What’s up Ashley! Hi! Welcome to Cape Town. We’re very high up… Alright this is our paraglide Take 2 adventure. We tried to go before but it got rescheduled
because the wind apparently was not good. So we’re going to attempt this again. So we just left the hotel and we are driving
up to Signal Hill Rd where we will jump off the side of a mountain! Okay, take 2 we’re going to try this. Oh my God guys! Oh my gosh! My stomach just dropped. Are you ok? Yes. Woooo, goodbye Cape Town! We’re about to land you guys. Check this out. Landing. Woo, that was epic! How do you feel Jannae? I feel awesome, that was so much fun. That was amazing! Thank you Frank. What an amazing adventure in Cape Town. Fly Cape Town Paragliding. Jason, always call Jason. What’s your favorite American phrase? Let’s get out of here. Baby, let’s get out of here.

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