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Hello everybody. We had planned to come to Vagamon yesterday but couldn’t come because it was raining. So today we came to Vagamon. An organisation called Fly Vagamon is conducting paragliding here. I think, in South India, mountain paragliding happens only in Vagamon. So its an adventurous flight activity. So its pretty exciting. Their gliding charges comes to around Rs.3500/-per person. The gliding duration is about 20 min. Plus extra Rs.500/- for the video and photos. That is what they are charging. This is the base point. Its from here they takeoff and land for gliding. This place is called Paragliding view point. Safe landing. Entrance ticket has to be take from the valley before climbing up. Wow!! This is what it is. Its a once in a life time experience. Literally we are flying like a bird in the air. The views while gliding are astounding. The beauty of the Western Ghats is so magnificent that you know, the Kerala we live in is God’s own Country Its amazingly beautiful. If anyone is interested, we have put their links in the description. They are the only agency. By the way, October to May is the season time. There are certain conditions which affects the gliding. Wind, weather, etc are very important conditions. So considering all these , October to May is considered as general season. But if it rains like yesterday they wouldn’t fly. So before you come just call and check the conditions. You should definitely experience it. Its my personal recommendation. We can see the whole of Vagamon. Not only Vagamon but the whole forest Its a bit cloudy now. But in good visible days we can even see the Idukki dam from here. They will take you towards the clouds. Its so cold there They take you so high that you can actually feel the clouds. But after landing you will have a bit of unstable feeling . The same wobbly feeling you get after a flight journey. But after that awesome!! Do definitely try. Hope you liked this video, definitely hit that like button. And share it with your friends By the way we do have a Facebook page, we dont upload videos that regularly but do upload small snippets. If you liked it then do definitely like that page as well and dont forget to subscribe to this channel. So till the next video, Bye-bye.

15 thoughts on “Paragliding in Vagamon | Fly Vagamon

  1. Nice video Benji.. this is Jey. എന്റെ മലയാളം ചാനൽ അക്കൗണ്ട്. ഞങ്ങൾ അവിടെ പോയിരുന്നു… എനിക്ക് height പേടിയാ… ഞാൻ പോയില്ല, വൈഫ്‌ poyi.

  2. Hii bro..I am binoj from B vloges …chalakudy is my place…good sound and camera etha use cheyunna gadgets

  3. Love this video, watched it a couple of times, can feel the thrill and excitement of the ride, you are so natural in front of the camera and so enthusiastic about what you do…keep going on…

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