kobala take off near Tolmin I passed through the ridge to get the Valley of Bohinj Lake. After I flew to Triglav. The height of Triglav is 2864 meters. From the start to Triglav straightly is for about 24 km. Afternoon sun began to heat more western slopes and I went back by different way. I flew through the Trenta valley and Bovec town, Krn Mountain and landed at Camp Gabrje. Flight lasted for about 6 hours. The distance is 218 km. The maximum thermal was 4 m/s. Video of Kobala take off and landings around Tolmin you can see by watching next video.

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  1. А если бы пришлось сесть где-нибудь, что тогда? Ночевать в горах? У вас с собой палатка и еда? Расстояние ведь не маленькое.

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